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      Learning to fly recurring dream

      The first dream of this kind happened in my early teens or possibly even before. When i wake up from these dreams i feel an extremly deep sense of loss of self, like i am not complete and seemed to have forgotten/misplaced/lost and essence of 'me'. At the beginging flying was new to my dream-world self and I was clumsy. As more of the dreams happened, most likely many I do not recall, I became much more skilled at flying and LEARNED how to control to the power with every dream. Energy emanated from my forearms and out my hands, like ripples of invisible water-like jets, and so I position my hands toward the ground to shoot upwards.
      When I was learning to fly but still not very good at controlling it, I found a way to make it work in order to save someone. In the latest dream I have vivid memories of looking at my arms and consciously turning the power on and off, having the ability finally 'click' in my mind, also in time to save someone. And I remember thinking how good it was to have part of myself back. I felt complete. When I woke from this particular dream, again a sense of deep loss, and my forearms throbbed subtly and felt like they had a glow of energy around them. I felt like I could still use my arms to fly, even when I woke. Waking from this last dream also freaked me out like none of the previous. It felt more real than any other and the emotions that I woke with were so deep and compelling.
      In later flying dreams, I could recall earlier dreams, like that dream self had her own memories and experiences. She learned a skill over a period of time, and it felt like I, the dreamer, was looking through to a different world and observing her life, watching her progress; except she is me and I am her.
      Is it common to learn new skills in dreams? What does it mean when my waking self feels such a deep attachment to said skill?
      What does it mean when in my waking life my forearms feel like they did in my dream?
      Is it within the realm of possibilities that this dream girl is a separate consciousness, and her and I share some kind of 'link'? Or maybe she is a part of my 'self' who is conscious in a different realm? Or......

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      Hi Lady Di,
      I too used to have troubled dreams of me flying. Typically in mine, I would be falling to the earth or being slowly dragged down. Today, I no longer have any dreams like this. I’ve learned LOTS about myself, dreams and what I now call “The Mulitverse” we live in.

      I’ve learnt my dreams are full of symbols for me to learn from. Therefore, in order for me to help you, I’d like you to select two dreams to work with me. There’s some work here for you to do. For each one I want you to go back to the dreams and put yourself in the role of an observer. Then I want you to answer, for each dream, as best you can recall, the following questions…

      Tell me the number of different scenes in your dream. Then, FOR EACH SCENE I want you to tell me the following:

      I want you to look in your mind, as the observer, in the following directions and tell me what you see:
      1. To your left.
      2. To your right.
      3. In front of you.
      4. Behind you.
      5. Above you.
      6. Below you.

      It’s all right if you can’t recall much. Simply tell me what you see and make sure I know what direction it is from you the dreamer. In my interpretation, you’ll see how this is a symbol itself.

      When you are describing what you see, tell me in as much detail as you can recall about it. So things I am very interested in is what are walls, doors, windows, stairs, tables, etc. made of, age/style, colour, etc. The same goes for anything outside. You’ll see in my interpretations how all of this tells us lots about ourselves.

      1. Tell me what the lighting was like, i.e. bright, dull, black, cloudy etc.
      2. Then tell me where the light was coming from.
      3. Can you tell the time of day or season?
      Lighting is important in a dream because it’s a symbol of vibrational state. I’ll explain this during my interpretation for you.

      If there are any objects in a dream scene, then tell me about them as follows:
      1. Shape, size, colour and what they were made of.
      2. Where the object is in the dream relative to you, i.e. left, right, etc.

      I’ve found objects in dreams are usually symbols of things we first need to concentrate on spiritually. I’ll explain this in the interpretation if you had any objects in any of the scenes.

      For each person in a dream scene I want you to do the following:
      1. Describe them to me in as much detail as you can recall. This includes age, gender, clothes, colour of the clothes, what the clothes were made of.
      2. Tell me where they were in the dream scene relative to you, i.e. left, right, below, etc.
      3. Tell me if they were lying down, sitting, standing, walking, etc.
      4. Tell me what they did with you. Don’t skip the details. Simply tell me exactly what happened.
      5. If there are any conversations or thoughts between you and the person or others, then tell me EXACTLY WHAT WAS SAID. This is important.
      6. If there were others you couldn’t see but felt, then let me know where you felt they were in a scene relative to you the dreamer, i.e. left, right, etc.

      Animals. Etc.:
      If there were any animals, insects, birds, reptiles, fish or whatever in any of the scenes, then tell me. Describe them in as great as detail as you can recall. Also let me know where they were in the dream scene relative to you, i.e. left, right, etc. Then let me know of any thoughts that passed between you and them.

      This is a very important part of every dream scene. Take your time, go back and tell me the following for each scene:
      1. What was your first thought/feeling as the dream scene began.
      2. Tell me of any thoughts/feeling changes as the dream scene progressed and let me know where in the scene this occurred.
      3. Tell me your last thought/feeling as the dream ended.

      When you’ve done this, I will then happily give you an interpretation of your dream as if it was mine.

      With kind regards,

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