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      My Nightmares

      I've been having nightmares for years now and just had a strange and scary experience this morning actually (I'm not sure if I was astral projecting or lucid dreaming), so I figured I'd share that and a few more that I can remember right now.

      My boyfriend had to leave earlier today, so I ended up falling back asleep alone, which I don't like because it can lead to scary things happening. But I woke up or well I thought I woke up and this man was cuddled up against me. I was laying on my side and thought it was my boyfriend. I didn't see him (I couldn't really see anything but I also could at the same time). I knew it was a man because I could just tell and he put this thing against my arm. In my mind it made me think of a taser and that my boyfriend was fooling around but quickly I realized my boyfriend isn't home and that it was happening again. He pressed the "taser" thing into me harder or something because it just started hurting and I had this very intense feeling that isn't comfortable at all. I felt helpless and he was really strong so I started praying and I asked God to give me strength. The next second I was flying in my house or wherever I was, it was different I think in some ways but I went out the door. I just remember gloomy clouds and it looked like a storm is coming. At one point I was flying above this guy that was looking at me and then flying over the water with these telephone polls and wires all over the place getting in my way. It kind of went off into another dream but it's not scary anymore, so I won't get into that.

      This was one of my scarier nightmares. I was pregnant and these people were pushing open my door trying to get me. I knew that they were bad and so I was pushing it back and trying to lock it but it wouldn't work. I ended up running down the stairs but one of them was down there with a gun and so I ran to this other room that had a window. I opened the window and jumped out but this lady saw and started chasing me. It was dark and I ran to this mountain that I started to climb but realized that was a bad idea, so I ended up going towards the ocean.

      She was fast and gaining on me. I ran to this forest area but she caught up and grabbed me. She was pressing her hands hard into my stomach and it hurt so bad. I think I yelled out to save my baby if she killed me. I couldn't get her to stop drilling her hands into me... she was a lot stronger. She grabbed out these little scissors and I knew she was going to cut my stomach open. I ended up grabbing them from her and I started to stab her in her throat multiple times... and that was the end.

      Another dream I had, I was at this event with my twin sister and my boyfriend. My boyfriend and I were called to sit and it seemed okay, just happy overall. But then this guy started pushing his hands into my stomach and it really hurt. I was trying to get him off but he was so strong and I was screaming and calling out for my boyfriend. It stopped when my boyfriend came back so I grabbed his hand and we ran but he was so far ahead of me and I was barely catching up. I was terrified. We ended up finding this gated off area. I had the key and locked us inside but there was already a man that was trapped. I knew that bad people were coming so I jumped the fence and tried to hide in this ditch behind it. They ended up seeing me so I climbed back into the fence, where my boyfriend was. I knew that I couldn't get away now and that I had to fight. So I found a rock and I started to slam it into the bad guys head and he fell onto the ground. I repeatedly smashed his head in... but his skull wasn't normal so there was no blood. It was strange.

      I met this guy at my childhood park and followed him to where we met this girl. He mentioned if I'd want to see something that I should go with her, so we parted ways and I started following her. She led me towards these two men and I felt fearful so I ran. The next thing I remember is going underground with her and somehow we ended up at the top of this rope ladder that was hanging down into darkness. Now we were with a group of people and I was hesitant to follow them down. I ended up going down but couldn't find them and it was completely dark. I heard their voices but also heard something else that felt bad. I held completely still and hoped that it didn't see me but then it was in front of me and lightly touched my leg. I was frozen and finally it attacked me by grabbing my chest. It was really awkward and I couldn't get them away. The feeling was incredibly intense and not very pleasant. I think I woke up at this point and fell back asleep because I was now with the group and we were on this higher platform but there was these werewolf things trying to get to us. It's a blur from that point, which I'm kind of glad because it was scary.

      A few months ago I had a dream that my boyfriend jumped off of our porch to kill himself and he landed on this building but he was still alive. I was terrified and it looked like he broke his bones but he just got up and looked at me, then jumped again. I ran down the stairs, yelling and crying. My neighbors came outside and they ended up calling the cops. I was just swearing at them and freaking out. It was a horrible dream...

      I had this really cool zombie dream a while ago, I was at the playground with a few people. We were on the structure and I knew that zombies were coming. I randomly found a knife and gave everyone a weapon so we were ready. The zombies came in mobs, which kept getting bigger. I was trying to kill them before they all got onto the structure with us. So I was stabbing them in the head one by one. One of them was this skull head and it was harder to stab, especially with the knife I was using because it kept bending. This guy was off of the structure and a baby zombie thing was running around him, so I killed it to save him and then got back onto the structure. Now I found a better knife, it was this big samurai sword. It's almost like we were leveling up in a video-game. The next mob came and it was huge... they were everywhere and got so close. I swung the sword back and forth chopping their heads off and they just kept coming. It was so crazy.

      I have more from my memory alone that I remember and can probably find more that I had written down but this is all for now. Most of my dreams have always been bad and scary and I just found that strange.

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      I too used to have recurring nightmares most nights. Today, several year later, I never have them. So what did I do? I learned to listen to myself.

      If you'd like to check me out, you can read some of my interpretations on this board. As well, you can read a free website I created a year and a half ago to tell people what I've learnt * Link Removed *.

      If, after doing this, you want me to assist you, then here's what I propose.

      You take two of your nightmares and rewrite them as follows...

      What I've learnt from my own dreams is that there is nothing in a dream by chance. Therefore, if you answer the following questions, to the best of your recall ability, I will happily give you an interpretation of your dream as if it was mine.

      First tell me the number of scenes in your dream. THEN FOR EACH SCENE I want you to tell me the following:

      I want you to look in your mind, as the observer, in the following directions and tell me what you see:
      1. To your left.
      2. To your right.
      3. In front of you.
      4. Behind you.
      5. Above you.
      6. Below you.

      It’s all right if you can’t recall much. Simply tell me what you see and make sure I know what direction it is from you the dreamer. In my interpretation, you’ll see how this is a symbol itself.

      When you are describing what you see, tell me in as much detail as you can recall about it. So things I am very interested in is what are walls, doors, windows, stairs, tables, etc. made of, age/style, colour, etc. The same goes for anything outside. You’ll see in my interpretations how all of this tells us lots about ourselves.

      1. Tell me what the lighting was like, i.e. bright, dull, black, cloudy etc.
      2. Then tell me where the light was coming from.
      3. Can you tell the time of day or season?
      Lighting is important in a dream because it’s a symbol of vibrational state. I’ll explain this during my interpretation for you.

      If there are any objects in a dream scene, then tell me about them as follows:
      1. Shape, size, colour and what they were made of.
      2. Where the object is in the dream relative to you, i.e. left, right, etc.

      I’ve found objects in dreams are usually symbols of things we first need to concentrate on spiritually. I’ll explain this in the interpretation if you had any objects in any of the scenes.

      For each person in a dream scene I want you to do the following:
      1. Describe them to me in as much detail as you can recall. This includes age, gender, clothes, colour of the clothes, what the clothes were made of.
      2. Tell me where they were in the dream scene relative to you, i.e. left, right, below, etc.
      3. Tell me if they were lying down, sitting, standing, walking, etc.
      4. Tell me what they did with you. Don’t skip the details. Simply tell me exactly what happened.
      5. If there are any conversations or thoughts between you and the person or others, then tell me EXACTLY WHAT WAS SAID. This is important.
      6. If there were others you couldn’t see but felt, then let me know where you felt they were in a scene relative to you the dreamer, i.e. left, right, etc.
      7. For people who you know in real life, tell me anything that's different about them in the dream versus the real life version.

      Animals. Etc.:
      If there were any animals, insects, birds, reptiles, fish or whatever in any of the scenes, then tell me. Describe them in as great as detail as you can recall. Also let me know where they were in the dream scene relative to you, i.e. left, right, etc. Then let me know of any thoughts that passed between you and them.

      This is a very important part of every dream scene. Take your time, go back and tell me the following for each scene:
      1. What was your first thought/feeling as the dream scene began.
      2. Tell me of any thoughts/feeling changes as the dream scene progressed and let me know where in the scene this occurred.
      3. Tell me your last thought/feeling as the dream ended.

      I realize this is a lot of work. HOWEVER, I think you might be surprised by how much you can learn about yourself from a single scene.

      With kind regards,
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      Well, i dont believe in astral projecting, and you didnt seem to know inside the dream that it was a dream, so i would place this under the "nightmare" category.
      I don't believe in dream interpretation like ghuntington does, since I believe that there are a lot of random things in dreams. Noticing all of those things in dreams or writing them down after for him to interpret sounds like a sweet deal, and you might learn something from it yourself and he might give you some awesome insight.

      Here is my interpretation of things. Dreams are random. Extremely random. Random thoughts get grouped together with schema and start a random dream scene. I was listening to the new hit Christmas song last night entitled "double Frisbee" and I havent gotten it out of my head all day. Haha.

      So how to interpret dreams? Well nightmares are easy as there are very few things that cause them.

      Starting at the bottom.
      Stress. Just stress. This can easily give nightmares. Usually stress dreams and nightmares. These aren't extremely aware like other nightmares. They are just stressful and fearful. You will often have dreams about the things from waking going wrong. In my opinion. Not what you are dealing with.

      Awareness. Often awareness by itself can lead a dream down a dark road if you pay attention to the wrong things. Dreams are freaking weird. Let's say I am in a dream in a neighborhood all by myself. A spark of awareness. I realize I am alone. It sure is cold here, and dark. All of the sudden I feel a presence, a vicious monster steps around one of the empty buildings. Due to the awareness and pessimism, i am now turning a normal dream into a nightmare.
      Once i had a dream that I was in a grocery store. I gained some awareness and realized that I had to pee. I headed to the bathroom and the whole bathroom was filled with blood. In fact I could see home bones too. My optimistic thoughts say "must be where the butcher cleans out animals, since this is a grocery store. I feel a presence and one of my good friends is looking for me. Awareness fan cause nightmares. Confidence and optimism can kill these nightmares.

      Fear. Obvious. Just fear of something. Afraid of clowns? Scary dream of clowns. Easy. Done.
      I am a little afraid of the ocean in lucid dreams, so every time I see it, I usually teleport away or get in a very attached position, so I don't get blind sided.

      Schema. This could cover all other things really. But by itself, it works with waking and non waking. For instance, just connecting the idea of nightmares to when you sleep alone. When it comes to your mind, correlation can become causation, even if it wasn't at the start. This, I think, is your problem. Maybe randomness or a little fear at the beginning caused you to have a nightmare or two sleeping alone (or memories of childhood) and YOU connected these in your head, this connection stayed.

      How to break this? Easily! Just break the fear by ignoring it or grabbing comfort in something else. Grab a trinket or thought and make a couple of false positives. "When this is near, I cannot have a nightmare." Or " when this is playing, I cannot have a nightmare." Something similar. Start it at a time that you usually don't have a nightmare and then switch it to the time that you do so that you believe in it. Maybe even something from your boyfriend? If this fails at all, consider it a fluke. The more it works, the more you ignore the flukes and eventually they go away.

      Or you can always just wake yourself up from nightmares. usually people are aware enough in nightmares to wake themselves up.

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