So I think i know why iv had this dream, and will explain at the end.
I dreamnt my now 14yr old son was little again and my abusive ex just walked in my front door and started threatening me, then somehow he was outside vandalizing my outdoor pool, my son trying to stop him, i went out there because i could see my son in distress, when i tried to get my son from the top of the ladder beside the pool, my ex was trying to shake it so we'd fall off so i kicked it off once i was at the top, making him fall. My son then seen him on the ground and was devastated to the point of making himself curl into a ball and fall to the bottom of the pool so i straight away dived in and saved him and ran into the house to make sure all the doors were locked and called the police.
This dream has unfortunately been caused by a trigger of being verbally abused by my ex the other day, and my son being a witness yet again by his viciousness, as he was very voilent before i left him when my son was 5yrs old. Nothing like this has happened in a while because I have his number blocked and i keep my distance but in this instance i had to drop him off which i wont be doing anymore. Yesterday my son and i went for a walk and he told me that he fears getting a random ph call to be told that his dad has committed suicide..because in the past his dad has actually threatened to do that. I havnt told anyone about this dream yet, but i will be telling my son's psychologist as i fear how much its affected him, i too came from an abusive household as a child and know the effects it can have of you.