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    Thread: Waves, Orbits, and Us

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      Waves, Orbits, and Us

      I always found it fascinating that, with our current model of the world, there is a galaxy above us and a galaxy within us. The way electrons orbit protons in their tiny universe is the same way we, Earth Jupiter, Saturn etc. orbit the giant Sun. We zoom out further and suddenly the Sun is not so giant anymore. We are the tiny ones but the pattern continues. The Black Hole of the Milky way holding all our Solar system in orbit.

      And on each scale it looks the same. From the perspective of the very tiny man living a common life on an electron, it would seem that there is nothing but empty space to be explored beyond his orbital. And maybe the other electrons inside his proton's influence. How could he ever dream that there would be people our size.

      And it is the same for us. Outside, far beyond the many clusters of galaxies, could there be some cosmic scale lifeform? Is the Milky Way just one cell making up her form?

      Eh, maybe not. XD but what still strikes me about this pattern is that there is a vast sea of empty spaciousness and then a small cluster of form. A molecule surrounded by space, but if u get enough you see us. Then a lot of empty space again, but you zoom out enough, we see a galaxy. Could it be that we are the peak of some type of wave? And empty space is the lull? Vice versa? The ebb and tide of reality?
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      1 Electron = 1 Universe
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      1 Galaxy Cluster = Many Galaxies
      1 Galaxy = Many Solar Systems
      1 Solar System = Many Planets
      1 Planet = Many molecules
      1 Molecule = Many atoms
      1 atom = Many electrons
      1 Electron = 1 Universe
      ...etc forever
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      Wow! I've never thought about the universe in this way. Reminds me of the idea that inside every black hole, at it's center is another universe. And inside every black hole of that universe are more universes and so on. Our universe may be the singularity of a black hole in another. It would make sense, self repeating fractal patterns appear everywhere in nature so what's to say that the universe is not just an infinite fractal pattern? In which every orbital scale is almost identical to last as you 'zoom' out and there are infinite amount of universes embedded in an infinite amount of back holes...

      Also reminds me of this... universe-grows-like-a-brain.jpg

      But maybe that's just wishful thinking!
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