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    Thread: Forget about god can you see the movement?

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      Forget about god can you see the movement?

      Can you see it? Everything moves weather it's the atoms and their sub particles in your body or the planet and the galaxy that you live in move trough space. But they don't simply move, it is all going somewhere... I mean they don't only move physically they also move in a line of events.

      This line of events isn't time. This line is the line of probability. There are many branches in the tree of probability but we experience only one little line. This line is our universe, our existence, everything. It all goes in some direction. Where? We don't know. But all it wants is just to keep moving in that direction.

      How do we know that something wants to move somewhere? How do we know that anything has a will? Ask enough questions. Get enough answers. Dig deep enough in how everything works. The Final answer will be: "Because thats how it wants..." Anything could give you this answer eventually.

      So there is this one big line of our universe and it just moves to where it wants and everything that happens follows it. And we move with it as well. Since this line is everything there are many things that are part of this line weather it's the forces of nature, laws of physics, humanity and probably many other things. Eventually everything is part of this line and thus everything has an impact on the direction of the movement. Each event alters the direction of the movement in this line.

      So is this line our god? Well pretty much whatever it wants - happens. But we must not forget that everything is part of this line including us. So what should we do? What is good? What is bad? Does this godline or "Will of the universe" wants certain things to happen in our lives? Sometimes it does... Sometimes it just doesn't object... But eventually it just wants to keep moving to the direction that most of the forces that are part of this line want.

      If we look at humanity or ourselves, a minor force in this godline, If something happens to us then it did not disturb much the movement of this godline so it didn't object. If something that could have happened to us didn't happen that because the godline did object, cause if it would happen it would disturb the movement of the godline too much. Sometimes you find yourself in strange situations or strange places that's because the godline put you there. What for? - To keep moving in that direction.

      So what is good or bad? Where is Satan? There is no good or bad there is no god or Satan. YOU CAN DO WHATEVER YOU WANT! There is only right and wrong in the direction I mean. If you go against the direction of the godline, you go the wrong way and you will suffer the consequences. If you go too much the wrong way you gonna die. If you go the right way you will find enjoyment. But most of the time you just go with the flow and live a normal life until your time has come. Your movement affects the godline if you go against it you can change it's course by a very small amount but you will suffer in the process.

      The line doesn't care about you it only cares about it's movement. If you suffer in life you do something wrong, and you must find the things that you need to change in order to stop the suffering or keep suffering and die. If you enjoy life even by killing babies (like an abortion doctor or a serial killer) and you don't suffer any consequences physical or spiritual then this is what you are supposed to do in life.

      Eventually you can do whatever you want even murdering. If you don't have any success in what you do then you either not trying hard enough or it's simply something that you shouldn't do. Every person has things that he's not supposed to do, those are the things that this person won't have much success in, they will only bring suffering and eventually might kill the person.

      A person does not only flow with the godline there are many flows withing the godline that sway the person away even from enjoyment which is straight in the middle of the godline. So a person must work his way towards enjoyment just like he would work his way against the flow doing certain things. You can't expect having a good life by just saying I'm going with the flow and avoiding suffering. Some things would seem hard to accomplish in life but if you spend enough energy into doing them you might just find your enjoyment.

      Doing hard things in life does not equal suffering. If the things that you do go with the godline's flow even if they are hard you would have success in doing them. Some things would be even easier because certain flows would help you accomplish them. The higher the value of you accomplishments the more energy you would have to spend in doing them.

      Eventually all you actions, even thoughts express a certain will to the godline and thus altering it's direction you don't have to pray for it to happen, although you can. But you can't have the things that go completely against the will of the godline because the will of the godline is the will of everything that exist and most of the time everything that exist > you.

      My favorite example to all of this is Hitler. He had great success in what he did until a certain point. All he did went according the godline's flow even attempted assassinations failed because the godline didn't let that happen. until the direction of the godline changed by other forces and everything went to heck and he died. And the results; The jews didn't all die and Israel was built just like the jews wanted.

      Everything that happens everywhere is the will of the godline and the godline isn't one almighty god it's just the sum of all the forces in existence. All the godline wants is to keep moving. And it is just a line of probability that could probably be expressed by some infinitely complex math.
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      Causality - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      I believe quantum mechanics introduces complete randomness to our universe though, which affects it on a small scale, but enough to skew the outcome just a little bit.

      Lost count of how many lucid dreams I've had

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      Yes Causality is exactly what it is just with a higher spiritual understanding of it. And randomness is completely meaningless to us because like I said we can experience only one line of of events unlike electrons who could be at several places at the same time thus experiencing multiple lines.

      Whats the point of thinking about what could have happened like in randomness if we could only experience 1 outcome at a time. So it's like we live in a predetermined world even if it's not. Eventually what determines the results is the same godline I was talking about.
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