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    Thread: Is anyone aware about upcoming Ascension/Harvest?

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      Is anyone aware about upcoming Ascension/Harvest?

      Is anyone aware about upcoming Ascension/Harvest in DV?

      It's quite broad topic, but I'll just say: there will be mass awakening to humanity at the end of this year and we will all ascend to '4th dimension(astral plane)', taking our physical bodies to there.

      I know it already sounds controversial, but I picked this forum as it best fits with global prophecies and biblical revelations. (there's scientific studies too)
      I believe DVers will be open to talk about it.

      As I recognized 'One Truth' or say, 'I know who I am, and all are one, from Source'....
      I've been having accelerating spiritual experiences with several people. Like having 'coincidences' every hour, minute, second.
      And I've been seeing/feeling more events and signs regarding the ascension shaping their forms in reality.

      For those of you who wants to know about this, this video will be a great introduction: https://youtu.be/LuUuPJSyMms
      And a lengthy video that explains this: https://youtu.be/-rkqA1eaFB8

      I might not know the best but I wanna know if I'm not the few who are aware of this in DV.
      I've been in the 'dark' with my dream partner for a while, discussing and discovering things between only 2 of us... and I'd like to let it out now.

      My purpose of this thread is to find people who are 'light workers' and share heightened consciousness more globally to aid the Ascension/Harvest.
      Anyone can join if you're willing to, but before that, please watch the videos I linked.

      I do not want any skeptic. Only those who know about this topic or are open minded are allowed in this thread.
      Thank you
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      I do not want any skeptic. Only those who know about this topic or are open minded are allowed in this thread.
      Skepticism: is generally any questioning attitude towards unempirical knowledge or opinions/beliefs stated as facts,[1] or doubt regarding claims that are taken for granted elsewhere.

      Open-mindedness is receptiveness to new ideas. Open-mindedness relates to the way in which people approach the views and knowledge of others, and "incorporate the beliefs that others should be free to express their views and that the value of others’ knowledge should be recognized.

      I posted these definitions so everyone in this thread understands what skepticism and open-mindeness refer to: if you don't allow skepticism to be present in a discussion, it stops being a discussion, and you are infringing ED guidelines, specifically:

      - No preaching. Keep in mind this is a discussion forum, so topics should be discussed on their merits and not crammed down people's throats.
      Also, by your own guidelines, you're contradicting yourself by excluding skeptics and allowing people "who know about this", since a member can have knowledge about the topic, even have an agreeing stance, and still be skeptic about some particular views anyone presents.
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      I have heard a lot of different things that are pretty similar to this. People say this stuff all the time, and it isn't new to just this year. It happens as often as the doomsday end of the world stuff, which is basically every year. I have known people bringing up similar ascension events for probably ten years now, though I have never seen any evidence for any of them and they were always wrong in the past.

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      I can't say I have been sharing the same experience as you, OP. What I can say is that the brain functions on pattern recognition. When you purposefully search for a pattern, you seem to find patterns that are weakly related or not even patterns at all. In an effort to continue interpreting reality, the brain will generate patterns that do not even exist. When you experience strange coincidences, often they are very easily explained. A heightened awareness of coincidences is a result of making it a habit to look out for them. You can train your own thought patterns, this is actually a thing. I have used this knowledge to change my world view and be far less negative toward the rest of humanity. While the topic here is somewhat interesting, there is nothing but anecdotal and circumstantial evidence supporting it. People used to view celestial events and natural disasters as omens or proof that the end times are near, that God is angry at humanity and this is retribution, or even to predict that monarchs would die, etc. We know better now, the people during those times did not have the knowledge we do now. They noticed somewhere along the line that sometimes during these events or soon after, some people died or got sick. Thus, they found a pattern in something that didn't even exist. In this case, that celestial events marked impending death or disaster. In reality, those were coincidences. Coincidences, by their very nature, are two or more similar events or things that occur simultaneously or within close proximity of each other, but are in actuality unrelated.
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