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      I found it. It reads


      Change UsernameYou Have: 1,928.00

      *Points Purchase Price: 2,000.00

      Type in the new username
      you would like to use on these forums.


      I need another 72 points
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      I have1,941 points in Comunity Hall
      How much does it cost
      to change my Username
      from Ebbtide000
      to my real name "DebraJane Dixon" please.
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      Even tho we disagree on a lot you are one very thought provoking dreamer. Come back and be awesome more if u can
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      Merry Christmas, sivason! I knitted you a scarf:

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      You featured in my non-lucid dream last night!
      You made a voice recording for me, and you had also made some plasticine models of people, with armature skeletons inside like they use for animations. The dolls had a healing effect on the people represented, and by making one doll, you brought a girl out of a coma.
      I accidentally got one doll wet and it started falling apart, and I worried that I may have done some damage to the person like a voodoo doll effect.
      The dream was positive overall though, and one doll even helped to cure my high school bully, who I've been trying to make peace with lately in my dreams.
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      Happy Birthday
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      Happy birthday, sivi!
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      Birthday wishes to you, Sivason!
      I'm sorry to hear about your bad news today.
      May the following year have some nicer surprises in store!
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      Made me think of you ^^

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      Thanks for adding me as a friend !!
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    Better than I could dream, wait,,, exactly as I have dreamed, this is fun, glad to be me.
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    Random Chance, a strange thing that.


    Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

    "Instruction in Dream Yoga"


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    Hearing the Real World in Dream

    by Sivason on 10-10-2021 at 05:57 AM
    I have been trying to listen to a great set of astro-physic lectures as I go to bed as a form of meditation. Essentially the man's voice is acting as an anchor. I do not have any random thoughts as listening takes up my attention while my body relaxes deeper and deeper. The lectures keep playing through out the night.
    In two vivid dreams the sounds were incorporated into my dream. In one I was at work. We have been told not to listen to pod casts and such. Suddenly my phone is playing these lectures pretty loud from my pocket and I know everyone is looking. I don't want trouble. I apologize and try to shut it off it is quite clearly teaching about how the spectrum of light coming from a star is directly tied to the surface temp of the star. Of course everyone will think I am a nerd. Can't turn it down, can't turn it of. Put my ear upto the phone and find the sound is not coming from the phone. Lucidity- this must be a tech don't work RC, yep it is a dream. Still I hear the lecture and what is being said makes too damn much sense. It is clear and logical. That does not fit in with the dream. I realize that while fully asleep and in a dream the words are coming through very clear.
    Second time was act a big carnival where I had an adventure when some DC randomly ask me a science question and I go about explaining the shedding of a red giant stars outer layer very clearly and correctly in college level detail. Lucidity- I am just picturing myself teach the lecture I am hearing. The words I had been speaking were actually the real life lecture I had left playing.
    Neat stuff- I wonder how much I can absorb this way?

    Bonus: No More Bad Dreams. Extra Bonus: Precog- Car Crash

    by Sivason on 08-28-2021 at 04:06 AM
    How weird. So I was about to post this dream as an example of how lucid dreaming has made it so I no longer have to deal with bad dreams. Last night I was casually experiencing dreams and images. My attention was drawn to the scene and it suddenly shifted into a vivid scene of an auto accident. A car got smashed but it also included emotions and was generally not pleasant. The imagery changed so that I was inside the car and experiencing the emotions involved in getting in a car wreck.
    I simply stated to myself, "this is stupid, stop dreaming unpleasant things," and I made the scene vanish. The stream of standard interesting dreams resumed. I was going to mention that this is a bit different than what beginners think about lucid dreams. I pretty much have to plan on having a true lucid dream for what you think of as LDs to happen. However, I basically never think a dream is real and am aware that I am dreaming to some degree, I just don't really pay attention. I saw that the dream was not pleasant and was able to prevent that sort of thing shifting back to nice dreams. That was what I was going to report here.
    I did think the dream was vivid and really stuck out in my recall, so I warned my wife that I had had the dream and to be extra careful. I told her that this morning I came much to close to backing into an old lady and her dog and perhaps that was what the dream was about.
    I just got a call from my best friend! His first words to me are "I just got in a wreck." He took a job delivering pizza and just got in a smash up. This was about 14 hours after I had the dream.


    by Sivason on 07-24-2021 at 05:06 AM
    In a lucid dream there was a very fun bit where I summoned a big river rafting innertube and sat in it and floated like levitation about two feet off the ground and used it to get around the dark city streets. I just decide which way to go and floated there as if I was on a river. I had listened to Huckleberry Finn that day so the idea of leisurely floating along appealed to me. At one point I am dreamily floating at night down a lonely neighborhood street and I hear footfalls coming from behind me kind like from a jogger. I turn and it is a young female jogger. She looks worried about me. I decide not to allow that thought to flavor the dream. I decide if I ignore her and go about my business it will put her at ease. I can hear her jogging along beside me and start talking with her. We go on a short adventure together and travel under a mountain through a tunnel the whole time her jogging and me floating along leisurely in my tube. I remember pointing out to her that the graphics in the tunnel made no sense when we went down a staircase. It looked to me that I was floating both only a foot off the stairs and a about two feet below the ceiling, that would make the tunnel no more than 4 feet high, yet she looked about normal height and had a few feet above her head.

    Flying a Van and Summoning a Aircraft

    by Sivason on 07-05-2021 at 09:33 PM
    This started out when i found a small ferret outside a store like it was a discount rack. It was in a plastic bag. I also found two baby skunks. I figured they would be thirsty but then the ferret's bag was half full of water and had a goldfish in it. I realized it must be a dream and did an RC by trying to levitate. Sure enough I floated up and became highly lucid.
    Later on in the dream I ran into a DC of my mom and she was driving a van. I went for a ride with her. I told her that this is a dream and we could actually fly the van to where ever she was going. It worked well and I created imagery from 3rd person of the van floating off the ground and go flying. Then back in 1st person I was flying the van from inside of it. We had a scene change and were on the ground in a park. She mentioned that the van was gone. I assured her that no problem existed and just pretended the van was still there and was about to levitate us knowing the van would just reappear if I refused to acknowledge the lack of the van.
    The DC who was now my wife said she refused to go flying in an imaginary van as it was too silly. I asked her what she wanted to do and she said "summon us each a Tomcat Jet Fighter and we can race them." I decided to use basic summoning (aid from a plot element) rather than try to instantly create that much detailed imagery. She asks where they are and I say "here they come, see the com trails," knowing there would be com trails and I could then slowly develop the imagery as they landed. Sure enough I look up and there are 2 com trails but I am floored, as my brain created a vivid space scene with stars and such and a line of 3 giant satellites bigger in image than low flying blimps. "Right there behind those satellites," I say surprised. the trails get close and when in view it is some sci-fi double engine passenger jet/hover craft with fun exciting detail and apparently a whole flight crew. I decide not to fight this and just say, "this is better than Tomcats as we can land it anywhere." We go to get on and the flight crew leads us up a boarding platform and wants to ask us Covid-19 related screening questions and discusses if we still need everyone to ware masks. they ask me to take a pill that will prevent spread of Covid. I feel like forcing the dream forward but am working on o trying to control every aspect of my dreams, so I just let the scene play out. We went up on a observation deck made out of metal mesh.
    That was the end of the sequence.

    Jealous and Irritating.

    by Sivason on 06-20-2021 at 06:30 AM
    I am in a lucid and at one point summon two young female companions to sit with me and be beautiful. I suspect it is the same entity that has been guiding me but the form is of my first girlfriend. She is angry that I summoned the pretty women to sit with; it seems like jealousy. I say that i do not intend to disrupt my dream or training with sex. She asks why my DCs are topless with such well formed breasts. I get a bit mad and tell her that as this is my dream and being near younger women in such a way is not possible in life, why wouldn't I want to be near them now. I say your jealousy is making me frustrated.