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      I found it. It reads


      Change UsernameYou Have: 1,928.00

      *Points Purchase Price: 2,000.00

      Type in the new username
      you would like to use on these forums.


      I need another 72 points
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      I have1,941 points in Comunity Hall
      How much does it cost
      to change my Username
      from Ebbtide000
      to my real name "DebraJane Dixon" please.
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      Even tho we disagree on a lot you are one very thought provoking dreamer. Come back and be awesome more if u can
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      Merry Christmas, sivason! I knitted you a scarf:

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      You featured in my non-lucid dream last night!
      You made a voice recording for me, and you had also made some plasticine models of people, with armature skeletons inside like they use for animations. The dolls had a healing effect on the people represented, and by making one doll, you brought a girl out of a coma.
      I accidentally got one doll wet and it started falling apart, and I worried that I may have done some damage to the person like a voodoo doll effect.
      The dream was positive overall though, and one doll even helped to cure my high school bully, who I've been trying to make peace with lately in my dreams.
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      Happy Birthday
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      Happy birthday, sivi!
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      Birthday wishes to you, Sivason!
      I'm sorry to hear about your bad news today.
      May the following year have some nicer surprises in store!
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      Made me think of you ^^

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      Thanks for adding me as a friend !!
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    Zen Gardener, Martial Art Tinkerer, Fish Tanks, Meditation, Occult studies
    Better than I could dream, wait,,, exactly as I have dreamed, this is fun, glad to be me.
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    Random Chance, a strange thing that.


    Peace Be With You. Oh, and sure, The Force too, why not.

    "Instruction in Dream Yoga"


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    Recent Entries

    Curious Night Fretting

    by sivason on 05-14-2019 at 05:54 AM
    I only had so long to sleep and knew i would be woken soon. In the dream there were familiies everywhere at my dads house All through the large house was no plce icooul use, Finaly it was explaing to me that 5 failies with kids a other were living here to shave on rent. My lucid mind whet about trying to deal with this, That is of course when th doorbell wraged.

    Getting better at Food.

    by sivason on 05-13-2019 at 07:00 AM
    Been dieting lately, so getting to eat un healthy food in dreams is a plus. However, I have rarely had the food I create taste like much. I spent a lucid trying this out. My jelly doughnuts were noy half bad. But lets say only half good. Picture eating a Jelly doughnut in waking life when you have a bad cold. Still it was good enough to count.

    Plant Skills

    by sivason on 05-13-2019 at 06:57 AM
    Enjoying nice vivid DILD and at some point a DC of my wife is all concerned about something. I tell her I am not interested and am not going to bother trying to understand, as this is all just happening inside my dream. She doubts me so I demonstrate on some house plants. I make them sprout out of control and they all shoot up about three feet in 2 seconds. For fun I make plants sprout out of the ceiling to. Very fast and good results.It has not been so long in years since I journaled here about trying to develop this skill on tomatoes. At that point my friend rang my door bell and it woke me up. I kind of yelled at him.

    Asking Permission

    by sivason on 04-24-2019 at 04:04 AM
    04/23/19 Got in trouble last night, but do not seem to be locked up. Had many small lucid adventures, then seem to have gone astral again. The transition started as far as I can tell in the car ride. I get into a car and the woman who is driving says she is taking me somewhere to meet her friend. I weather is frozen and snowy. She is driving us through slush and I tell her I would like to change the weather. I exert control and bring ou the sun and change the scene to more of a lovely southern Cali setting. We end up at a cool swimming pool. I enjoy the feel of the water. I dive down to the bottom and look up at the surface from below. I go back to where the woman is sitting on the edge. She is sexy looking and I want her to be topless. I remember getting in trouble the night before and the advice. I explain to her my situation and politely ask her if she would let me play with her naked chest. She has no problem with this and I proceed. However, I feel the dream start to destabilize and must use a sensory reduction method to bring the dream back. I try again and it is very sensuous and realistic. The dream starts to destabilize again and I realize the problem is my body is becoming stimulated and my heart rate has increased. I stabilize again and decide to just swim. I go through many more scenes with the woman including on where I mention that I am actually dreaming and have a body somewhere else. She smiles and says, "yes, but the question is, am I also asleep somewhere and dreaming?" I do not know the answer to that, having assumed she was native to this place. Later we are in a casino and one of the card dealers is a sexy woman in a bikini top. I am tempted to touch her, but again remember myself and do not. I decide to ask her if I can touch her. She says yes, but to come with her to some place private. She takes me to a lower level and allows me to touch her. I again have trouble keeping the dream stable so I thank her but explain I do not seem to be able to stay astral and deal with the stimulation. I do not remember what all happened after that. The whole sequence seemed over an hour long. I am making progress in fitting in and niot getting in trouble.

    Dream Police

    by sivason on 04-24-2019 at 03:46 AM
    04/22/19 Very eventful night. Had been screwing around lucid for many small adventures when things got intense. I was out flying around and saw the coast off in the distance. Tried flying ultra sonic in a superman pose. Got the scene zipping by. Making progress on my jet speed while maintaining scenery (not simulating by blurring) and flew past the statue of liberty and out over the ocean. Came upon a weird fortress on a rock that rose out of the sea. Things shifted and I became aware that the dream now seemed to have a feel of astral travel. Interesting. I float around examining and land on a ledge finding my way inside. Explore halls and it first seems like a medical building. I try to avoid detection, but eventually there are too many entities and I can not go un-noticed. I now see this more as some kind of mall or something. I try to influence the actions of a couple people sitting at a table, but it makes them unhappy. This is unclear if i am in an astral zone or alone in my mind. Normally I can control DCs flawlessly. I wander around and approach an attractive female who freaks out and yells for me to get away from her. She is basically calling for help. Oh shit. It does seem I am no longer in my head and the entity is frightened. I go back out to the exterior of the building and float around to the other side. I go back in to an open area like a car garage or something. I see weird tree like formations and while examining it meet a weird weasel looking creature. I pick it up and carry it inside. There is a giant koi pond like thing. I wonder if the weasel would eat a fish. I use TK to catch out a fish, but the weasel has left. I realize I have entities trying to surround me and they look unhappy. I try to evade them but end up cornered. I can not phase away and they take me to an office lie space. I am being scolded for showing up in their peaceful area and acting like a jack ass. I realize the woman who called for help felt I was being a creepy perv and only after awaking figure catching a fish and leaving on the ground probably did not help. I have a calm conversation with them trying to defend myself. I explain that as I am not an astral being, I only reach their areas while my body is asleep. I explain that while in this state I do not have the best judgement. I clearly do not make fully thought out judgments almost as if I am drunken. I express I do not want to end up band for good from this zone, but can see that I have often made a horrible freak out of myself. I also express that I have trouble with telling the transition from my dreams to places like this. I can touch women in my own dreams, and will as I am a male ape. It is not intentional so much as instinctual and the seeming intoxication or limited faculties I posses in this state make it difficult. I would never sexually assault a conscious living being on purpose. The main guy actually gives me an instructive lecture on how I can tell an entity from a dc. It does not translate well and comes across something like "see this person and the fine detail in their appearance? Notice this, notice that. Now look at this person, see how such and such. You must learn to be aware at once when you have transitioned to this place. We can not have you assault any more people. In the future I recommend you ask permission from any person you see before touching them or doing anything to them. This should be a policy even when you are in your own mind." I am taken to a location outside of the building when I realize a much more aggressive group of people is coming. I am instantly afraid it is some sort of police or military and that they will remove all my powers and incarcerate me as has happened twice in the past. I ask how I can get away and am told not to. I take off from the guys before the authorities can grab me. I can not change the scene or anything like waking up. I fly along the ground away from them. Soon there are people coming from in front of me also. I take to the sky, but dense clouds push in my way and seem solid. I use huge energy blasts to get through. Before long I am tired and realize I have not got anywhere. I am just outside the building where I began running. I head inside and around a corner. I am surrounded but duck inside what looks like a storage closet and hope they will miss me. At this point my alarm goes off and I am able to wake. I calm myself, and push the snooze button. I try to picture a new scene, but reappear in the storage room and am already in custody. I manage to force myself awake. I really was afraid that I would now spend weeks in a lock up like the first time, going there every time I fell asleep with no access to dream control powers. The next night I was free and was back in the astral environment. It seems I had not actually done much to get in trouble and got off with a warning, this time.