Dear community,
Just recently I posted an experiment that I've been attempting in the dreaming state in a General Lucid Discussions forum called 'A Lucid Dreaming Experiment.'. In this posting, I meantioned a theory I've been developing having to do with the mind's subconscious functions.
The theory basically states; that underneath the viel of our conscious thoughts, our mind functions at a higher rate and process- enough so to be capable of understanding unimaginably complex physics, dimensions, patterns, mathmatics and so on. That in itself doesn't mean that this information is at our conscious disposal, the subconscious doesn't communicate the way that our ideas do. I'll post a quoted section from this meantioned post and then continue in my explanation of my most recent discovery. The void cube.

Superficially speaking, there are two levels of conscious thought as I'm sure we've all heard of before. Those two dimensions are called Conscious Thought, and Subconscious Thought. Conscious thoughts would fall under the category of the words, images, emotions and senses that you are presently aware of. In contrast, the subconscious is a mass storage system of your memories, instincts, and underlying functions that aren't brought to mind in the present moment. I've recently postulated that the subconscious can be detailed by three unusual attributes.
The first attribute being, that it has the ability to 'compress' every single fathomable thought into the simplest idea literally possible. Metaphorically, it could be compared to a black whole in space. A black whole can retain innumerable particle into the smallest singular space, defying the concept of 'overflow'. Our life's entire collection of data from the universe that is only available to our subconscious can be also thought of as a single tiny speck of idea, basically explaining that there is no size- no shape- no such thing as 'too many thoughts for this brain'. A nearly infinite storage system.
The second attribute I'm proposing is that our subconscious processes, from as early as we learned to speak, had already accomplished finding out how the universe works, why it works, why we exist, and how we exist. I believe the subconscious holds information that human kind only dreams of consciously understanding.
And lastly, I propose that our subconscious mind is not only storing the information it has, but is actually adeptly applying every single bit of information we own into every given moment of our present life.
So, if this theory were to be summed up in a statement- it would go something like this. The subconscious mind provides us with an always active singularity of every piece of data it has ever come across and if it weren't for the directed focus of conscious thought, the mind is virtually all seeing. (To whatever possible extents that can be)
Today I was reading a masterfully written book called 'The Eligant Universe'. The author's agenda to this book is to create a wider-spread understanding of a modernly worked on physics theory known as 'Superstring theory', or 'string theory' for short. I won't get into that, but if you're interested in physics- give it a look. Anyways! Part way through this book I began reading about Albert Einstein's "Principle of Relativity".

For those of you like me just awhile ago, that have no idea what that is- it is this:

The principle of relativity is the requirement that the equations describing the laws of physics have the same form in all admissible frames of reference.

Or in other words, we can not honestly say that we know in what direction something is physically moving, because our motion in this universe is perceptionally biased. The reason why being; our perception of motion is purel based upon how we are witnessing other things move, from our own stationary view. And that explains that spacetime, and perception can be altered from whatever view point we see it from.

That concept took me quite a long minute to rap my mind around. But after I realized what exactly this principle explains, it made me think of a black cube that I've been visualizing for... years, honestly. Usually when I'm stressed, I try to connect with this serene zone that I can rest my mind in meditation. I visualize a black cube. Inside of this cube, is infinite space, infinite time, and void. But this infinite space, has the peramiters of a cube because of the way my mind is viewing it. Inside of this cube, my mind developed the concept that; the way this cube explain spacetime to me, was a truer perception of what timespace really is- in comparison to how we view and connect with it as we walk this earth. It gave me peace of mind, saying that space and time were not the unmoveable building blocks of our universe that we instinctually feel them to be, and that in actuality, this black cube formed itself as a viewpoint- without view point. A more honest look into the world of motion. As I read through this book learning about this principle of realitivity, I realized that my black cube was a subconscious symbol of realistic space-time.

Before I even mildly understood the bases and terminologies for physics study- the subconscious tried to explain it to me, by giving my mind refuge, in a black cube.

This kind of symbolizm, I feel, is a step in humanity's progress to understanding subconscious communication.

A symbolizm that my previously posted experiment attempts to manipulate.

I hope my new medication isn't making all of this sound like rambling psuedo philosophy.

If anyone has a question or point to add, feel free.