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    Thread: Eye Movement Communication

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      Eye Movement Communication

      I recently had an idea. I remembered how LaBerge had his subjects move their eyes back and forth during REM to signal that they were lucid, and I figured if that were possible, more sophisticated forms of communication from the dream world could be possible if a language was devised that was entirely based on eye movements. Me and some friends tried to come up with something that would work. We figured that the compass directions (Primarily just N, S, E, and W) and other obvious eye movements (such as crossing your eyes) could be combined to make letters. In my picture below, each letter is made by moving your eyes to 2 positions, with the neutral position in-between. (The neutral position is just staring forward.)

      I attempted doing the eye movements (not while dreaming, though) for them and allowing them to translate, with basic words like "Hi" and "Quest." They were able to do so. The only thing that needs to be considered is that East and West must be flipped when the observer is translating the message. (The dreamer's right is your left, etc.)

      Of course, you'd probably need some sort of machine to measure the eye movements of the dreamer. I say probably because there is a chance they'd be obvious enough even with the eyes closed. But say one was to become proficient in this language, and he had a lucid dream while another person observed? They would be able to send actual messages from the dream world into the real world.

      Totally pointless and unnecessary? Probably, they can just wake up and write their dreams down, of course. But I thought it was an interesting concept that might interest some people.

      bigger image: http://puu.sh/cfolP/96bf223e80.png
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      Hi Dissonance

      Quite an interesting post. I guess you could even replicate a joystick port, etc.

      Michael Paul Coder at Lucidcode has been working on a similar project where he uses software to detect eye movements during sleep.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Dissonance View Post
      eye movements (such as crossing your eyes) could be combined to make letters.
      Has crossing eyes in Rem been reported?
      I wonder if eye crossing in a dream is possible, if you have a feedback device try it, also try walleyed -- I can't do this well in waking life but who knows in sleep state, just take your dream fingers and separate them while looking at one with each eye, assuming you have nothing better to do in Lucid dreams
      Sure LUCID DREAMS are all fun and games until someone loses a third eye.

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