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    Thread: If we change the Terminology we use just before we go to sleep help us?

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      Question If we change the Terminology we use just before we go to sleep will it help?

      Before we go to sleep, we all have our little mantra's that help us to try to remember our dreams & to help us have more lucid dreams. But I'm starting to think that my terminology is wrong. Because once I knew what lucid dreams were & that I'd been having them for yrs I only achieved one, but it was also the best one I had ever had but, now I'm just having vivid dreams..... The first book I read on LD's included the definition of lucid dreams by saying that you are only lucid when you notice that you are dreaming & then conciously open your eyes. And on the 2nd night of reading that line I had went to sleep & during my sleep I had a vivid dream & walked through a door & boom! I conciously was aware that not only was I lucid but I had only to open my eyes & the magic would begin. And I did just that, I opened my eyes & the world became alive w/ glorious color & I was even able to fly & navigate perfectly... I should note that flying became normal to me almost 2 yrs ago when I quit drinking to have a healthier lifestyle & that this, was even far greater than that. This was mafnificent glory prosonified! This was Venice, the place I always wanted to go & it was during a festival that is alot like our Marti-Gra which I had never even known existed until I looked up festivals in Venice after this experience... So I'm beginning to believe my brain is over thinking the "terminology", rather than thinking of the "actual act of" of what I want to do.... Does anyone else have opinions on this subject?
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      Thats a real eye opener - sorry couldn't resist :p

      But seriously, it is the case of opening our eyes then opening again to really become aware of where we are! fantastic!
      It is like being startled by a kiss or a noise in waking state that brings us to full lucidity
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