Dreamer's get ready for an trumendous experiment !

I'm willing to create a Research team, that will have a purpose of testing new techniques for Dreamers. The volunteers will get involved with several techniques which they will test during their sleep period.

The whole purpose of this research, is to find a technique that will fit into a category of success. There are many great techniques posted out there that need serious study.

So how will this work?

Everyweek, i will post several techniques that we will test during the 7 day period. Thus, we will post the success rate in the Poll, or by a simple response such as "Success".

This research is simply to test new techniques/inductions so that people could finally LD.
For some people this might be too hard, but just think of it , before you go to bed, you will have a chance to test a technique and post the response the next morning. Thus, enabling other people to move on, to another technique.

We will need atleast 5 people on one technique so that the success rate would be measured with the 5 people.

So what do we gain by doing this?
-1. We experiment with techniques.
-2. We all work as a Team/Community
-3. We all have a chance to participate
-4. We might as well find the appropriate techniques for all of us !

I've been LD since long time, and i think that everysingle individual is able to accomplish it, by finding his own suitable technique

Those who wish to participate please send me a private Message, so that i can add you to our Research team.

Thank you for your time