Just write just write everyone says. But how do you write when your mind is spinning, every idea comes in and out, and when you want to put down on paper everyone one of them seem insufficient, not whole, uncomplete Ė and is it completely correct? You have to look it up, have to read through text and text and text and text and suddenly you are lost again. What do I do? Do I start on Typical American, Jamnes Strum, or A Good Fall Ė or maybe on some completely different work, maybe a theme, mabe the Harlem Renaissance? Do I relate this to that now or do I keep it to myself until in some later aprt of the paper. Maybe I could link it to something else, maybe not. Maybe Iíve linked so much I canít find the root anymore, itís gone in the cloud of thoughts and thougts and thougghts. Just do it, cut through everything and put the thoughts down on the paper. And yet, what if I havenít thought about it enough, what if I can only fill out one page, what then? Do I just put in words to fill it out. How do you fill out 4 pages with fillers? Maybe I should take a break, but no you cant you havenít even written something yet, but you have thought about, yes you have hought about it. That must mean something right it should meand something. But no one can see that, no one can see what you THINK. THINK THINK THINK.