What does being an adult really thrive off of?? Children... childish thoughts. What sells. What captivates people's impulses.
Well. Is that really Childish? What is childishness really? Just selfishness. Naive Selfishness perhaps. But it's Naive selfishness that creates the largest markets. Too naive to see that that brand new TV or Car or house was too much. Sniping people in the loops they run in. The loops sustained by their emotional impulses.
Adults. Well. What is an adult even? What is an adult alone. In the dark room. What is an adult alone with a beautiful 18 year old girl on an island? What is an adult but a front? Responsible, sure... But I think there is a magicness that those who are openly children see in adults. A magicness that doesn't really exist. We're all trying to appeal to each other's selfishness. Empathy, the subconscious neurological chemistry that makes it a bit easier to help others. That masks our true nature. Empathy masks our true nature. Lack of empathy is common, but we're beginning to kill off those people with big society. Can't have selfish people snaking their way shaping the world to their own liking. That'd be too much chaos. But that selfishness is also what keeps things bubbling. That cold-heartedness. Soldiers need to be cold hearted. People need to shun molesters. Or everything would fall out of control. Whose control? The popular vote. No one is really in control, there might be those who attempt to control things, but that wont be done until we have language architects. imagine. every thought being owned by someone who has devised a language capable of leading the herd. Personally, I'd feel every single one of my thoughts is violating me. Maybe this is how we find peace with meditation.
there is nothing worth telling the world. To accomplish the silent language it is best done without thinking so.
what else can I tell you? what else can I tell you? maybe something will come up