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      The Simple No. [Cont.]

      The present geological condition is the result of an Anti-White era that stemmed from tensions of four years ago.

      The declaration of Russian and Western hostilities altered the psychology of mankind.

      This psychology is digressive but the raw phenomenon can be harnessed.

      In the early Anti-White era was the initial point of pressure, starting 2011~; the immediate effect of this pressure was a temporary mental comfort. The peak effect of this initial point of pressure was an infraction of thought processes. In-between the immediate and the peak was a transitional step.

      Over the course of this point of pressure were very pleasurable thoughts​, that soon after became depressing and sexual-orientated.

      At the depths of Anti-White psychology, is a monumental phenomena that we can capture, and lead into the next era.

      There are endless possibilities of a relaxation of Anti-White psychology.

      The operating system of the mind; communication from one mind to another, great pleasure and cures for great pain.

      Games, art, etc. A dream-world, of evolutionary potential that may span far into the future...

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      The Kapazdrium!

      The Spider

      The White Rose

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