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      Weird sleep paralysis continious mode?

      It's not really a lucid dreaming question, It's about sleep paralysis. Once a month for some really weird reason, or even rarer, I will get into this weird state at night where I go into sleep paralysis 5-10 times. Just last night I woke up after 5 hours automatically (because I sleep bad) and then I woke up in sleep paralysis. Couldn't move, struggled pushing for about 5 sec and then it worked. Then I thought nothing of it and tried to sleep again. Then again, I go into sleep paralysis immediately. Not even 1 min waiting time, instantly I feel my limbs getting heavy and hypnagogia starts appearing. I get scared by it again and I struggle to move for 4-5 sec until I can finally move my limbs. And then this happens again, about 3 times more. Then I decided I might aswell do WILD, this is the perfect chance. So for the 6th time or so I instantly saw hypnagogia and started focusing on it because that's what I heard you're supposed to do. And then I started seeing glimpses of plates of words in my vision, and then by that I got really excited and then I stopped seeing words, then I moved again to get out of sleep paralysis. Strangely, I slept just fine after all these 6 sleep paralysis episodes finally

      So is there a medical word for it? I almost never get sleep paralysis, but once I do its 5-6 times a night. Why is that? Does my body enter some kind of mode where it thinks I'm not asleep and then decides to just keep entering SP? More a medical question, but appreciate if anyone knows any word for this or why it happens.

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      Used to happen to me all the time, it's because after you have sleep paralysis,wake up then instantly go back to sleep that next dream will be sleep paralysis and etc,after you wake up from sleep paralysis wait at least 15-30 minutes to go back to sleep and you should only have it that one time that night ,hope this helps.

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