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      Question State of Paralysis

      This has happened to me for maybe 3 times as i can remember, all of which had something to do with me being very sleepy but slightly awake (Body tired, mind kinda awake).

      So the Most recent one was today.
      I was tired and wanted to take a nap for 30 minutes. Note that this happened at dawn. I couldn't go to sleep directly for some reason, and the only thing i remember is falling into a state of paralysis while i had thoughts about random stuff. I was unable to move, heard a screepy sound for a few seconds, and then heard extremely loud buzzing noises to the end of this state. No mention of seeing weird colors, but i felt like anything i imagined had become clearer than usual, as if i was seeing my imagination right in front of me.. With this i should have Reality checked, but i forgot. I was able to close my mouth which was partly open, which should have been paralyzed if this was real sleep paralysis. I moved my hands and got up IRL.

      What the hell is this? a dream? it felt like i was awake, but the feelings i had imply it was a dream.

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      It sounds like you were falling asleep while still conscious—something that some people do deliberately when they induce WILDs (Wake Initiated Lucid Dreams). Things like this tend to happen to me by accident as well, especially when I'm having trouble getting to sleep for some reason. You probably had just gone into, or were very close, to an actual dream state, where REM atonia (a form of paralysis) happens to prevent one from acting out their dreams.

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