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      Twin Body State versus Single Body State in LD's?

      Hi all,

      I've only just had my 2nd LD recently and noticed something different from my first one. Mainly, in my first LD I had a distinct sensation of being in the dreamworld but also able to feel my physical body back in bed. This at the time helped me a lot to stay lucid as I was able to almost flick between the two states and use it a bit like a dream-anchor. I may even have been able to hear my own breathing internally somehow, but not sure on that.

      In my 2nd LD though, I was not aware at any point of my body lying back in my bed and although I feel the overall quality of this dream was better, even though way way shorter, it was hard for me to anchor my dream and thus I lost lucidity quite quickly.

      So my questions are, is one type better than another? Does it really matter etc? How do yours manifest themselves in these ways?

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      I understand what you're saying, this has happened to me though differently. It will most often happen when I've had enough sleep, though I want to get back to sleep in order to lucid dream. When my mind and body are mostly awake.

      For me, this is not good, and the second type is better. When I have any sensations of waking life, I cannot maintain the dream. The scenes simply become thoughts in my head. Because of this it does matter, being that that type of dream is really not a dream at all: just me trying to hold onto/create images in my head, not wanting to acknowledge that I'm awake

      Like I said before, the first type will happen mainly after I've had a normal night's sleep and day time approaches. The second type sounds like a normal WILD to me, though a short one.

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      Being aware of both your dream body and your real one at the same time mostly happens in the earliest stages of sleep.

      I have a hard time understanding how your were able to use that to your advantage, as for me it usually makes the dream quite unstable. I'd say not feeling both is better, but whatever works for you.

      I doubt you'll have that happen too often.


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