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      Improving your cognitive abilities via Nootropics

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      Broadly speaking, a nootropic is a supplement used to improve memory or cognitive function. Nootropics are not necessarily a new thing, but now we have the terminology and technology to use these seemingly-divine substances to a much, much more powerful effect. There are several mechanisms of action behind their varied effects, the results of which can be used to classify nootropics in to several different classes, though there is still some disagreement in what those classes specifically are. A big theme amongst many of the different classes of nootropics is an increase in the quantity and availability of neurotransmitters which are essentially the message senders neurons use to communicate in your nervous system. These effects are usually achieved in the body via an increase in production of or by inhibiting the re-uptake process of neurotransmitters. Some neurotransmitters commonly involved in the mechanisms of nootropics are Acetylcholine, Dopamine, and Serotonin among others.

      Certain described Nootropic classes, such as Cholinergics and Racetams, have desirable interactive affects when taken together. Essentially, Racetams work to improve the sensitivity of choline receptors in the nervous system while Cholinergics work to increase the overall levels of Acetylcholine in the body. Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter known to be important in the formation of several types of memory. Acetylcholine levels drop off with age and some speculate that this may be one mechanism behind general declines in memory with age. It is also now known that extreme deficiencies in Acetylcholine are one of the mechanisms behind Alzheimer’s disease and research in the application of Cholinergics in treatment of Alzheimer’s disease is currently quite active.

      Nootropic stacks, which are gaining quite rapidly in popularity, are supplements designed with (hopefully) properly portioned amounts of multiple nootropics and are produced by many different supplement companies. Many of them are a daily supplement; others are high in caffeine and other stimulants and can serve as a pre-workout supplement or can be taken prior to intense periods of study. A great stack to start out would be taking both 10 – 30 mg of Noopept and 500 – 2000 mg of Choline Bitartrate.

      Nootropic Pro Tips:

      Do your research!
      - Don’t expect too much too soon. Most Nootropics are daily supplements that have additive effects the longer you take them.
      - Find a good regimen that works with your body and your desired goals and stick to it for a decently long period of time; a 3 to 6 month commitment would be a good start but the longer you can maintain usage (and remain healthy of course) the better.
      - Try using a stack to start as a trial run in the beginning but move towards buying bulk powders and mixing them yourself after you’ve got the necessary equipment and understanding to make you own stacks; this process can be time consuming but if this is something you see yourself doing long term you will save yourself quite a bit of money.
      - Do more research!
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