Hey everyone,

I have been experiencing sleep paralysis for 3 years now. They happen ~ once a week in the morning, when I fall asleep after being awake for some time (for example after an insomnia, or when I decide to go back to bed after I was awake for 2 hours). They are not intended, but I appreciate them in general because they are very soft and can lead me to some WILD (I had ~40-50 WILD by using them).
Some have been unpleasant but most of them are quite gentle: I just feel like my body is suddenly under water (my ears are blocked after hearing a whistle), my body is numbed, I have some swarms, some chills... but it is not really creepy.

What worries me happens before I enter in that state. It became to appear several months ago (I didn't feel it or notice before) : my tongue is like paralysed, it tenses itself several times. I also feel something in my head, it's hard to explain but I can describe this as a pressure.
When I feel this, I am very awake and aware, not in any hypnagogic state yet. (For example, recently I was having an insomnia for 1h, and my boyfriend was next to me. I was talking to him (so I was very awake and conscious!) but as I talked I had difficulties to pronounce words because my tongue started to act weird).
Nonetheless, every time I felt this strange thing, even though I'm not so close to sleep, I have SP systematically in the next few minutes.
I am completely certain this is connected to SP because every time I feel this strange symptoms, I have SP next. Every time.

I'm a bit worried because it looks like neurologic thing (epilepsy, stroke...) even though It's not as impressive.
It really looks like some kind of small seizure...

On our french forum, no one experienced this kind of sensations before SP, so I'm wondering if this make sense for someone here ?
(by the way, sorry for my not so good English!)
I thought about talking about this to some neurologist but I don't know if it is alarming enough ?

Sweet dreams!