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      How yoga helps to imporves sleep?


      How yoga helps to improve sleep? What can I overcome with the problem of insomnia?

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      Rather than counting sheep every night to go to sleep, you can set the following five yoga poses on the bed. These exercises will help you to relax your body and mind, blood circulation and then put you to sleep relaxed.

      1. supine Reflexology

      Implementation time: 2 minutes
      itting facing the wall (or headboard), about 15cm from the wall butt.

      - Slowly leaned back, and leg against the wall.
      ut the arms through his sides, palms facing up, breathe gently and feel the tension from your feet.

      2. Rotate People

      Implementation time: 1 minute
      sitting cross-legged on the bed and breathe out when you put your right hand on your left knee and your left hand on the bed behind the coccyx.

      - Gently rotate your upper body to the left.
      at the same time look to the left, toward your shoulder. Deep breaths, then return its original position and repeat on the opposite side movements.

      3. Stretch the

      Implementation time: 2 minutes
      lie on your back in bed, knees bent.

      - Place the soles pressed together, knees slightly extended to form a diamond shape.
      - place the upper arm in a comfortable bed.

      - If you feel stressed, take a leg raise two bearings using your knees.
      4. Posture Child

      Implementation time: 2 minutes
      - Sitting kneeling on foot in a comfortable position.

      - Its folding bench forward until his forehead touching the bed.
      - Apply knees close to the chest, arms extended forward.

      - Stay in this posture and deep breathing softly.
      5. The Roll Posture

      Implementation time: 1 minute
      - Lie on your back on the bed, knees drawn up to your chest

      - Crossed legs, two arms around the legs, hands clasped.
      Inhale and push yourself to sit up, exhale while back curled posture.

      - Continue to implement for 1 minute, then rolled from loose posture, extended limbs and fell asleep.

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      Yes! I also have heard about that Yoga improves sleep among people suffering from insomnia maybe because it can reduce anxiety, stress and this can relax a person's nervous system to help one's mind drift off to sleep.

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