Hi everybody.
It's quite some time I'm looking into WILD, with different results (no one fully successful, thought ), and after a very long "pause" I've just started trying again.

Actually I'd like to hear some opinions of yours on my experiences:
I can always easily get to the early stages of sleep paralysis (the farthest I got I could hear a nice bells sound -like those of a church-), that is I manage to get my body feel numb, cannot feel anything by touch, vibrations occur (sometimes they are very strong, too), and sometimes I feel like spinning of falling sensation.
Just to point it out, even thought of these (mainly kinestetic) sensations, and the one-time bells, I can never seen any hipnagogia.

My problem is that as soon as I enter SP, I either get excited or cannot breath anymore (just a feeling), and that interrupts the whole process :S
Do you have any hints to overcome this? :S

Thanks in advance to everybody!!