Hello! I just woke up from a failed Wild attempt in an afternoon nap. After 2 years of being a scaredy-cat over wild i decided to try and it was weird. I spent like 10 minutes on my back breathing, relaxing. Once my mind started to wander into weird thoughts i figured my dreams were ready for me to enter. I rolled into my normal sleeping position and I started to do the mantra, "I will have a lucid dream." I repeated it about 3 times then i lost a bit of consciousness and wandered into weird thoughts like my mind was trying to put those into a dream. I told my insides to stfu and i kept doing the mantra. This is where i have some fuzzy memory. I remember my mind wandering again and i go back to do the mantra. Then i see hypnagogia going crazy and i kinda felt SP slipping over me. My feet got heavy and i couldnt move them so i relaxed more and said the mantra. Then i just wake up 1.5 hours later.. no dreams to remember and a failed wild attempt. What is the difference between counting sheep to fall asleep, and saying a mantra to keep your mind awake but your body asleep?