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      Early Night Experiences and WILD Questions

      Hey again, just wanted to ask some questions about a few things I have experienced/been thinking about.

      Every night when I go to bed, I lay on my back how I would if I were doing a WILD. When I do this I can get to a point where I can't physically open my eyes unless I use my hands, but at the same time my eyes are slightly open and I can see my room if I try to, otherwise I don't notice it. I can do this in about 5 minutes, so does this mean I fall asleep in 5 minutes and could thus have a WILD in 5 minutes with proper timing and WBTB? Also, if I have fallen asleep so soon, does this mean I always sleep with my eyes slightly open? Something else that I have noticed is that after I pry my eyes open, everything is a bit blurry. I noticed this when I went to the bathroom and it caused me to wander: is there there is any harm in doing this?

      If I am falling asleep so quickly, I began to think about attempting a WILD during every awakening in the night since I wouldn't really be losing any sleep (except for the WBTBs). Is this a good idea or should I limit the amount of attempts each night to avoid having low effort attempts? And if I am indeed falling asleep that fast at night, is it a mental block that is preventing me from successfully having a WILD or just poor timing? I would think that if I can fall asleep that fast at night, it shouldn't be a problem after a WBTB.

      Only one more question in this thread, I promise. At night when I'm first going to sleep I don't use any relaxation techniques, in fact, it's sort of a low effort WILD attempt without expecting a dream. Should I try to mimic this during my WILD attempts instead of doing relaxation techniques?

      Thanks for reading through all of that and sorry to bombard you with questions. Any responses are appreciated.

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      Make as many attempts as you'd like throughout the night!

      There's no wrong way to do things, so experiment, and find what works best for you.

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      I personally don't prefer to WILD multiple times a night even though I probably could try simply because it is exhausting going through all that energy of the process, and sometimes I would prefer NOT to be lucid and to just enter sleep normally or try later that night.

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