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      Lightbulb Need a tip from you guys

      Hello dreamers,

      Years back (10-12) i was into lucid dreaming and i think i might've been on this very own forum. I've been developing my techniques for a few years (both WILD and DILD) until one event kind of scared me away from it. My main source of success was DILD as i was struggling to control the transition and would normally just fall asleep without being lucid after moments being sleep paralyzed. Back when i had no problems sleeping the whole night through, i woke up during rem sleep kind of disturbed by something (probably an unpleasant dream) and was going through the normal process (light paralysis and jumping straight back to the dream), but that time was different. I felt as if my mind was being pulled against my will, as if i was being forced into it. I'm aware of the sensations you feel while transitioning, but this time it really felt like it was coming from a different source. It really scared me at the time and i can still remember it very vividly years later.

      These short waking ups used to be my ticket to WILD, but ever since the event im trying to resist it, stay awake for a few minutes so i can fall asleep without it. Recently i've got back into attempting both lucid dreaming techniques and have noticed that i'm having similar experiences (not as strong as the one that scared me, but in a similar fashion). I know that i could use these opportunities to transition into lucid dreaming again, but i'm still resisting it (trying to shake it off).

      What i'm looking for here is some explanation or similar experiences of feeling "being forced" and how/if you coped with it.

      Thank you for understanding

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      Whenever I transition from what I consider a dream to what I consider an astral projection, I also have the feeling that an external force is moving me. Sometimes it's like I'm standing (or lying) on a conveyor belt, but mostly it's like I'm rising up on a torrent of airbubbles in water. I welcome the sensation, because I know it means the beginning of an astral projection, which is always a great experience.

      The feeling of being moved by an external force is a recurring theme in descriptions of entering an astral projection. One guy, whose videos I followed on Youtube, explained, very vividly, how he was grabbed by the ankles and pulled high up in the air above his house.

      The prevailing view is that this external force is friendly and helpful, and that there is no reason to be afraid of it. After the transition is complete, there is no longer any trace of that external force.
      So ... is this the real universe, or is it just a preliminary study?

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