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    3. Outside Links / Advertising / Asking for info.
    Do not post links to any commercial/personal website, that advertises/sells anything. Doing so will earn you a warning/infraction and repeat offenders may be banned.
    Same goes for a Facebook, SoundCloud, Wordpress, or any other social media page used to advertise/sell anything.

    Linking to other Lucid Dreaming Forums is not allowed.

    Linking to Lucid Dreaming resources is allowed, as long as they don't sell any merchandise, display links to merchandise, or collect personal information.
    If you are a new user and you post a link to your personal site, it may be removed, if we decide that it was posted for a sole purpose of advertising or linkbacking.

    You must contact the administrators and get permission before you attempt to post solicitations or advertising. Then it's up to staffs discretion to decide. Anything not approved will be removed immediatelly.

    If you are collecting info for a book, news article, school project, college diploma, if you are making a movie, or anything of that nature, and you would like to ask DV members for a story or opinion, please contact Dremviews administrator OpheliaBlue or gab first, as without that you post will be deleted. Staff list

    Please see the Posting Rules for additional information regarding posts on DreamViews.

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