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    The staff at Dreamviews hopes to promote a safe, friendly, enjoyable, and educational environment for people to gather, discuss and share ideas that relate to lucid dreaming. To that end the staff will do whatever is necessary to ensure an open environment, free from disruptive people and discussions.


    General Posting

    1. Appropriate posting style.
    Please post in a way which is consistent with "normal writing". No excessive numbers of emoticons, large, small or coloured text, etc. Similarly, do not SHOUT or use excessive punctuation (e.g. ! and ?) in topic titles or posts. Users consistently abusing this will be warned.

    2. Keep it clean.
    Members should remember this board is aimed at a general audience. Posting pornographic or generally offensive text, images, links, etc. will not be tolerated and will lead to an infraction/ban.

    3. Outside Links / Advertising.
    Do not post links to any commercial/personal websites, that advertise/sell anything. Doing so will earn you a warning/infraction and repeat offenders may be banned.
    Same goes for a Facebook, SoundCloud, Wordpress, or any other social media page used to advertise/sell anything.

    Linking to other Lucid Dreaming Forums is not allowed.

    Linking to Lucid Dreaming resources is allowed, as long as they don't sell any merchandise, display links to merchandise, or collect personal information.
    If you are a new user and you post a link to your personal site, it may be removed, if we decide that it was posted for a sole purpose of advertising or linkbacking.

    You must contact the administrators and get permission before you attempt to post solicitations or advertising. Then it's up to staffs discretion to decide. Anything not approved will be removed immediatelly.

    If you are collecting info for a book, news article, school project, college diploma, if you are making a movie, or anything of that nature, and you would like to ask DV members for a story or opinion, please contact Dremviews administrator OpheliaBlue or gab first, as without that you post will be deleted. Staff list http://www.dreamviews.com/showgroups.php

    Starting a New Thread

    1. Please do some basic research before posting questions.
    The main site contains a great deal of information in regards to how to get started with lucid dreaming, as well as related topics. Also, many fundamental questions are covered in the Tutorials section of this site.

    2. Use the forum's search feature.
    If the tutorials and the site don't cover the material you're interested in, your next best bet is to use the Search function, as many questions have already been previously answered.

    3. Post in the appropriate forum.
    When starting a new thread please make sure to place it in the most-appropriate forum. If you are uncertain about which forum to use, "General Lucid Discussion" for Lucids and General Dream Discussion for Non-lucids is usually a good failsafe. Please keep in mind that moderators may move threads that they feel would be better placed somewhere else.

    4. Choose a subject title that describes your topic.
    Please do not use topic subjects like "Help me!!!", "Problems", or "Read this". Be descriptive and users will be more likely to read your thread.

    5. Do not post the same thread on several forums.
    Do not cross post; once is enough.

    6. Please don't "bump" your topic.
    Replying to your own topic with "x views and no replies" to get it to the top is annoying. Try to have some patience: this is a bulletin board; not IRC. It may take some time (e.g. one or two days) before someone can answer your question.

    Replying to a Thread

    1. Stay on topic.
    When replying to threads please keep in mind the original topic of the thread. We all tend to digress from time to time so this rule doesn't always have to be strictly adhered to, however, when others are searching for information they will likely become annoyed if threads of interest to them completely veer off-topic.

    Often times it's a better idea to start a new thread. Please keep in mind that moderators may move posts that they feel would be better placed somewhere else.

    2. Avoid senseless and excessive posting.
    Please refrain from senseless or meaningless posts. These include posts like 'Yeah...me too,' or 'That's strange,' or 'Cool.' When responding to a person's topic please consider if what you're saying is really beneficial to others.

    3. Be respectful and tolerant of other users.
    Members should post in a way that is respectful of other users. Flaming or abusing users in any way will not be tolerated and will lead to a warning. If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all! Obviously we'll use discretion in regards to policing this because joking around between friends is certainly permitted. If you have a legitimate complaint about another user, please contact a moderator or administrator.

    4. Do not necro-post.
    Do not reply to threads that are not active anymore. If thread starter asked a question long time ago and he is not active and participating in that thread anymore, please do not reply.

    If you have a question of your own related to that thread, start a new thread instead. That way you will attract users that are active and willing to help.
    The administrators and moderators reserve the right to edit or remove any post or link at any time. The determination of what is construed as indecent, vulgar, spam, advetisemnt, etc. as noted in these points is up to Team Members and not users.

    5. Using Quotes
    If you'd like to quote someone in your reply, please do not use the entire quote, especially if it's long. Keep only relevant part.

    6. Multi-quoting
    If you like to reply to more than one post, you can use the multi-quote button and place more than one quote into your reply window. Use this instead of making numerous single reply posts.


    1. An attack on your ideas is not necessarily an attack on you. I know it's not easy, but please keep this in mind because this is how fights break out unintentionally.

    2. When uncertain about being attacked, give the benefit of the doubt. Keep in mind how difficult it is to convey emotion over the Internet; unless it's glaringly evident that a poster means you harm, it's quite possible none was intended. (Not all of us like decorating our posts with smilies in order to take any possibly-perceived edge off.) Ask for clarification if necessary.

    3. When replying to someone in order to express your differing opinion, show respect and tolerance for that user; if you disagree with him or her, state why. Do not simply denounce the poster and ridicule his or her ideas. Keep in mind he or she likely believes with the same passion as you.

    4. Do not jump right in the middle of threads when you have absolutely nothing to contribute. Simply denouncing one's idea and adding nothing more accomplishes nothing.

    5. Do yourself a favour and STAY OUT of threads where you know you will not be able to control yourself: for example, if you believe very strongly in God, then for crying out loud stay out of a thread that says "Atheists only." Also, creators of threads should be able to limit a discussion to a particular audience (which should be stated in the title); respect that.

    6. When starting your own threads containing your own ideas, be prepared for dissent and WELCOME it; if you are unable to entertain the notion that maybe, just maybe, you're not absolutely right, then there is no room for discussion so don't even bother bringing it up.
    7. If you feel you are being attacked and need help, contact a moderator or the administration.


    1. Alternate user accounts.
    Do not create alternate user names or accounts (alts) as this will earn your original account a temporary ban and the alternate account(s) will be permabanned. If you have forgotten your password or would like your name changed, please contact an administrator.

    If you already created an alternate account, contact and administrator for help sorting it out.

    2. Spoof account names / user titles.
    Do not create spoof account names of pre-existing members here. For example, if there's a member named "Jason_biggs435". Creating an account named "Jason_biggs425" is what we call a spoof account.
    Do not create accounts / user titles named after staff positions (for example, Administrator, Chat Mod, etc). If you have any knowledge of someone that's created a spoof account, please contact a staff member immediately and we will take care of it. Spoofing an account will result in an immediate permanent ban.

    3. Name change.
    If you buy a name change , please list your previous user name in your signature for 30 days in this format: "Known as [previous username]".
    Violators might be automatically changed back to previous username without a point refund. All previous names need to be listed for 30 days, even if you made another name change before 30 days was up.

    4. Do not attempt to circumvent a temporary ban.
    If you have gotten yourself temporarily banned accept it and wait for your ban period to expire; users who attempt to regain access (via alternate IPs or accounts) will be permanently banned.

    5. Do not attempt to hack into accounts.
    Anyone caught hacking another user's account--even testing out a password--will be permanently banned.

    6. Signatures and avatars.
    The maximum image size within a signature is 600 by 150 pixels or 195.3 KB (whichever is smaller).
    Maximum avatar size is limited to 130 by 130 pixels or 732.4 KB (whichever is smaller).

    7. Post/Thread Ownership
    Once posts (and threads) are posted to Dreamviews, they become the sole property of Dreamviews. The author of the post relinquishes all ownership rights of the post(s) once they themselves post it to the site. There are merely two exceptions to this clause: 1. In accordance with the Dreamviews Tutorial License, tutorials placed on Dreamviews are the property of the author and the author retains all copyrights to the tutorials. As of June 10th 2010, Dreamviews reserves the right to keep one copy of each tutorial published indefinitely. The copyright itself exclusively remains with the author. 2. The content of Dream Journals placed on Dreamviews is copyrighted by their respective authors. They reserve full ownership including the right to have their Dream Journals removed upon request.

    8. Drug Policy.
    Discussion of drugs is permitted except: directly endorsing or recommending drugs of questionable legal status, or legally questionable uses of drugs; posting realistic photographs of illegal/questionable drugs or tools used to take/make these drugs; and instruction on how to take/make these drugs.

    9. Copyright infringement / warez.
    Members are asked to respect the copyright of other users, sites, media, etc. Users linking to or asking for information on warez, crackz, etc. or re-printing material without permission will receive a warning and their post will be removed.


    The tutorials placed on Dreamviews are the property of the author and the author retains all copyrights to the tutorials. The author may use the tutorial and any information contained within it in any way that he or she wishes. By placing a tutorial on Dreamviews, the author grants Dreamviews the irrevocable right to keep it permanently published on the Dreamviews website. The copyright itself, including all other rights such as reproduction or resale, will remain exclusively with the author of the tutorial.

    For tutorials that were written by more than one person, both parties retain full rights as outlined above.

    Dreamviews staff retains the right to fix grammatical and syntactical errors, but may not alter the content of the tutorial without the permission of the author. Dreamviews also retains the right to add and edit links within the body to other tutorials, as long as the visible content does not change. Dreamviews may also add and edit links in the Useful Links section of the tutorial at any time.

    Dreamviews has an obligation to its members to keep the tutorials within it accurate and up to date. If alterations are required to a tutorial they may be done at the will of the Dream Guide Team. If an alteration is made the editor must notify the author of the change via private message for them to approve or deny the change. In addition to this, the editor will make a copy of the original tutorial and place it in the The Graveyard. If the changes are not approved by the author, the original tutorial will be restored from this copy.

    If the author denies the alteration then the Dreamviews staff must reset the tutorial to the one saved in the archive. Because of Dreamviews' obligation to provide accurate and complete tutorials, the tutorial that required the alteration may be removed from the tutorial list.

    If a tutorial is to be removed from the forums for any reason then the original tutorial will be sent to the author via a private message.

    Due to the casual atmosphere of the Dreamviews forums, information contained within the tutorial may be quoted at any time, with or without proper citation, within the confines of Dreamviews. However, outside of Dreamviews, standard citation to the tutorial must be presented.

    If a tutorial is translated into another language, the original tutorial must have a link to it and credit the translator. The translator's name will also appear in invisible text under the author's name in the translation. The content of the tutorial may not be changed; only altered to make it logical in the translated language.

    All opinions, techniques, and methods posted at this forum are the sole responsibility of the author of said posts. Although we try to read the majority of the material posted here, we cannot verify all postings for correctness, efficacy, and safety. Please use your own judgment when following any suggestions that are posted here, and bring anything seemingly dubious to our attention.

    Finally, all disputes that arise from conflicts or vagueness in these rules and guidelines are to be decided solely by the administrators and moderators. If you believe you have witnessed inconsistencies in the implementation of our polices, or you have ideas on how things can be improved, please contact an administrator.

    1 - Users must adhere to DV's General Rules in order to avoid partial or total loss of current points.

    2 - Dreamviews will NOT tolerate fraudulent payments. Users who attempt to complete a fraudulent purchase of points using the DV Points Converter will be perma-banned. Such user will be e-mailed directly and will be granted access to the "The Island of Misfit Members" in order to appeal the ban. The user will have two weeks to appeal. After two weeks, that user will be removed from the IMM. In addition, Dreamviews will pursue legal action against that user due fraudulent payments.

    3 - The Community Hall and Points System funds are for the upkeep and the continuous development of the Dreamviews community. Suggestions are to be made over the Meta Forum. Any public behavior tarnishing the Community Hall or Point Market structures and features is considered a severe offense against the welfare of the community that is strictly prohibited. This explicitly includes the creation of accordant threads/posts. First time violators will be banned from both DV and the IRC for a week. Second time violators will be perma-banned without access to the IMM.

    4 - Referrals will be tracked for duplicate accounts. Users who wants to refer people from their same household and/or people who are sharing the same Internet connection, should notify immediately to any mod or admin. The staff will track these accounts as a "IP Sharing" where IP Addresses and users names. Such accounts will be monitored closely for possible duplicate account violation.

    5 - Any unnecessary activity, spam or incorrect usage of the sections of our community in order to increase points and/or archive awards will lead to a partial or total loss of points and/or awards or complete exclusion from the point system.

    6 - Users with gambling problems should NOT purchase the Gambling Access. Dreamviews will be not held responsible for partial or total loss of points here.

    7 - All purchases are final. You will required to confirm you really want to purchase a feature or goodies by clicking on a checkbox. There won't be a refund.

    8 - Users who purchase a nickname change will be required to add, "Known as [previous username]" on their signature for a month. Violators might be automatically changed back to previous username without a point refund.

    9 - Point donations are final. Once a donation has been made, the points will be transferred to the user whom is receiving the donation. The staff cannot cancel this transfer of points.
    10 - Custom name /title changes (both own and other's user) must not contain +21, racist, terrorist, politically/religiously offensive, flaming or offensive content. In addition, the following words are not permitted: "Dream Guide", "Mod", "Admin", "Owner", "Staff", "Moderator", "Administrator", "Banned", "Executive". Violator's title will be reset to the default title without a point refund. In addition, temporary or permanent ban may occur.

    11 - It is not possible to reverse or convert DV Points to any other currency.

    12 - These rules are subject to change without prior notice.

    Staff reserves the right to enforce any and all rules, wheater they are expressed in these rules or not.


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