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    Ownership of Threads and Posts.
    Dreamviews reserves the right to keep a copy of every post, thread and tutorial. Dreamviews also has right to edit any post according to forum rules and any tutorial according to forum and tutorial rules or delete any post or thread or tutorial that doesn't comply with said rules. Member can not demand to have his posts, threads or tutorials removed from the site after he posts them. This is to preserve continuity of conversations in threads and to keep the knowledge presented in tutorials intact and available. Requests for deletion and edits are evaluated on case by case basis, and they are solely at discretion of staff.

    Dreamviews also recognizes, that all original content remains intellectual property of the original poster with rights to republish it in any other place at any time without having to ask permission from the forum owners.

    Ownership of Dream Journal Entries.
    Anything a member posts into his own Dream Journal is his sole property. He can delete his entries or entire Journal at any time.

    Ownership of Tutorials.
    The tutorials placed on Dreamviews are the property of the author and the author retains all copyrights to the tutorials. The author may use the tutorial and any information contained within it in any way that he or she wishes. By placing a tutorial on Dreamviews, the author grants Dreamviews the irrevocable right to keep it permanently published on the Dreamviews website. The copyright itself, including all other rights such as reproduction or resale, will remain exclusively with the author of the tutorial.

    For tutorials that were written by more than one person, both parties retain full rights as outlined above.

    Dreamviews staff retains the right to fix grammatical and syntactical errors, but may not alter the content of the tutorial without the permission of the author. Dreamviews also retains the right to add and edit links within the body to other tutorials, as long as the visible content does not change. Dreamviews may also add and edit links in the Useful Links section of the tutorial at any time.

    Dreamviews has an obligation to its members to keep the tutorials within it accurate and up to date. If a portion of the tutorial is found to be invalid, that portion may be removed at the discretion of the DV Staff. If a portion of the tutorial is removed, a copy of the original text will be archived and the author will be notified of the change. If the author desires to modify or improve the accuracy of information or include additional information into the tutorial, the proposed additions may be submitted to the DV Staff for review and addition to the tutorial.

    Because of Dreamviews' obligation to provide accurate and complete tutorials, the tutorial that required the alteration may be removed from the tutorial list, if author insists on not making changes to it.

    If a tutorial is to be removed from the forums for any reason, then the original tutorial will be sent to the author via a private message.

    Due to the casual atmosphere of the Dreamviews forums, information contained within the tutorial may be quoted at any time, with or without proper citation, within the confines of Dreamviews. However, outside of Dreamviews, standard citation to the tutorial must be presented.

    If a tutorial is translated into another language, the original tutorial must have a link to it and credit the translator. The translator's name will also appear in invisible text under the author's name in the translation. The content of the tutorial may not be changed; only altered to make it logical in the translated language.


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