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    The Executive Membership is one out of two paid subscription packages at DreamViews. Check the Executive Membership Comparison Matrix! (Please go by features listed in this article below instead.)

    The Principles

    Our Executive Memberships are based on two principles:

    1. On the one hand we want to provide the highest level of advanced and individual features on DV for users which are looking for the most *exclusive* way to enjoy their stay at DV.
    2. On the other hand we finally want to set up an environment for members wanting to donate to owners of our forum company called Keebali. Although DV gets more and more donation enquiries lately, we generally denied accepting donations so far because of the lack of ability to provide an appropriate value in return to the donors.

    By introducing the Executive Memberships we are now able to satisfy the needs of both mentioned usergroups while all other members won't be affected at all as we don't restrict any current features for basic members but instead add new premium features for Executive Members. " class="inlineimg" />

    The Features

    General Features
    • Personal Forum in the "User Forums" section (Choose your own forum topic, name and moderators! 1-year Subscribers only)
      The prospective names and topics of the forum must have either a close relation to Lucid Dreaming or Dreaming in general and must not harm the general welfare of the community. All threads/posts of the User Forums are subject to the general DV rules.

      If the User Forum is inactive, i.e. no new threads/posts within the last three months, it may be put invisible until reactivation by the creator. If the creator does not reactivate it within six months starting with the deactivation, the User Forum may be irrevocably deleted without refund. We are not able to save the content after membership expiration.

    • No Banner Ads

    Forum Features
    • Special Username Color
    • Access to Executive Lounge
    • Private Message Space: 1,000
    • Avatar Enhancements (max. Width: 140px, Height: 140px, Size: 200kb)
    • Profile Picture Enhancements (max. Width: 140px, Height: 140px, Size: 200kb)
    • Signature Enhancements (max. 1500 Chars, 8 Lines)
    • Signature Image Enhancements (max. Width: 650px, Height: 200px, Size: 200kb)
    • 20% Discount on all Point Market purchases

    Dream Journal Features
    • Customize DJ Style
    • Customize DJ Colors
    • Customize DJ Fonts
    • Personal DJ Categories

    Dream Tube Features
    • Upload Video Files
    • Upload Audio Files

    The Pricing

    Whatever fits you best: $4.99/month or $24.99/6 months or $44.99/1 year

    Please be advised, that payments are set up as recurring. If you wish to change that, you have to do so in your PayPal account.

    Order Now! " class="inlineimg" />

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