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    1. Users must adhere to DV's General Rules in order to avoid partial or total loss of executive membership.

    2. Each Executive/Executive PLUS 1-year Subscriber has the option to get one Personal User Forum. The Personal User Forums are being created in the "User Forums" section only. User Forums by Executive PLUS Members will be listed on top. The prospective names and topics of the forum must have either a close relation to Lucid Dreaming or Dreaming in general and must not harm the general welfare of the community. Either the forum name or the description need to state the name of the creator. All threads/posts of the User Forums are subject to the general DV rules. The creator is solely responsible for enforcing those rules in his forum and will be held liable in case of rulebreaks. In case of rulebreaks in a User Forum, the creator may - depending on the case - be withdrawn his User Forum without refund. The creator may nominate up to three users of his choice to become moderators in his forum. The moderators' approval is subject to the DV administration. If the User Forum is inactive, i.e. no new threads/posts within the last three months, it may be put invisible until reactivation by the creator. If the creator does not reactivate it within six months starting with the deactivation, the User Forum may be irrevocably deleted without refund. We are not able to save content after membership expiration.

    3. The Executive Lounge is only accessible by Executive Members. The whole content of this forum including all threads and posts is to be treated confidential and mustn't be published anywhere or to any non-executive. Violation may result in instant loss of executive privileges without refund or temporary/permanent ban depending on the case.

    4. The Executive Membership funds are for the upkeep and continuous development of the Dreamviews community. Suggestions are to be made over the Meta Forum. Any public behavior tarnishing the Executive Membership structures and features is considered an offense against the welfare of the community and is strictly prohibited. This explicitly includes the creation of accordant threads/posts. First time violators will be banned from both DV and the IRC for a week. Second time violators will be perma-banned without access to the IMM.

    5. Uploading copyrighted material to the Dream Tube is strictly prohibited. Please note that Dreamviews is legally obliged to support copyright owners enforcing their rights.

    6. If an Executive Member is getting banned temporarily or permanently for breaking any of Dreamviews' rules, there won't be a refund of payments regarding the remaining time of his subscription.

    7.The specific features of the Executive Membership subscriptions may vary anytime depending on technical capabilities.

    8. In case Dreamviews in general partitially or completely discontinues the provision of Executive Membership subscriptions for any reason, refund will be given according to the following scheme: Temporary subscription holders get no refund if their subscription is being ceased after 75% of the subscription period elapsed. If 50-74% elapsed, they get 25% refund. If 25-49% elapsed, they get 50% refund. If 10-24% elapsed, they get 75% refund. If 0-9% elapsed, they get 100% refund.

    9. In case Dreamviews is temporary unavailable because of technical reasons for more than a total of 10% of the subscription period, Executive Membership subscribers will be given 25% refund. If the total downtime is 10-25%, a 50% refund is applicable. If the total downtime is above 25%, a refund of 75% will be given.

    10. In case Dreamviews is temporary unavailable due to force majeur or flooding/hacking/spamming/cracking or other malicious attacks, no refund will be given.

    11. Executive Membership subscriptions are subject to automatic renewal unless being cancelled before expiration. They are set up as recurring payment. If this is not desired, setting needs to be changed in PayPal account before expiration.

    12. - These rules are subject to change without prior notice. The history of all changes will be accessible through the "History" tab of this article.

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