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    Teleporting in lucid dreams can be hard for certain people. It is just the act of causing yourself to move your location from one place to another, almost instantaneously (or in a quick, fluid manner).

    The reason this can be hard for people to do, is because our surroundings in dreams are probably one of the most constant, stable, steady, encompassing elements; so it's hard to directly change that. But with practice, it definitely can be done; and certain methods can make it much easier to accomplish. You might wanna try altering your surroundings slightly before trying to remove yourself from them entirely. Teleportation is one of the fundamental powers needed to navigate the dream world efficiently along with telekinesis, summoning and flying.


    Using doors: This is probably one of the most common (and easiest) means of teleporting (or summoning). The general premise, is that you open a door, and behind it, is the place that you want to go. You need to intend that your desired location lies just behind it. You need to know that it will be there. So if you were in a dream, and you didn't like where you were (say you were in a house, or a hotel) simply walk up to a door, think of where you want to go, open the door, and hopefully it will be a new dreamscape.

    Closing your eyes/shifting focus from current environment: Usually it is not recommended to close your eyes in dreams, but this can be a good way to teleport. If you do shut your eyes, only do it for seconds, so you don't wake up (some people don't have to worry about that though). You can also just shift your focus to something instead of shutting your eyes. Just something so you don't see everything around you in its entirety. Look at the ground, or in the sky if you have to. And intend that your surroundings will change to whatever you want, once you open your eyes or look back. You can also try to fly up into the air, see only the sky. Imagine the world changing right underneath you to the place you want to be. These techniques are most helpful when you are in a dreamscape with no rooms or doors, because you don't need anything external (being able to summon things is helpful for situations like this) .Remember key point in teleporting (specifically like this) is not focusing or getting immersed in the current environment.

    Vortexes/Wormholes/Portals: This is another good way to teleport, and is one of my personal favorites. Either you can summon a portal/create one, or open a door and intend for a portal to be there (because sometimes imagining the location to be right there once you open the door can be difficult). Like the other methods, intend on your location. Go in the portal/wormhole, this is usually a very fun thing and causes a rush, though it might take you to a different place; but honestly it will most likely be awesome either way. You can also imagine a mirror instead of a portal, think of a window, just walk through it to the new location.


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