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    Flying is undoubtedly one of the most amazing ways to travel. It's one of the fundamental powers needed to navigate the dream world efficiently along with summoning, telekinesis and teleportation.

    How to do it

    Flying is something great to try out when new to lucid dreaming. Most people agree that there is no greater feeling than soaring through the sky. The feel of the wind blowing through your hair and watching the landscape below can be breathtaking. Doing something that is impossible in real life can be tricky in dreams, but stay confident and don't ever worry about falling down or not being able to lift off.

    Lift off

    Jump! A very common dream sign is that the gravity in dreams is slightly off. This can be experienced by doing small jumps. You feel like you're on the moon already, so with a little bit of extra push you should be able to start flying. Who hasn't given a thought of what would happen if you jumped too high on the moon? Imagine a force pushing yourself off the ground.

    A very useful trick is bringing forth a feeling from real life. While doing small jumps have the mindset that anytime now you will be shot right up into the sky, like Superman. Have you ever been on an amusement park ride where you're being propelled higher and higher? Combine the memory, the force of the push and jumping and you'll be airborne in no time.

    Some people might find it easier to take off while running or jumping from heights to gain momentum. Find a high place and just throw yourself out into the sky or run really fast, just like an airplane takes off. You can use your arms to imitate wings.

    Use passive control. This includes jet engines, rocket boots, airplanes, helicopters, wings, magic brooms etc. This is a great way to start out since you know that flying is possible in real life when using any of them.


    Once in the air the most important thing is to stay confident and know you will stay in the air for as long as you want.

    Focus on where you're going or the landscape. A dream can destabilize quickly if you're not focused enough. As the dream scenery changes you want to keep your eyes on the destination you're heading towards or rub your hands to stabilize the dream. Flying too high can result in the dream collapsing.

    Maneuvering can be tricky if you're going fast. This is when using "pull" or "push" forces come in handy. You simply pull or push yourself in a direction using your hands and arms, invisible brakes or sheer willpower. This is also great for stopping or going really fast.

    Last Notes

    If you've ever flown before you know how amazing it can be. The freedom you will feel is unexplainable, so go and start practicing on your flying skills! Why not fly out into space and watch the planets up close?

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