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    Regular Dream Characters

    Dream Characters

    -Manei: My dream guide. Apparently her full name is Maneimonei Qui Tarr, but I did the kindness and made that short and sweet. You're going to be hearing about this character a lot. I don't know why, I have an overly active DG. Like majorly over active. Search 'Manei' in DJ entries and you will see practically all of my lucid dreams, and even some nonlucid ones.

    -Marcus. A dream character that I befriended and became a recurring dream character. He seems to be an inventor who creates sci-fi technologies within my dreams. He seems to have left, but he's referenced a lot in my earlier DJ entries.

    -Jack. This was Manei's boyfriend for awhile. He seemed like the Jock/Ladies man type guy. I never really knew much about him.

    -Jonathan/Sai. This was my dream nemesis/evil dream guide for some time. I mention him in some of my oldest DJ entries but I managed to remove him recently through autosuggestion.

    Get the full story about my dream characters, signs, powers and goals here. http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/jade...mblings-53455/

    RL Dream characters

    -My Mother-She works as a graphic designer
    -My Father-He works as a computer programmer
    -My Grandmother (Mother's Side)-Recently passed away, appears in dreams often.
    -My Grandparents (Father's Side)-appear in dreams often
    -A-A good (and slightly psychotic friend of mine) who occasionally induces nightmares to lucid dream.
    -H-He likes music and the game Borderlands.
    -K-My longest-lasting friendship of mine that I rarely see.
    -S-A friend of mine who heavily enjoys creating online cartoons. I think S is a lucid dreamer who uses a very odd method to induce dreams based off of his hands.
    -R-A childhood friend of mine who moved long ago.
    -J-Another friend of mine who moved long ago, R's brother.
    -C-A friend of mine who is sort of spiritual. She don't do much lucid dreaming, but she knows alot about spiritual things like chackras and what not.
    -D-My freshman college roommate.

    To Do:

    -Ask Manei why she appears more often than a regular dream guide.

    -Ask Manei if I can have a new, non derogatory dream name.

    -Give Manei the hair clip from the first lucid dream.

    -Ask Marcus if he has a 'Dream Name'.

    -Bend all four elements in the same dream.

    -Finish destroying the lucid barrier if I find that necessary.

    -TOTM: Face my biggest fear.

    1. Almost a WILD.

      by , 03-27-2012 at 08:47 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was lying in bed, falling asleep. I had no intentions of WILDing or really having a lucid. I was just tired and wanted to go to sleep, so I was letting my mind wander.
      I started to enter sleep paralysis, something I'll admit I'm starting to get used to. From here, I decided to take advantage of the opportunity and try to WILD. My main concern was breathing, because the last time that I tried SP, I gave up because I was concerned with not feeling myself breathing. I tried to settle in with deep slow breaths and calm down, but I was FREAKING OUT.
      I decided to focus directly on incubating a dream, with hopes exiting the sleep paralysis as soon as possible. I chose to incubate the dream in a desert. I'm not really sure why I chose a desert. I suppose that I assumed that it would be a blank canvas and I could later change it into whatever dream I wanted.
      I conjured an image of a desert into my head. I could see rolling sand dunes and sparse clouds. I tried to imagine myself there. The sleep paralysis faded, and I woke up. The entire experience, though, only lasted what seemed to me to be about 20-30 seconds.

      I really hope that this weekend, when I can afford to lose some sleep, I can attempt a WILD after waking up, instead of doing them directly to bed.