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    Regular Dream Characters

    Spoiler for Dream Based DCs:
    Dream-Based Characters (I'll make these long and fancy and add pictures later)

    Jade-Me. The boy... ish person with different colored eyes, who has a knack for beating up DCs.

    Manei-Persistent dream guide who likes sweets, treats and the beach.

    Marcus-Persistent DC who invents things.

    Jack- Ye Olde dream Guardian, No longer around.

    Jonathan- Ye Olde dream nemesis, no longer around.

    Spoiler for Waking Life Dream Characters:
    Waking life characters

    -My Mother-She works as a graphic designer

    -My Father-He works as a computer programmer

    -My Grandmother (Mother's Side)-Recently passed away, appears in dreams often.

    -My Grandparents (Father's Side)-appear in dreams often

    -A-A good (and slightly psychotic friend of mine) who occasionally induces nightmares to lucid dream.

    -H-He likes music and the game Borderlands.

    -K-My longest-lasting friendship of mine that I rarely see. She also has a brother who I've looked up to for a long time and am good friends with as well.

    -S-A friend of mine who heavily enjoys creating online cartoons. I think S is a lucid dreamer who uses a very odd method to induce dreams based off of his hands.

    -R-A childhood friend of mine who moved long ago.

    -J-Another friend of mine who moved long ago, R's brother.

    -C-A friend of mine who is sort of spiritual. She don't do much lucid dreaming, but she knows alot about spiritual things like chackras and what not.

    -D-My freshman college roommate.

    -CH-A good friend of mine from elementary school. I don't see him all too much anymore, but he still pops up in my dreams from time to time.

    Dream Signs

    Spoiler for Warning Long List:
    Carbie Playa Beach Resort

    This is famously the first dream sign that I ever Identified as being a dream sign. It is the beach resort that my family stays at every year when we go to puerto rico. Unfortunately, it seems as though most dreams of this location I will either arrive already lucid or never think to reality check.

    I also notice that usually upon visiting the place in my dreams, I find that it is larger/more developed. I often see a large glass enclosure restaurant quite often. Sometimes I find that the beach has been polluted.

    This dream sign can sometimes generalize to any beach/tropical location. I have dreamed of a variety of different beach and island locations.

    Why I dream of this:I used to think that it was simply because I liked being at this place, but I think there is a little bit more to it than that. This is where my first LD took place, and I seem to have a connection to the place and return to it quite frequently.

    Sand Dunes

    This was another dream sign that I noticed fairly early on. I found that it would blend in nicely with the previous dream sign, because beaches are sandy and so are sand dunes. Though sometimes the sand dunes I see are just there without a beach in sight. I find it similar to when my parents drove me to northern Michigan when I was a kid and the soil was sandy and there were huge sandy slopes in the middle of the forest. I suppose it could simply be generalized as sand in any context.

    Why I dream of this: I can't say so for sure. It does connect nicely with several other dream signs in this category, and as a child, I did enjoy playing in the sand...

    Big waves/Drowning

    This wasn't the first dream sign that I picked up on when learning to lucid dream, but it was one of the first that I had as a child. It basically goes as such: I am in a lake or ocean or sometimes even a pool, and tremendously large waves are coming down on me, as though they are attempting to drown me. I've been having these dreams rather frequently since I was a child. I sometimes find that the waves have odd shapes such as being completely vertical or square.

    Why I dream of this: I don't know to be honest. Other people who interpret my dreams believe the waves to be symbolic of something else, since as a child, I loved to play in the water/waves whenever my family went to the beach, and drowning isn't one of my fears, since I am a good swimmer.

    Overly green/lush plant life

    This one is quite common in a wide variety of environments. I've seen it take over familiar environments such as my own neighborhood or town, or sometimes outside environments that I do not recognize. And, as the title suggests, the plant life takes on an unreal quality of vigor and clarity, often being more vivid than other elements of the dream around it. Sometimes the plant life doesn't have grounds in reality.

    Why I dream of this: I can't say so for sure. I've never been particularly interested in plant life. It could be reminiscent of El Yunque (The rainforest from Puerto Rico) or the other tropical environments that my dreams are trying to portray.


    This one goes hand-in hand with the previous dream sign, and I often see the two of them together. There is a logical association between the two. Lots of rain and humid weather is good for plants and can cause them to grow. But it can exist independently. I pick this one out not so much because I find that it occurs in my dreams a lot, but that it seems like the weather is exceptionally vivid in comparison to other elements of the dream. I don't get a lot of rain surprisingly, but there is a lot of thunder/dark clouds, as if there is always a storm brewing.

    Why I get this: I don't know for sure. As a child, I went through a phase where I wanted to be a meteorologist or storm chaser, but I've moved past that long ago. There might also be association with Puerto Rico in the lush plants and moist conditions are not unlike the rainforest we would visit when we traveled there every year.


    I've talked about this one before, how I actually made my dream guide into a dream sign, because she occurs in my dreams more often than most. As for why I associate her with the other dream signs involving my family going to Puerto Rico? In her character she was born and raised on a tropical island. I find it very odd how sometimes I can be talking to her, but not actually be lucid.

    Why I dream of this: Manei's frequent appearances were justified by her as simply doing her job as a dream guide.

    Being a character in a movie

    This is a very unusual dream sign, because I actually consider it a layer of lucidity above being a simple non-lucid dream. The dream sign being that I find myself being aware that I am a character playing out a story, acting in a movie, on a reality tv show, inside a virtual reality simulation, or in a book. Because of this, my take on the world is often different, in that I am aware that what I am experiencing is fake, but not in the sense that I am aware that it is a dream. In the case of the virtual reality, I often find that it is a sandbox style game where I am free to roam and experiment rather than having a specific objective.

    Why I dream of this: Being a writer who works on comic books might account for some of it. I never considered a career in drama/acting, and, from what I've experienced in arcades and demos, I'm actually not very fond of virtual reality, I find it disorienting and difficult to navigate. My best guess is that it is actually semi-lucidity making its way into more of my dreams.

    Space Travel

    These next four dream signs all go very well hand in hand, but I've noticed specific themes from all of them. These dreams generally involve space travel, with some element of science fiction involved. They often feel like realistic or near-future spacecraft and actual experimental technologies. (For example, referencing several countries working together to build a spaceship that uses ion engines to go to mars.) I've had these dreams since I was a young child. I used to get a lot of going to the moon as a child, but recently, I seem to be getting a lot more mars missions. Though any dream that involves spacecraft launching, docking, orbiting, traveling or landing counts toward this dream sign.

    Why I dream of this: I always figured it had something to do with how dreaming and space travel are similar in the regard that they allow exploration of something that is unexplored. (In lucid dreaming you explore the depths of your mind, in space travel you explore the depths of the cosmos.) I also recognize that

    Solar System Tour

    This dream references another specific dream situation. I find myself having a dream where I am viewing an alien solar system and being taught the names and positions of all of the planets by some entity. Upon awakening, I have generally forgotten a great deal of what the entity taught me, only having a basic memory of the layout of the system. (Suns, major planets, etc.) Generally speaking, the solar systems have fairly logical and realistic organization, but I have seen weird things such as black holes and stars that are green/purple/black/ or other unnatural colors.

    Why I dream of this: It is one of my more cryptic dream signs, and I am unsure why these dreams occur.

    Dream Skies

    This references all of the strange occurrences I see in the sky, including but not limited to seeing multiple suns or moons. This has caused me to become lucid on more than one occasion. However, I sometimes see even more exotic phenomenon; for example, the rare occasions where there is simply a massive gas planet filling up half the sky or a swarm of unique moons. This can overlap with the solar system tour.

    Why I dream of this: This might be from the other dream signs about space and planets/stars leaking in. Therefore, I assume that my tempered interest in space and science fiction causes this one to occur as well.


    While this one does not occur quite as often as the other dream signs in this middle layer, contact with extra-terrestrials is common enough to be listed. It ties in with the other dream signs involving spacecraft and near-future travel. A healthy fraction of the time, the extra-terrestrials are hostile, though this is not always the case. I find this one tied in a lot with the 'living a story' dream sign.

    Why I dream of this: Same rhetoric as the other dreams involving outer space. It is probably simply due to my fascination with the subject and the idea of contacting a race of aliens.

    Breaking my computer

    This one requires basically no explanation whatsoever. I often dream that I have broken my laptop computer.

    Why I dream of this: This occurs probably because I dropped my laptop once in real life and lost all of my data because my computer was broken...

    Middle/High School

    The funny thing was that in middle school, I dreamt of high school. I still dream of it now, being in college. The dream generally has some excuse that I forgot to take a class or go to graduation. I seem to get a lot of the gymnasium for some reason.

    Why I dream of this: Probably just temporal dissonance, disconnects between past and present.

    Ski Resorts

    I often dream of being at a skiing resort. I find this a stark contrast to my dreams of being on the beach or in a tropical location. I also find that the ski resort often has a confusing layout and/or a lot of chairlifts. I don't know why this a recurring dream though. I did my share of skiing as a child, but it never lead to any particularly impactful moments.

    Family Fight (Depreciated, no longer have this one)

    Like most families, mine has fights, and I often find myself skipping these dreams when it comes to journaling them here. Sometimes, the fights can be about something stupid and meaningless, just like in waking life.

    Eating Contests/Big Food Items
    (Depreciated, no longer have this one)

    This one requires little explanation. I dream a lot of DCs eating large amounts of food and participating in competitive eating events. Sometimes, like in a cartoon, their stomachs will get really big and round. Generally, I am not a participant, because, like in waking life, I tend not to have much of an appetite. This dream sign could occur because most of my friends are big foodies, though.

    Swords (Depreciated, no longer have this one)

    I used to dream of this one quite frequently, but it is what I consider a dormant dream sign. I used to wield a sword a lot, lucid or not.

    Roller Coaster Disaster (Depreciated, no longer have this one)

    I used to often dream that I was riding a roller coaster and the restraint was broken and I was holding on so that I would not fall out of the seat. Unsure of why this one occurred, I never liked riding roller coasters.

    Amputation/Medical Condition (Depreciated no longer have this one)

    I used to often false awaken in a hospital bed to find that my limbs had been amputated or that I had some horrible medical condition.

    Missing Sister

    This one occurs very rarely but I've always had it since I was a small child. The dream takes on a wide variety of plotlines and variants, but it always seems to center around the concept that I have a sister that I have not known about or met until now. Sometimes she was seperated from me at birth. Sometimes she was overseas and I haven't seen her since I was little. Or sometimes she died during birth. There are many variants on this plot.




    Confront Tsunami Dream

    Teach Manei to fight

    Meet Infected Mushroom and have them play Dream Music

    Try to use LD to stop biting my fingernails.

    Activate Sense of Smell

    To Do:

    1. Comp Nights 5 6 7 8

      by , 09-13-2017 at 05:18 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I've gotten busy with school but things are quieting down now. I'm posting this rather quickly just so spell knows I'm still alive and haven't dropped out of the comp entirely. I'll clean this up and tally my points for the comp hopefully tomorrow. Also, it looks like avatars are back- sort of?

      Night 5: One frag; something to do with a white spaceship and my dream character Marcus.

      Night 6: I false awoke in my bedroom and became lucid. I walked downstairs and out the front door doing a dream stabilization along the way. I falsely remembered a competition goal for 100 points was to fly to another planet. I uneventfully flew into space and landed on the planet Mercury. The surface was lifeless and barren and the sun was bright. I lost the dream and woke up.

      I decided I would do a WBTB. This landed me in a nonlucid dream where I was in a greenhouse. There was a big tree with purple fruit and a termite mound. My mom was there and she threw the termite mound at me.


      In the dream I was playing the role of a boy of about 14. I was moving with my 16 year old sister to live with my aunt in a high rise tenement apartment by the beach because my mom had a drug problem and she she couldn't fight her addiction, so she wanted to get rid of me and my sister before she became abusive. (Yay for putting your children first... i guess?)

      I was on the beach about a quarter mile from the apartment complex. Some very attractive older woman in a swimsuit approached me and talked to me and for some reason my first response was to ask her which Hogwarts house she was from. My sister said something about breaking character.

      We went to meet our new aunt and saw the inside of the apartment was like a very up-class hotel. Our aunt was an older woman who had a cat bed with a kitten sleeping in it on hear head all the time.


      I false-awoke. I had been asleep in a junior high school class and the teacher said she was going to write me a suspension. I got worried but then caught myself. I had a false memory that I was taking a remedial class with middle school students but managed to root it out and find it faulty. Finally managing to become lucid in this dream.

      I remember standing up from my desk and announcing to the class that everything was my dream, that I had graduated junior high school. The teacher told me to sit down and stop talking nonsense or she would double my punishment. I pinched my nose and held it pinched but kept breathing through it until the dream ended.


      I was playing Tennis with a few friends. I became lucid and started hovering above the tennis court showing them how I could fly.

      Night 7: Nuthn

      Night 8: Became lucid during the recurring big waves dream after spotting multiple moons. I did an RC and attempted in dream meditation while being knocked about by the waves.
    2. You've Gone Too Far (Almost Summer Comp Night 4)

      by , 09-05-2017 at 03:49 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment: I was running a lucid dreaming podcast. I had been offered a sponsorship to sell something called lucidi-tea, but I didn't want my subscribers to think I was a sellout.

      NLD 1: I was third person watching a dream-movie. It was about a little girl who moved with her parents to a spinach farm in germany after world war II. The farm was originally owned by a very kindly old man that the girl had known since childhood. The farm was built in a breathtakingly beautiful mountain valley. The old man said that there was a secret room in the old barn where he kept these magical creatures, and that he wanted the little girl to watch over them while her parents took care of the farm. [they had a name but I forget what it was]

      The girl went into the barn and there were about a dozen or so of these living-teddy-bear like creatures that stood about two feet tall. They could talk (in an extremely ear-grating high pitched tone) and walk around. Each one had a distinct personality. When she walked in most of them started saying they were hungry and that the girl should feed them. But one of the creatures managed to trick her into spilling a huge bag of food pellets into their pen. The girl was called in for bed before she could clean up the mess.

      This led all of the creatures eating way more than they should have, and when she returned the next morning they were all lying around with distended stomachs and complaining of stomachaches. The girl got upset because she felt she was failing her responsibility though I remarked to myself something about dumb story contrivances.

      The scene changed to an evil cartoon rat sneaking around in a pipe under the barn. He said something about leftover weapons from WWII that he could use to wipe out the magical creatures once and for all.


      I did a WBTB

      NLD 2/Lucid:I landed in a generic high school dream. I was in a math class. Some false memories about how I was a senior in college yet had to take remedial highschool classes. *shakes fist at false memories* The teacher was talking about class periods then allowed us to go to our next classes.

      I remember the teacher had some kind of action figures on her desk and I started playing with them but I managed to break one. I felt bad, but didn't confess that I had broken it. I vowed to sneak it home, hot glue it back together and sneak it back into her room without her knowing.

      I was heading outside back to my car when I realized I was barefoot on one foot and couldn't find my other shoe. I spent several minutes searching the school before finding a mismatched shoe in a locker. I also saw an old bully from middle school but didn't have an interaction with him.

      When I got outside it was snowing and the middle of winter. I headed outside to my car only to find it up in a tree; presumably because I wasn't registered with a parking sticker. A teacher came running outside; a different one than before and told me I had a project due at 4:00 and it was 3:56 right now.

      I looked around at the environment and saw my one shoe was missing again. I saw the first teacher as well as the bully approaching me. I got confused at the location of my car because it was now sawed in half.
      Lucidity hit me like a sack of bricks. The moment it did I was struck with extreme frustration and shouted "That's enough! You've gone too far". When I did a white energy bubble expanded out all around me, similar to the ones I've conjured with my stabilization command, turning the two teachers and the bully character into dust.

      It melted the snow and cleared the clouds within it. However the bubble seemed to lose momentum and eventually began to contract back inward. I attempted to remove the bubble to stop it from contracting and it burst with a horrendous screeching sound, a bright flash. The bubble contracted in to a point directly below my feet, then blast out to a shockwave with a gong like sound that shook the entire dream.

      The effect was insanely cool. It has replaced the snowy and drab dream with a lively meadow, replacing the cars, parking lot and part of the school, cutting off at an abrupt boundary about 50 meters around me in every direction, slicing cars and the school building cleanly off where the border of the bubble had been the moment I had removed it. Looking to the sky I saw a permanent hole in the clouds where the sun beamed down.

      I began hovering above the ground. I saw one dream character who had been within the bubble yet not affected. I recognized him as a character from an RP I had done awhile ago. I turned to him and said "Hey". He looked at me, obviously awe-struck at what had just happened. He just responded with a half-hearted "Hey" in return. I looked around and saw dream characters within the school looking out at the boundary between the two dreams, amazed that half the room they had been standing in had vanished.

      I noticed the dream began to break down. I figured I had essentially broken the dream with whatever I had done/tried to do, with the dreamworld lodged in a state of partial transformation between one scene and another. Glitches and cracks began to appear everywhere. I saw a car repeatedly copy itself with each copy appearing slightly higher than the last, forming an unendingly high stack of red automobiles. I saw a dream character near the border truncate and his head expanded to 10 times the normal size, while another began to flail wildly through the air screaming.

      I looked to the sky and saw the sun was replaced with a galaxy spinning rapidly. I looked down and saw the same galaxy translucently through the ground. I thought the dream would end but I looked at the galaxy for a minute and all other scenery faded. Eventually I did wake up, but it took a very long time.
      lucid , non-lucid
    3. Pre-Comp Writeup

      by , 09-01-2017 at 04:40 PM (Lucid Time!)
      -I'll be completely honest, I thought this was the first day of comp, and wrote up all my nonlucid dreams to collect what would be a pretty meager alotment of points.-


      I was on vacation with my parents. I was thinking about how I needed to move out or should get a girlfriend; not for need of romance and the likes, but simply to have someone I could go on vacation with to get away from my parents. My frustrations were only confirmed when my dad stated we would be spending the next two days at a military base because they would quarter us for free and pay for our flight home.

      My mom wasn't particularly happy about the prospects either; it meant sleeping in a barracks with a bunch of rough and tough men from the military on an uncomfortable bed with few luxuries. I remember sighing and unpacking my stuff. A girl (who I think in the dream was my sister) said to me that I couldn't take a fidget spinner in there because the military didn't allow for toys.

      I sighed and said "Oh well, I guess I'm gonna be stuck here twiddling my thumbs for two days." The dream continued with me trying to find the barracks amongst rows of parked tanks. My mom was frustrated and talked to the commander at the base. He said he would be willing to arrange a helicopter to fly us home in six hours. I thought that sounded a lot better than waiting two days.


      I set an alarm for 7am. I've been trying to normalize my sleep schedule. But I fell back asleep, figuring it would give me a shot at a WBTB.


      I was back in what felt like the same setting of the military base. Though it looked collapsed and abandoned. The two story barracks building was missing its top floor, windows were broken and saplings grew from the structure. Vines and ferns grew freely over the rusted hulks of the rows of parked tanks.

      Manei and I were sitting on the hood of a burnt-out ACV that was out of line of the rows of tanks. I was showing her my sketchbook. The sketchbook looked the same on the outside as the one I am currently working on IWL, but its contents were vastly different. I remember one in particular of a giant four-legged spider like machine with a plasma globe comprising its orbicular body.

      She went on to tell me that she wanted me to draw her. I responded with something along the lines of "Never ask an artist to draw you, they get that question too much and just because your an artist doesn't mean your art can be interested." I carried on right to the brink of lucidity to say. "I've drawn you before, but what difference does it make? Your just an abstract construct taking on the physical form of a human, drawing your visual exterior does not show what you really are. The drawing would show nothing but an empty eggshell, devoid of the axial ideas comprising you or anyone else in this dimension."

      I suddenly recognized that I was dreaming and said that I should break through become lucid, focus on the idea that I am dreaming, now but I realized the dream was fading and I could feel my body back in bed.

      Mghrg. I don't think that counts as a lucid. I became lucid the instant I wake up.


      I fell back asleep into another Manei dream. We were at disney world (which I only recognized because of the iconic castle.) riding one of those spinning swing rides. For some reason the entire ride was occupied by high school and college age people. An earthquake started and the ride started shaking. For a few moments everyone began cheering thinking that the ride operator had activated some special function to make the ride more intense for the older riders, but we quickly realized we were in danger.

      The two of us both unhooked our seat belts and leaped out of the swings onto the shaking ground. When we did the dream transitioned to us being on a motor boat riding up a wide river. I looked around and saw a hexagonal pattern in the sky, and soon noticed I was inside of a massive dome on a barren, inhospitable asteroid in deep space. The visual was really cool.

      Manei said something about playing Simcity and our conversation about drawing her continued for a bit.

      The dream changed scenes again to Manei's bedroom, which I recognized only after waking up. She had an orange gamecube and we were playing some odd variation of Pikmin 2 multiplayer together. Nonexistent enemies, pikmin types, and maps. Manei said they were coming out with a pikmin cartoon. I thought that was bizarre thinking that Pikmin made a good game but with its simplistic story and characters probably wouldn't make for a good cartoon.

      In all serious though I could probably manage to bring a drawing of her to life and take out that personal goal.
    4. Star Wars 2-Night Dream, Dream Character High School

      by , 08-15-2017 at 07:02 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in my high school spanish classroom. The teacher is talking about a project that is due on monday, and says there is nothing planned for the next few minutes of class, meaning the students are free to do what they want. Some of the people in the class are dream characters or just imagined people and others are friends from WL. Students are talking about having a party over the weekend. I was considering going to the party for a bit just to hang out and then going home, and not staying for the whole thing.

      Jack (my DC) says something about bringing lots of food to the party. Somebody else responded by saying they had a "big bag". In the context of the dream this was a slang term that meant someone ate a lot. I think the term was derived from like a big grocery bag.


      I was on the swamp planet from star wars (checks wookiepedia) Dagobah. I am learning how to be a Jedi with the help of Luke Skywalker and Yoda. Yoda says something about how practicing not enough for something and overtraining yourself are both equally bad things to do, and that one must find balance somewhere in the middle. Luke skywalker tells me that while I do have potential in the force, I do not have very much, so I should take things very slowly to learn to be a Jedi.

      I end up constructing a lightsaber out of spare parts, though it has a small handle and short blue blade.


      The dream actually continued the next night (Last night) as I remembered previous events being relevant and still having the small blue lightsaber handy. I was the captain of a rebel ship. The admiral tells me the empire is coming and star destroyers appear and a space battle starts.

      The dream shows this unusual angle of the battle. I order the fighters launched from my ship and some of them chase each other down to the planets surface. I see the battle happening near the surface of the planet. There is a large highway with hovercars on it and alongside the highway there are these huge statues of mushrooms with faces on the stems the size of skyscrapers. A few are complete but most of them have scaffolding and internal framework as though they are being constructed.

      I then notice that our ship is now disabled while I was distracted watching the fight near the surface and we're pulled into the hangar of the star destroyer (just like in the opening of A New Hope). I leave the command room and head to the hatch where the stormtroopers come in, and when they blow down the door I start fighting them. I hold a gun in my right hand and the mini lightsaber in my left, using it to block shots while also shooting back.

      I notice how easy this is. I'm covering my squad and taking out the enemy without any real effort. I figure I must be using the force and not knowing it. I get excited and think to myself "maybe I can fight off all the stormtroopers and get control of the star destroyer, then use that to hyperdrive back to a safe place, and bring a large, powerful ship with me." That is of course, where I lost the dream and woke up.
    5. Psychopath Restaurant, Wheel Spaceship

      by , 08-09-2017 at 02:11 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was applying for a job at a restaurant and was coming in on my first day. My to-be boss was telling me about the job I would have to do. It had something to do with waiting tables but wasn't very hard he told me. I said something about not liking the fact that I had to drive so far to get to work. He then gave me a uniform and told me to go change in the closet.

      I went to go change in a utility closet and heard someone shouting on the other side of the wall. I moved a lose brick and saw my friends brother tied to a chair in a closed off room getting tortured and cut with knives by two people that looked exactly like the boss. They were cutting off pieces of his belly and his fingers and putting them into a bucket to later be put into the food served at the restaurant

      I saw the boss behind me with a syringe full of what I presumed to be a tranquilizer. I should have been really scared but I must have been semi lucid, to the point where I recognized that there was no real threat, but didn't recognize that I was dreaming. I ran under his legs and got out of the restaurant. I later heard from someone that the manager was interested in me because I was one of the only people who got away.


      The dream flashed back to when I was a kid who was (I think 11) and I had been to the same restaurant with my parents. I found a strange object in my food that was rubbery and looked like a chunk of human skin with some meat underneath it. I thought it was something weird and threw it away.


      The dream was extremely cinematic. Some kind of opera/choir woman was singing in the background and the dream scenes looked to be shot like movie frames. There were two little girls and a boy with long white hair who looked like a young version of dreamcafe's guide Dawn playing in a meadow surrounded by flowers and trees while a group of four of five older adults sat on a picnic blanket. The sun went dark as though it were being eclipsed and everyone stopped playing.

      It then showed a guy with a chin-strap beard and a lot of tattoos making out with a girl on the beach somewhere and the sun went dark from their point of view. The sun was still in the sky but was just a small point of light, like a bright star and the rest was surrounded by something. My vision moved up and I saw the alien spacecraft and the singing lady got louder. It looked like a huge wheel with a hole in the middle. The entire spacecraft was made up of thin black supports that sometimes were connected and other times floated independently of the main structure. From far away the supports looked homogenous and straight, but close examination showed they were made of gnarled and twisted roots that looked like blood vessels.

      A black goo blob materialized in the center of the spaceship. It took on a blocky humanoid form then returned to being a goo blob, then went back and became a human skeleton. It then became a number of organs and muscles which fitted themselves to the skeleton. I think it had two brains though, one in the head and a smaller one where the heart should have been. Skin appeared over it and the whole thing turned from black into a normal human being. I became that person and the dream ended.
    6. Harry Potter at the Battle of Hoth

      by , 08-04-2017 at 02:15 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I actually had a double lucid the other day, but saved it for my private DJ because the dreams dealt with things I thought were best kept private.

      I am watching a 9th Harry potter movie. The movie shows his 8th year at Hogwarts, presumably a remedial year since (minor spoilers) he isn't at Hogwarts for the entirety of his seventh year. Herominie gets kidnapped by peter pettigrew and is being held at wandpoint at the top of the Ravenclaw tower. He is threatening to use the killing curse on her and Harry and Ron are running up spiral stairs to get there and save her. Harry says he could try to apparate and does.

      The movie changes to what looks like the battle of Hoth. There are some minor differences; the rebel base is at the end of a long ice canyon and seems much more well fortified. The rebel troops are lining up in trenches and getting the turrets ready and the AT-AT walkers are approaching in the distance.

      Harry apparates in then changes into a huge white wolf with blue eyes. He tries to change back but cannot figure out how and starts having a panic attack. The rebel troops think he's a threat and start shooting at him but their shots don't seem to be doing much damage. While the rebels are busy trying to kill harry as the wolf, they forget about fighting the walkers and the AT-ATs destroy their shield generator.

      The dream 'zooms back' and I am watching TV in the living room. My mom comes in and complains that this movie is bad and changes the channel to a rodeo. On the channel there is a woman with no top on and a huge red foam cowboy hat. She has an unrealistically thin stomach and wide hips doing some kind of sexualized dance while talking about rodeo statistics.

      "Huh I guess they're allowing boobs on TV now." I said to myself. Manei and S appear and they want to play monopoly. They get out the board game and start setting up all these pieces. I don't know what game we wound up playing but it was not monopoly. We played with a miniature figurine of a pikmin and tried to get to the top of this metal slide and if you got a bad roll with your dice you would slide back down and have to start over.


      I was buying lunch for a few of my friends. I couldn't decide wether to pay with cash or with my debit card.
    7. Halo Reach 2, Exploding eggs.

      by , 07-30-2017 at 05:04 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am a spartan (Like from Halo). I am in this war screen where I can select a mission and I select one at random; not being given any actual information about what the mission entails. When I arrive at the mission I am in an abandoned city and it is snowing. Small children start coming out of the derelict buildings. Some have small guns, others have sharp objects. One kid has a baseball bat with nails in it. I take him to be the leader. They start attacking me and draining my shield; but I decide that I'm not killing children so I run into a corner and throw a grenade at the ground to kill myself.

      The grenade explodes but doesn't kill me. I go flying comically high and land in a forested park just a few blocks from where I was. I see some kind of fight between two battle mechs and escape in a banshee.

      I get assigned to another mission. This time, I must go with Noble team from Halo Reach. Though this time I don't think all the characters are there. The mission starts with Emile sitting on the toilet and I walked in on him by accident. When I did he said "Do you mind, I'm attempting to deliver an explosive payload?"

      Kat, Carter and Jun then said we had to get going. We walked through a soccer field then some forests, then stole a small motorboat and crossed a large lake. We then got onto a military transport and started driving towards our destination. I remember getting annoyed and yelling to the rest of the team and saying that I was going to give the game a bad review for not having any real action sequences in it.


      My mom wanted to give me a half birthday present. One of her friends was here and had a video recorder. She showed me medium-sized pyramid of presents in the driveway sitting on a blanket on a card table. I opened one of the presents and it was a carton of 36 strange looking oblong eggs. They then began shaking and bouncing everywhere and one of them flew in my face and exploded into yellow-green goo that smelled really bad.

      My mom wouldn't explain it and was just laughing while her friend looked at the recording.
    8. Crappy Dreams (Literaly)

      by , 07-27-2017 at 03:00 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I've been diligently DJing in private the past few days, but apparently after my last short lucid, my subcon has taken a particular interest in "number 2's" and the past few nights have been full of bizzare and gross dreams about poo and toilets.

      I have no idea what actually caused this.
    9. Nonlucid Drop (+Short Lucid)

      by , 07-19-2017 at 01:35 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Some girl from a college class that I had met had brought me to her house in a very wealthy looking subdivision. She wanted to show me her new kittens. I think there were three of them. Something strange about her kittens though; they have the intelligence of small children and can say some basic phrases.

      I continually revisit her house once or twice per week. One of the kittens, a boy who is a brown and black tabby with white paws and a white chin likes to play rough with me whenever I come over. We are pretending to be secret agents on opposite sides during the cold war and at one point in where I capture him, hiding behind a black SUV in the driveway. I pick him up by the neck scruff then he spins around and bats me with his paws (claws in) and I pretend to fall over and he drops onto my chest as though he has just beaten me at fighting.

      The neighbor of the girl, a very tall balding middle aged man with a combover and cigar says that I am committing animal abuse and that he is calling the police. The police officer comes and tries to arrest me but I explain the situation saying that it's just play and when the kitten starts talking and explaining that he was the one who made up the game and he doesn't care if it gets rough, since he knows I wouldn't really try to hurt him. The police officer leaves and the dream ends.


      I am visiting my aunt's new apartment. It is somehow merged higher dimensionally into our house, and by traveling through a specific part of the house in a certain way, you can access the apartment. The apartment actually has the same layout as my house but is much cleaner and has different decorations. I see my aunt's new husband on the computer eating and notice that he has a cartoony big belly from eating too much and ask my aunt about it, but she is busy talking to my mom's friend.


      I am in a rock band with my friends; and we are preforming at my grandparent's house, or at least a location that feels similar to it. The rock band is kind of strange because of the instruments we have all chosen to play. I am playing a Hangdrum, S is playing a three-necked guitar and his brother is playing a keytar that is really small, like a children's toy. (I think I remember seeing the brand' Fisher Price' on the side).

      All's I remember is we are preforming a song for an audience of 6 or 8 people in my grandparent's garage and people are booing us, until A runs into the garage dressed only in short-shorts and an unzipped leather vest and screams 'Penis' repeatedly. The crowd goes wild.


      I get taken with my grandparents and parents to eat at the grocery store deli counter where there is a small sitting area (not present IWL). I cannot help but think what an unglamorous affair this seems like, as the four of them get involved in a heated discussion about complicated yet nonsensical political matters, and I continually try to indicate that I want to go home, and will walk home by myself.

      My father complains of a flapping sound. There is a soft plastic sign above us that is flapping around and he can't figure out why. I look up and see the sign and there is a big green metal casing with an electric motor in it that is supposedly there to pull up the sign but the mechanism is broken.

      My father complains for several minutes about why the store needs such a mechanism. I tell him if it bothers him so much he should tell the manager, but he says he won't do that because the manager would kick him out of his favorite store and it's better just to complain about it. My grandparents join in in finding things to complain about the store. I decide I've had enough and leave. (For some reason deciding to leave by walking behind the deli counter, into a storeroom and out the back door of the sore.)

      I head outside. It is nighttime and I am now on a beach. I see two Jacks out there who continually flex their muscles and strike symmetrical poses attempting to impress some girls. I say 'hi' to them and high five both of them simultaneously before walking past. I look at the moon and see that it is irregularly shaped and smaller than it should be. It looks like a large asteroid. I become lucid.

      I use some stabilization commands, and then start moving my feet in a skating motion to get across the water, the water turning to ice beneath my feet. I get to a small island where there is a swimming pool and a small building, presumably a locker room. I decide to practice water manipulation and with relative ease am able to force all the water to one end of the swimming pool.

      I then realize that I have to go poo and decide I should wake myself up to do so, hoping I can do a WBTB and follow up. But upon waking up I realized the feeling was some kind of illusion created by the dream.


      In one of my least-favorite brands of dreams, I was playing Minecraft. I was killed by some kind of enemy monster that was like an animated pool table that shot pool balls at me. I became disproportionately emotional, like a small child would, and started crying with outrage at my character's death.


      I was at some kind of animation showcase. Rebecca Sugar (the woman who created Steven Universe) is there. She shows me a new Steven universe episode. I don't recall much of the episode, other than there was a part in where Steven was a young toddler, maybe about 2 or 3. This was when he said his first words while Pearl was feeding him ice cream and he licked it off her fingers. It seemed like the typical cute SU moment but there was some off-putting music playing and I thought something scary was going to happen.


      Later there was a portion of another animation that had two people climbing a huge stone face underground. They looked like some re-interpretation of Milo and Kida from the disney atlantis movie. Milo got a metal spike in his arm and started bleeding profusely but then discovered he had some type of healing ability and was able to heal the wound.
      lucid , non-lucid
    10. Monster Hunt

      by , 07-05-2017 at 02:20 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am playing/in some kind of survival horror video game. The plot revolves around a group of 6 teenagers who sneak into a museum and find themselves trapped and attacked by an alien monster. The game has multiple branching paths in where different characters can live or die, but the ending always occurs when you run to the exit of the museum with your remaining members.

      I am now at that point in the game. Jack is one of the NPC characters and me and him are running. Another character (presumably his girlfriend, at least in the game) trips, falls and gets eaten by the monster. I turn around in slow motion and see the monster behind me. I have a handgun and since this is a museum, I shoot a display of a an old space capsule hanging from the ceiling. It falls but the monster avoids it.

      When I get through the door I turn around and see the monster coming. It looks like a xenomorph from alien but is gray, and has a more humanoid body with a large oval crest running around its head. The oval crest is so large in fact that the monster gets stuck in the doorway. Everyone stops as the monster struggles to push itself through to get to us, snapping its jaws. I say something like "Phew, saved by bad monster design". Though as soon as I do, the monster turns its head sideways, gets through and eats this brown haired guy.

      Its just me and Jack and he gets on a military helicopter and starts flying it. I get on the machine gun and shoot the monster as we fly away and I see that the whole city is destroyed, looking like something out of a fallout game. Some of the buildings are on fire. As we fly away we see dozens of the monsters ravaging the streets and killing the remaining civilians.

      This is now the game's final scene. In it we find out that the monster was a virus/pathogen that was created with funding by the governments of the world to start a war with humanity as some kind of twisted way of weeding out the weak people in humanity and getting us to unite under a common banner but it got out of control because some countries thought the USA had it too good and when the time came to release the pathogen they gave extra doses to US regions.

      The game ends with my character picking up a war diary from one of the men who originally used the helicopter and reading it. A gruff narrators voice reads the diary as the helicopter flies onto the horizon.

      "War. War never changes. Wars are waged by old fat politicians who have nothing to live for that sit in their offices padding their bellies and wallets while young men fresh out of childhood throw their lives away in droves."
    11. Random Mishmash

      by , 06-16-2017 at 03:58 PM (Lucid Time!)
      For the past week or so I've been applying to jobs and my subcon has been stuck in loop about the concept of getting a job. Despite on-and-off attempts to meditate on the subject and flush the dreams out or use them as a lucid trigger nothing worked. In my private DJ, the past five days were lumped into one entry with me instead noting minor differences in the dream plot instead of even retyping the whole dream. This morning was the first morning that I had a new different dream. Though the way I recall it happening is very fragmented, and I've probably gotten a lot of details wrong. In fact, I'm not even entirely sure this is all last night, I think portions of it might be from a couple days ago.

      I recall the dream starting out in this snowy area with abandoned buildings. This is some kind of war game in where dreamers and their constructs have to work together to compete in a field of combat. Manei and I are playing but we get some kind of unfair disadvantage from the start because we each only have a very underpowered handgun with only a few bullets. Other players are starting with much better weapons like LMGs and rocket launchers.

      I remember I said we should try to scavenge some better weapons. We hid in a large brick apartment building and climbed to the top floor. We could hear people fighting on the floor below us. I saw somebody who looked like a little kid wearing a skateboard helmet with a fake mohawk made out of plastic spikes on the rooftop of a neighboring building and start shooting with a sniper. I shot all my bullets at him. One of them hit and he broke apart into blue pixels.

      I tried to run and jump the gap to the roof of the other building but as I was jumping a big group of guys in yellow halo armor came out and killed both of us.

      I re-appeared in this grassy meadow. The meadow was surrounded on all sides by these huge trees that grew like arches, growing up at an angle, curving and growing back down into the ground somewhere else. I saw the boy that I had killed there but he was wearing different clothes, like a white tee-shirt. Other people were appearing in flashes of light. I figured this was where people went after they had died in the war game. An official explained to me that I had 'above average physical abilities and confidence' and that using them made me a cheater at the war game, so the yellow armored guys (police/refs) came and killed me. Manei and I decided we didn't care about the game.


      Somehow this led to a portion of the dream where we went to the store and Manei bought a lego set.


      Then this somehow got into a dream about high school. I was in a class and there were only a few people in teh class. The teacher was talking about something math related. Manei was trying to put the lego set together in the back of the class and without the teacher noticing. I told her to put it away or the teacher might take it away. She then took out a tray of cookies and started eating them and offering them to the other students and I told her to put them away or she might get in trouble for eating in class.

      When I walked out of class there was a big floating robot with two scissor arms in the hallway. It cut Manei in half and I became lucid. I didn't care that Manei had died because death is all relative to the dream and I knew with full confidence she'd reform shortly. The robot said in a female voice "You are under arrest for being in violation of the treaty of Versailles version 4 point [long string of random numbers]" All I could reply with was a bunch of profanities, followed by "Bye!"

      I slid under the robot, almost getting caught by the scissor hand but the hand tried to cut me and got stuck in the floor. I flew up and out of the window (there was no glass in it). I flew up and looked over my shoulder to see many of the identical robots chasing me. I flew up through the overcast clouds and into space. The immediate vicinity had about a dozen green and blue earthlike planets orbiting the same sun and the space around them was cluttered with countless o'neil cylinders and huge solar collection arrays. I began weaving through them thinking I wanted to get clear of the dyson swarm before I tried to fly too fast as to crash into anything. I saw the scissor robots break off and be replaced by a large spaceplane with police sirens on it.


      I don't recall if I managed to escape or not. I false awoke in my room and there was a big snapping turtle by my closet. At first I was scared of it because I thought that it was hostile; knowing that snappers can take a finger off. It knocked over some stuff in my closet and a rolled up poster fell out. I sighed and got up to clean up the spill and saw a two rings, one black and one green, and a folded note. I read the note but forgot what it said, just that it was written in red pen.
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. Short Lucid with DCs

      by , 06-11-2017 at 11:49 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I've been meditating haphazardly and documenting my RCs in a small notebook. The time I do them; and what things I check for, but I haven't really had my heart in lucid dreaming lately. Though last night when I have a dream that's both lucid and that doesn't really have any elements that I feel don't belong in a public space.

      I recall the dream starting in a location in a forest; lots of tall trees. There was a bunker like building right in front of me built into a hillside. It somewhat reminded me of the sheild generator base on Endor from SW-ROtJ. In fact I think I saw some dream characters wearing stormtrooper costumes. I became semi lucid, I believe through a nose pinch and I recall having my small RC documenting notebook in my hand.

      I remember thinking to myself that now that I was lucid I should take off and fly, but a voice inside my head said that I couldn't because I wasn't sure that I was lucid yet. I told the voice in my head that I was lucid and that I would prove it; opening my RC notebook and showing it the successful RC. I had checked my phone for the time and it had read 11:62, checked it agian and it had read 11:622 and I had written that down. But the voice in my head said that I was making it up. I got mad and said that I would prove it. I reached into hyperspace and got a pair of large scissors and said that I would stab myself and not die. I stabbed the scissors into my solar plexus and didn't feel anything. I pulled them out and there was no blood but a square hole and my insides didn't seem to have any organs; I just looked like I was made of Bologna. I asked the voice if it still thought I was awake and I got no answer.

      Probably not a smart RC for beginners; or anyone for that matter to use.

      Now that I was fully lucid and didn't have a portion of myself talking me down I decided I would fly around. I flew above the bunker structure and didn't get far until I saw a bunch of DCs. It looked like they were shooting the star wars movie and despite being lucid I didn't want to interrupt and fly into their movie. I remember one of the dream characters said something about how the actors playing villains and actors playing heroes had to role play, even when off set to stay in character. Then another dream character told me something about cutting down trees and carving them into sculptures with a chainsaw and showed me a large wooden statue of a cat.

      I decided I wanted to see my persistent dream characters and turned around to see them right behind me. (Manei and Marcus, though Marcus had appeared as the little robot orb once more.) I said hello to them. I remember when Marcus spoke he sounded like Jarvis from the Iron Man movies. Manei showed me her new tablet and someone drew an animated cartoon of her where she was trying to tie down her hair but the strap would always break and her hair would poof out and be really long and messy again.

      I remember saying something along the lines of not having any plans to get lucid so it was for the two of them to decide what to do. Marcus said that he had some things he wanted to say.

      "My time spent living inside this little ball [instead of a human body] has given me a new perspective on humans. You are very strange creatures; like ants scurrying around building sand hills and fighting for crumbs of a cracker. You make up gods that give you purpose and cause the contrived things you refuse to understand because you wasted all your lifetimes from the first cavemen to today looking down at the sand and rocks and you never bother looking up at the rest of the world to see how big it is."

      The dream scene changed to an abandoned harbor. There were rusty boats half sunk and partially collapsed warehouses with trees and vines growing on them. It was dusk/dawn and there were some seagulls flying around. Marcus said something about the Buddha telling 11 lies in his lifetime and each one of them represented something and Manei said that he was wrong and there were more lies. I was trying to remember the quote Marcus had said and wanted the dream to end.


      The dream carried on for awhile. At one point I was at a video arcade/casino in Niagara Falls. Manei and I were playing games trying to win enough tickets to get a blue plastic spaceship. The only prizes you could win at the arcade were little plastic ships. There were white ones, pink ones and yellow ones but the blue ones were the best because they were the rarest and glowed in the dark.


      Marcus has always had a somewhat dim/depressed view of humanity now that I think about it.

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    13. Dawn takes his job too seriously

      by , 06-08-2017 at 10:50 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I haven't been posting or lucid dreaming much since the lag-ocolypse hit Dreamviews, but this dream from a couple of days ago caught my eye because of DawnEye's guide Dawn making an appearance in this semi lucid.

      In the dream I am making an attempt to do shared dreaming with DawnEye11. I am in this hospital feeling room where there is a large bed with a nightstand on either side. The room is almost all white with a blue and light gray checkered tile floor and a small kitchen along the front wall with a coffee maker and microwave. There is also a TV and small sofa. Dawn and Manei come into the room, accurate to their normalized appearances save for Dawn having really short buzzcut hair. We meet and talk for a bit. Dawn explains something about DawnEye11 (using her real name in the conversation that I will not use since I don't know if she wants me to or not.) that he needs to attempt a shared dream from my mind in order to make an appearance in her dreams.

      A nurse woman comes in and tells us it is time to attempt shared dreaming. She closes the sunny window and the room becomes warm and dark. The three of us get into the large bed together and lay down, with some kind of metal helmets on to prepare for the shared dreaming. As we are climbing into bed Manei says to me "Alright when we get to her dream; we all have to make our appearance as cute boys to get her attention." I suggested it might be fun to mess with her. Manei laughed but Dawn was apparently taking this mission a little too seriously.

      When we were laying on the bed I was in the middle, laying face up with Manei to my left and Dawn to my right. I felt myself become aware of their energies. Becoming aware of a DC's energy or aura is always a mixture of sensory experiences. Manei's aura is as it has been; orangeish colored and warm like a sunny beach. But this was my first time feeling Dawn's aura that was light blue and smelled like flowers. I felt myself invert; in a way that felt sort of like how I've always imagined going OBE would feel, as though I was now facing downwards into the mattress, putting Manei to my left and Dawn to my right. They seemed to be going through the same thing as I.

      We began moving what felt like downwards. Dawn said he needed to monitor her to see if she was asleep yet so as to see if we could enter the dream. He made three of these thermometer like devices appear. They looked like thermometers but had one mercury bulb with three stems. One stem was straight up and the other went straight to the left. The third stem was much longer than the other two and was at a 45 degree angle downwards and to the left. There were three of these devices, though each one had different colored marking lines on the stems. The one of my left was blue, the one in front of me was green, and the one in front of dawn had red lines. The red mercury inside the device would pulse. Dawn said it was a heart rate monitor and that her heart rate was really high meaning she wasn't asleep or was likely doing something physically demanding, stating that it would likely be 8 or 9 hours before we entered the dream, and that we would be stuck here waiting for all of that.

      Then the three thermometers merged into a new one with black lines and a clock face appeared in the middle to show how long we would have to wait. We started waiting. We could still communicate in this state and went about some idle chatter but I forget what about. I began seeing throwing stars and waving metal chains dancing about in the black void. When I pointed them out to Dawn he became concerned about what was going on. He said that the chains had a lot of physical objects with all their links and they were taking up too much of the collective minds' processing power to run the physics for and that we had to back out of the shared dreaming attempt.

      The three of us woke back up into the hospital room. It was much darker in the room now. We started discussing why the chains and throwing stars appeared. Dawn thought that I had created them and accused me of doing so but Manei said that I didn't have any control in that state and couldn't create them even if I wanted to. Me and her started making cinnamon rolls for breakfast but Dawn didn't want to help cook. Manei told him if he didn't help cook he wouldn't get any food for him and would have to go hungry but Dawn was apathetic and brooding about the chains appearing in the dream state. Manei whispered in my ear "He's just being a sourpuss because he can't appear accurately like I can. Look at that haircut!" I started laughing really hard and Dawn cleared his throat and said "I heard that."

      o_o Manei stop being so mean. Dawn; stop taking your job so seriously.
      lucid , non-lucid
    14. Invading the pumpkin king's home island (Semi Lucid)

      by , 05-17-2017 at 05:40 PM (Lucid Time!)
      This dream is from a little while ago. People tend to enjoy my really absurd dreams so...

      We are coordinating a D-Day style invasion to overthrow the pumpkin king's kingdom. He is fortified on a small island about 10 miles long by 100 miles wide somewhere in the Mediterranean sea. The plan is to sweep across the island from the far end of the capital city and overwhelm the enemy with brute force. I do believe I pointed out the questionable military strategy in saying that it would be better to land nearer the capital and go straight for what was obviously the heart of their command and where their leader was.

      Regardless I am overruled and we begin the landing on the beach. The main landing force consists of me, the Scotsman from Samurai Jack and several ships full of overly-muscular vikings. The beach is defended by battalions of Battle Droids from Star Wars and them being used had something to do with them camouflaging with the tan color of the sandy beach. I for whatever reason have gone into battle unarmed and pick up one of their guns.

      It seems as though our landing is proceeding well when the sun is eclipsed by a giant Jack-O-Lantern and it begins raining down pumpkins. The pumpkins land on the heads of the vikings and mind-control them turning them into slaves of the pumpkin king. This causes infighting amongst our forces but me and the Scotsman press on. We climb a cliff at and get into an area with some forest and farmland. I see a compound with a pagoda that has blue roofs and I falsely remember that there are blue ninjas stationed in there. Manei appears and I tell her about how I once trained with them but I left because I didn't agree with their moral code. She suggests that we charge in anyway and the Scotsman agrees with her, but then disappears from the scene avoiding the consequences of her suggestion.

      We get inside the compound and there are more battle droids along with Sugilite from Steven Universe. We start fighting and the blue ninjas come out and start throwing bombs at us.

      I think the Scotsman fled. The ninjas it turned out were mostly small children and a few female mentors who recognized me and were friendly to me because I had in the past left them. I noticed that their morals had changed.

      The dream shifted to something to do with training the blue ninjas to use a zipline and there was this park ranger woman involved.
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    15. Nonlucid Drop

      by , 04-25-2017 at 03:55 PM (Lucid Time!)
      So tomorrow I'm going to kick off and try to do my chart and med technique to it's fullest extent, since I won't be having to worry about being bogged down with stress and the likes.

      I wanted to drop some nonlucid dreams for the sake of recall building since I've been really lazy.

      Last Night

      I had just gotten a job delivering pizza. Typical dream contrivance came into play right away. The first house I had to deliver was adress 904 in my own neighborhood, but the numbers on the plaques on the houses kept changing, cars kept coming out of nowhere to nearly hit me and and the pizza order was complicated and confusing. I had other houses to hit on this delivery run and each house wanted a different pizza, but all of the pizzas were in identical boxes, so I was fumbling around in the backseat of the car opening boxes and checking if the pizza was correct one.

      I eventually got the correct pizza and the correct house and went up and knocked on the door. I saw Gab (Potrayed as a tall woman with a cat's head.) and spellbee2 who was a shorter guy with brown hair and glasses. Gab paid me $300, told me to keep the rest as a tip. She then opened the pizza box and took out four slices, or half the pizza. She then distorted the slices and stretched them to create two smaller pizzas, four slices each. Spellbee was talking to me about something meanwhile and a lady from my subdivision came into the room.

      Gab then took the two smaller pizzas and spun them around on edge on each of her index fingers. She then pushed her hands in towards spellbee2 and the lady from my neighborhood and they backed away like they were really scared of the spinning pizzas. Gab kept teasing them and then she tried to tease me but I didn't care and went back to my delivery car, realizing that I was getting distracted and needed to deliver to other houses. I drove for awhile longer and saw that the next house I had to deliver to was that of my old high school crush.

      I got really nervous that I had to impress her and decided I needed to paint my fingernails sparkly pink, but I also had to hurry because the order had to be delivered in 30 minutes or it was free and I didn't want my boss to be upset. So I parked my car outside her house and then started painting my fingernails but the nail polish dripped onto the seat and made a pink spot and I was worried what my boss would think because it was a company car. I saw my crush walking her dog and I woke up.

      --Boot my annoying HS crush from my dreams and make my subcon get over her added to dream goals.--

      Previous Nights (No particular order.)

      I had a dream that Marcus was giving me a tour of various futuristic cities. I remember the planet we were on was one that he had helped to terraform. I don't recall the first two cities, that we toured; only the third. The city was medium sized and had large apartments with balconies built by the side of a lake in a mountainous area. The city had hot springs in it and a marina on the lake, and the forest around the city was almost unrealistically lush and vibrantly green.

      I remember noticing the planet we were on had rings like saturn that arched across the sky.


      I had a dream I went to a classical music concert in where instead of seats we were sitting at tables. I was on a date... with my high school crush. The date wasn't going well because my parents were sitting at the next table and my dad was talking with her parents about an imaginary time in the sixth grade that I peed in the corner of the classroom because I was mad at a teacher for her not letting me go to the bathroom. In-dream I falsely recalled this incident actually happening.

      At some point I got up and told my dad to leave but when I got up I spilled water on her. I went to wipe it off and her face came off to reveal she was an android. I saw Marcus appear but lost the dream.


      I was in an old abandoned steel refinery attempting to salvage something. I got into a lightsaber battle with a guy and it started to rain; with water pouring in through holes in the roof of the smelter. The dream had a lot of atmosphere and was pretty vivd. Shame recall was total poopy.
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