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    Random Mishmash

    by JadeGreen on 06-16-2017 at 03:58 PM
    For the past week or so I've been applying to jobs and my subcon has been stuck in loop about the concept of getting a job. Despite on-and-off attempts to meditate on the subject and flush the dreams out or use them as a lucid trigger nothing worked. In my private DJ, the past five days were lumped into one entry with me instead noting minor differences in the dream plot instead of even retyping the whole dream. This morning was the first morning that I had a new different dream. Though the way I recall it happening is very fragmented, and I've probably gotten a lot of details wrong. In fact, I'm not even entirely sure this is all last night, I think portions of it might be from a couple days ago.

    I recall the dream starting out in this snowy area with abandoned buildings. This is some kind of war game in where dreamers and their constructs have to work together to compete in a field of combat. Manei and I are playing but we get some kind of unfair disadvantage from the start because we each only have a very underpowered handgun with only a few bullets. Other players are starting with much better weapons like LMGs and rocket launchers.

    I remember I said we should try to scavenge some better weapons. We hid in a large brick apartment building and climbed to the top floor. We could hear people fighting on the floor below us. I saw somebody who looked like a little kid wearing a skateboard helmet with a fake mohawk made out of plastic spikes on the rooftop of a neighboring building and start shooting with a sniper. I shot all my bullets at him. One of them hit and he broke apart into blue pixels.

    I tried to run and jump the gap to the roof of the other building but as I was jumping a big group of guys in yellow halo armor came out and killed both of us.

    I re-appeared in this grassy meadow. The meadow was surrounded on all sides by these huge trees that grew like arches, growing up at an angle, curving and growing back down into the ground somewhere else. I saw the boy that I had killed there but he was wearing different clothes, like a white tee-shirt. Other people were appearing in flashes of light. I figured this was where people went after they had died in the war game. An official explained to me that I had 'above average physical abilities and confidence' and that using them made me a cheater at the war game, so the yellow armored guys (police/refs) came and killed me. Manei and I decided we didn't care about the game.


    Somehow this led to a portion of the dream where we went to the store and Manei bought a lego set.


    Then this somehow got into a dream about high school. I was in a class and there were only a few people in teh class. The teacher was talking about something math related. Manei was trying to put the lego set together in the back of the class and without the teacher noticing. I told her to put it away or the teacher might take it away. She then took out a tray of cookies and started eating them and offering them to the other students and I told her to put them away or she might get in trouble for eating in class.

    When I walked out of class there was a big floating robot with two scissor arms in the hallway. It cut Manei in half and I became lucid. I didn't care that Manei had died because death is all relative to the dream and I knew with full confidence she'd reform shortly. The robot said in a female voice "You are under arrest for being in violation of the treaty of Versailles version 4 point [long string of random numbers]" All I could reply with was a bunch of profanities, followed by "Bye!"

    I slid under the robot, almost getting caught by the scissor hand but the hand tried to cut me and got stuck in the floor. I flew up and out of the window (there was no glass in it). I flew up and looked over my shoulder to see many of the identical robots chasing me. I flew up through the overcast clouds and into space. The immediate vicinity had about a dozen green and blue earthlike planets orbiting the same sun and the space around them was cluttered with countless o'neil cylinders and huge solar collection arrays. I began weaving through them thinking I wanted to get clear of the dyson swarm before I tried to fly too fast as to crash into anything. I saw the scissor robots break off and be replaced by a large spaceplane with police sirens on it.


    I don't recall if I managed to escape or not. I false awoke in my room and there was a big snapping turtle by my closet. At first I was scared of it because I thought that it was hostile; knowing that snappers can take a finger off. It knocked over some stuff in my closet and a rolled up poster fell out. I sighed and got up to clean up the spill and saw a two rings, one black and one green, and a folded note. I read the note but forgot what it said, just that it was written in red pen.
    non-lucid , lucid

    Short Lucid with DCs

    by JadeGreen on 06-11-2017 at 11:49 PM
    I've been meditating haphazardly and documenting my RCs in a small notebook. The time I do them; and what things I check for, but I haven't really had my heart in lucid dreaming lately. Though last night when I have a dream that's both lucid and that doesn't really have any elements that I feel don't belong in a public space.

    I recall the dream starting in a location in a forest; lots of tall trees. There was a bunker like building right in front of me built into a hillside. It somewhat reminded me of the sheild generator base on Endor from SW-ROtJ. In fact I think I saw some dream characters wearing stormtrooper costumes. I became semi lucid, I believe through a nose pinch and I recall having my small RC documenting notebook in my hand.

    I remember thinking to myself that now that I was lucid I should take off and fly, but a voice inside my head said that I couldn't because I wasn't sure that I was lucid yet. I told the voice in my head that I was lucid and that I would prove it; opening my RC notebook and showing it the successful RC. I had checked my phone for the time and it had read 11:62, checked it agian and it had read 11:622 and I had written that down. But the voice in my head said that I was making it up. I got mad and said that I would prove it. I reached into hyperspace and got a pair of large scissors and said that I would stab myself and not die. I stabbed the scissors into my solar plexus and didn't feel anything. I pulled them out and there was no blood but a square hole and my insides didn't seem to have any organs; I just looked like I was made of Bologna. I asked the voice if it still thought I was awake and I got no answer.

    Probably not a smart RC for beginners; or anyone for that matter to use.

    Now that I was fully lucid and didn't have a portion of myself talking me down I decided I would fly around. I flew above the bunker structure and didn't get far until I saw a bunch of DCs. It looked like they were shooting the star wars movie and despite being lucid I didn't want to interrupt and fly into their movie. I remember one of the dream characters said something about how the actors playing villains and actors playing heroes had to role play, even when off set to stay in character. Then another dream character told me something about cutting down trees and carving them into sculptures with a chainsaw and showed me a large wooden statue of a cat.

    I decided I wanted to see my persistent dream characters and turned around to see them right behind me. (Manei and Marcus, though Marcus had appeared as the little robot orb once more.) I said hello to them. I remember when Marcus spoke he sounded like Jarvis from the Iron Man movies. Manei showed me her new tablet and someone drew an animated cartoon of her where she was trying to tie down her hair but the strap would always break and her hair would poof out and be really long and messy again.

    I remember saying something along the lines of not having any plans to get lucid so it was for the two of them to decide what to do. Marcus said that he had some things he wanted to say.

    "My time spent living inside this little ball [instead of a human body] has given me a new perspective on humans. You are very strange creatures; like ants scurrying around building sand hills and fighting for crumbs of a cracker. You make up gods that give you purpose and cause the contrived things you refuse to understand because you wasted all your lifetimes from the first cavemen to today looking down at the sand and rocks and you never bother looking up at the rest of the world to see how big it is."

    The dream scene changed to an abandoned harbor. There were rusty boats half sunk and partially collapsed warehouses with trees and vines growing on them. It was dusk/dawn and there were some seagulls flying around. Marcus said something about the Buddha telling 11 lies in his lifetime and each one of them represented something and Manei said that he was wrong and there were more lies. I was trying to remember the quote Marcus had said and wanted the dream to end.


    The dream carried on for awhile. At one point I was at a video arcade/casino in Niagara Falls. Manei and I were playing games trying to win enough tickets to get a blue plastic spaceship. The only prizes you could win at the arcade were little plastic ships. There were white ones, pink ones and yellow ones but the blue ones were the best because they were the rarest and glowed in the dark.


    Marcus has always had a somewhat dim/depressed view of humanity now that I think about it.

    Updated 06-12-2017 at 12:28 AM by JadeGreen


    Dawn takes his job too seriously

    by JadeGreen on 06-08-2017 at 10:50 PM
    I haven't been posting or lucid dreaming much since the lag-ocolypse hit Dreamviews, but this dream from a couple of days ago caught my eye because of DawnEye's guide Dawn making an appearance in this semi lucid.

    In the dream I am making an attempt to do shared dreaming with DawnEye11. I am in this hospital feeling room where there is a large bed with a nightstand on either side. The room is almost all white with a blue and light gray checkered tile floor and a small kitchen along the front wall with a coffee maker and microwave. There is also a TV and small sofa. Dawn and Manei come into the room, accurate to their normalized appearances save for Dawn having really short buzzcut hair. We meet and talk for a bit. Dawn explains something about DawnEye11 (using her real name in the conversation that I will not use since I don't know if she wants me to or not.) that he needs to attempt a shared dream from my mind in order to make an appearance in her dreams.

    A nurse woman comes in and tells us it is time to attempt shared dreaming. She closes the sunny window and the room becomes warm and dark. The three of us get into the large bed together and lay down, with some kind of metal helmets on to prepare for the shared dreaming. As we are climbing into bed Manei says to me "Alright when we get to her dream; we all have to make our appearance as cute boys to get her attention." I suggested it might be fun to mess with her. Manei laughed but Dawn was apparently taking this mission a little too seriously.

    When we were laying on the bed I was in the middle, laying face up with Manei to my left and Dawn to my right. I felt myself become aware of their energies. Becoming aware of a DC's energy or aura is always a mixture of sensory experiences. Manei's aura is as it has been; orangeish colored and warm like a sunny beach. But this was my first time feeling Dawn's aura that was light blue and smelled like flowers. I felt myself invert; in a way that felt sort of like how I've always imagined going OBE would feel, as though I was now facing downwards into the mattress, putting Manei to my left and Dawn to my right. They seemed to be going through the same thing as I.

    We began moving what felt like downwards. Dawn said he needed to monitor her to see if she was asleep yet so as to see if we could enter the dream. He made three of these thermometer like devices appear. They looked like thermometers but had one mercury bulb with three stems. One stem was straight up and the other went straight to the left. The third stem was much longer than the other two and was at a 45 degree angle downwards and to the left. There were three of these devices, though each one had different colored marking lines on the stems. The one of my left was blue, the one in front of me was green, and the one in front of dawn had red lines. The red mercury inside the device would pulse. Dawn said it was a heart rate monitor and that her heart rate was really high meaning she wasn't asleep or was likely doing something physically demanding, stating that it would likely be 8 or 9 hours before we entered the dream, and that we would be stuck here waiting for all of that.

    Then the three thermometers merged into a new one with black lines and a clock face appeared in the middle to show how long we would have to wait. We started waiting. We could still communicate in this state and went about some idle chatter but I forget what about. I began seeing throwing stars and waving metal chains dancing about in the black void. When I pointed them out to Dawn he became concerned about what was going on. He said that the chains had a lot of physical objects with all their links and they were taking up too much of the collective minds' processing power to run the physics for and that we had to back out of the shared dreaming attempt.

    The three of us woke back up into the hospital room. It was much darker in the room now. We started discussing why the chains and throwing stars appeared. Dawn thought that I had created them and accused me of doing so but Manei said that I didn't have any control in that state and couldn't create them even if I wanted to. Me and her started making cinnamon rolls for breakfast but Dawn didn't want to help cook. Manei told him if he didn't help cook he wouldn't get any food for him and would have to go hungry but Dawn was apathetic and brooding about the chains appearing in the dream state. Manei whispered in my ear "He's just being a sourpuss because he can't appear accurately like I can. Look at that haircut!" I started laughing really hard and Dawn cleared his throat and said "I heard that."

    o_o Manei stop being so mean. Dawn; stop taking your job so seriously.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Invading the pumpkin king's home island (Semi Lucid)

    by JadeGreen on 05-17-2017 at 05:40 PM
    This dream is from a little while ago. People tend to enjoy my really absurd dreams so...

    We are coordinating a D-Day style invasion to overthrow the pumpkin king's kingdom. He is fortified on a small island about 10 miles long by 100 miles wide somewhere in the Mediterranean sea. The plan is to sweep across the island from the far end of the capital city and overwhelm the enemy with brute force. I do believe I pointed out the questionable military strategy in saying that it would be better to land nearer the capital and go straight for what was obviously the heart of their command and where their leader was.

    Regardless I am overruled and we begin the landing on the beach. The main landing force consists of me, the Scotsman from Samurai Jack and several ships full of overly-muscular vikings. The beach is defended by battalions of Battle Droids from Star Wars and them being used had something to do with them camouflaging with the tan color of the sandy beach. I for whatever reason have gone into battle unarmed and pick up one of their guns.

    It seems as though our landing is proceeding well when the sun is eclipsed by a giant Jack-O-Lantern and it begins raining down pumpkins. The pumpkins land on the heads of the vikings and mind-control them turning them into slaves of the pumpkin king. This causes infighting amongst our forces but me and the Scotsman press on. We climb a cliff at and get into an area with some forest and farmland. I see a compound with a pagoda that has blue roofs and I falsely remember that there are blue ninjas stationed in there. Manei appears and I tell her about how I once trained with them but I left because I didn't agree with their moral code. She suggests that we charge in anyway and the Scotsman agrees with her, but then disappears from the scene avoiding the consequences of her suggestion.

    We get inside the compound and there are more battle droids along with Sugilite from Steven Universe. We start fighting and the blue ninjas come out and start throwing bombs at us.

    I think the Scotsman fled. The ninjas it turned out were mostly small children and a few female mentors who recognized me and were friendly to me because I had in the past left them. I noticed that their morals had changed.

    The dream shifted to something to do with training the blue ninjas to use a zipline and there was this park ranger woman involved.
    lucid , non-lucid

    Nonlucid Drop

    by JadeGreen on 04-25-2017 at 03:55 PM
    So tomorrow I'm going to kick off and try to do my chart and med technique to it's fullest extent, since I won't be having to worry about being bogged down with stress and the likes.

    I wanted to drop some nonlucid dreams for the sake of recall building since I've been really lazy.

    Last Night

    I had just gotten a job delivering pizza. Typical dream contrivance came into play right away. The first house I had to deliver was adress 904 in my own neighborhood, but the numbers on the plaques on the houses kept changing, cars kept coming out of nowhere to nearly hit me and and the pizza order was complicated and confusing. I had other houses to hit on this delivery run and each house wanted a different pizza, but all of the pizzas were in identical boxes, so I was fumbling around in the backseat of the car opening boxes and checking if the pizza was correct one.

    I eventually got the correct pizza and the correct house and went up and knocked on the door. I saw Gab (Potrayed as a tall woman with a cat's head.) and spellbee2 who was a shorter guy with brown hair and glasses. Gab paid me $300, told me to keep the rest as a tip. She then opened the pizza box and took out four slices, or half the pizza. She then distorted the slices and stretched them to create two smaller pizzas, four slices each. Spellbee was talking to me about something meanwhile and a lady from my subdivision came into the room.

    Gab then took the two smaller pizzas and spun them around on edge on each of her index fingers. She then pushed her hands in towards spellbee2 and the lady from my neighborhood and they backed away like they were really scared of the spinning pizzas. Gab kept teasing them and then she tried to tease me but I didn't care and went back to my delivery car, realizing that I was getting distracted and needed to deliver to other houses. I drove for awhile longer and saw that the next house I had to deliver to was that of my old high school crush.

    I got really nervous that I had to impress her and decided I needed to paint my fingernails sparkly pink, but I also had to hurry because the order had to be delivered in 30 minutes or it was free and I didn't want my boss to be upset. So I parked my car outside her house and then started painting my fingernails but the nail polish dripped onto the seat and made a pink spot and I was worried what my boss would think because it was a company car. I saw my crush walking her dog and I woke up.

    --Boot my annoying HS crush from my dreams and make my subcon get over her added to dream goals.--

    Previous Nights (No particular order.)

    I had a dream that Marcus was giving me a tour of various futuristic cities. I remember the planet we were on was one that he had helped to terraform. I don't recall the first two cities, that we toured; only the third. The city was medium sized and had large apartments with balconies built by the side of a lake in a mountainous area. The city had hot springs in it and a marina on the lake, and the forest around the city was almost unrealistically lush and vibrantly green.

    I remember noticing the planet we were on had rings like saturn that arched across the sky.


    I had a dream I went to a classical music concert in where instead of seats we were sitting at tables. I was on a date... with my high school crush. The date wasn't going well because my parents were sitting at the next table and my dad was talking with her parents about an imaginary time in the sixth grade that I peed in the corner of the classroom because I was mad at a teacher for her not letting me go to the bathroom. In-dream I falsely recalled this incident actually happening.

    At some point I got up and told my dad to leave but when I got up I spilled water on her. I went to wipe it off and her face came off to reveal she was an android. I saw Marcus appear but lost the dream.


    I was in an old abandoned steel refinery attempting to salvage something. I got into a lightsaber battle with a guy and it started to rain; with water pouring in through holes in the roof of the smelter. The dream had a lot of atmosphere and was pretty vivd. Shame recall was total poopy.