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    Nonlucid Drop

    by JadeGreen on 04-25-2017 at 03:55 PM
    So tomorrow I'm going to kick off and try to do my chart and med technique to it's fullest extent, since I won't be having to worry about being bogged down with stress and the likes.

    I wanted to drop some nonlucid dreams for the sake of recall building since I've been really lazy.

    Last Night

    I had just gotten a job delivering pizza. Typical dream contrivance came into play right away. The first house I had to deliver was adress 904 in my own neighborhood, but the numbers on the plaques on the houses kept changing, cars kept coming out of nowhere to nearly hit me and and the pizza order was complicated and confusing. I had other houses to hit on this delivery run and each house wanted a different pizza, but all of the pizzas were in identical boxes, so I was fumbling around in the backseat of the car opening boxes and checking if the pizza was correct one.

    I eventually got the correct pizza and the correct house and went up and knocked on the door. I saw Gab (Potrayed as a tall woman with a cat's head.) and spellbee2 who was a shorter guy with brown hair and glasses. Gab paid me $300, told me to keep the rest as a tip. She then opened the pizza box and took out four slices, or half the pizza. She then distorted the slices and stretched them to create two smaller pizzas, four slices each. Spellbee was talking to me about something meanwhile and a lady from my subdivision came into the room.

    Gab then took the two smaller pizzas and spun them around on edge on each of her index fingers. She then pushed her hands in towards spellbee2 and the lady from my neighborhood and they backed away like they were really scared of the spinning pizzas. Gab kept teasing them and then she tried to tease me but I didn't care and went back to my delivery car, realizing that I was getting distracted and needed to deliver to other houses. I drove for awhile longer and saw that the next house I had to deliver to was that of my old high school crush.

    I got really nervous that I had to impress her and decided I needed to paint my fingernails sparkly pink, but I also had to hurry because the order had to be delivered in 30 minutes or it was free and I didn't want my boss to be upset. So I parked my car outside her house and then started painting my fingernails but the nail polish dripped onto the seat and made a pink spot and I was worried what my boss would think because it was a company car. I saw my crush walking her dog and I woke up.

    --Boot my annoying HS crush from my dreams and make my subcon get over her added to dream goals.--

    Previous Nights (No particular order.)

    I had a dream that Marcus was giving me a tour of various futuristic cities. I remember the planet we were on was one that he had helped to terraform. I don't recall the first two cities, that we toured; only the third. The city was medium sized and had large apartments with balconies built by the side of a lake in a mountainous area. The city had hot springs in it and a marina on the lake, and the forest around the city was almost unrealistically lush and vibrantly green.

    I remember noticing the planet we were on had rings like saturn that arched across the sky.


    I had a dream I went to a classical music concert in where instead of seats we were sitting at tables. I was on a date... with my high school crush. The date wasn't going well because my parents were sitting at the next table and my dad was talking with her parents about an imaginary time in the sixth grade that I peed in the corner of the classroom because I was mad at a teacher for her not letting me go to the bathroom. In-dream I falsely recalled this incident actually happening.

    At some point I got up and told my dad to leave but when I got up I spilled water on her. I went to wipe it off and her face came off to reveal she was an android. I saw Marcus appear but lost the dream.


    I was in an old abandoned steel refinery attempting to salvage something. I got into a lightsaber battle with a guy and it started to rain; with water pouring in through holes in the roof of the smelter. The dream had a lot of atmosphere and was pretty vivd. Shame recall was total poopy.

    Long non-lucid dream : Hide the gun, Shoot the gun.

    by JadeGreen on 04-20-2017 at 08:12 PM
    Spoiler for Notes and technique breakdown.:
    So included with this dream journal an example of my chart technique along with a sample of my documentation of RCs I want to show everything that I'm documenting with my chart and med method. I've talked about this in other posts but I want to break down this technique here so that in the future, if I ever need to refer somebody to what I'm using (either if they want to attempt to copy my technique or they are trying to help me troubleshoot it, I can save time in just showing them to this dream journal entry.

    Now obviously I'm insane for doing this because last time I worked on this technique I actually saw a decrease in my lucidity rate on the nights that I tried the hardest. But last time I kept my results fairly private. Granted this will probably recede into privacy too, but for today, or at least the first couple days of me getting back into this I want to make my results public because... well I don't know really.

    So the technique breaks down like so. There are three main goals for me to accomplish during the day. The most complex and time consuming being twice-daily meditation. I generally meditate using a two part system; in where I count down from a number to clear my mind and get mental chatter to quiet down, then briefly reset to a lower number and start again, followed by either focus on problem solving a particular subject or simply focusing on breath and mental quiet.

    I document this in a chart with the starting points of counts. (Counting down from 50 and then restarting from 15 is the norm for me. I used to count from 100 and then restart from 30 but it would take too long and I would find myself spending too much time on the phase of meditation. I still do 100-30 occasionally if my mind is particularly crazy and I have the time. Then I put an S for subject and an M for mindfulness, and if there is a subject, I like to talk about the themes that I meditated on in my dream journal.

    The second is documenting RCs. I carry a small notebook and pen/pencil with me and document major RCs. Almost every RC I do has the time written down that I will observe before and after writing down the RC and attempt to observe if only a minute or two have passed, so all RCs include a built in clock check, and generally a nose pinch is included without me documenting it. I won't be copying this into my DJ regularly but this is what it looks like.

    8:20 - I'm at home. Clock check. Sun check (there is only 1 sun). Nose Pinch. Recalled waking up 1h ago.
    9:09 - I'm at school before class. Clock Check. Nose Pinch. Second sun check.
    10:10 - I'm in a boring econ class. I recall registering for this class and coming to it previously. I check that my calculator is functioning logically. 74-18 =56. I work it out on paper to confirm. Clock check and Nose pinch.
    10:20 - Econ class ended early, this triggered me to RC. I checked the moon to confirm there was only one and that it was of a normal size. CC and NP.
    10:47 - Season check. Does this weather make sense for april, or is it the middle of summer or snowing. Checks out. CC and NP.
    11:29 - Recalled waking up in the morning. CC and NP.
    12:41 - Art history is starting now. CC, NP and recall registering for this class.
    1:02 - I rewrite the day as it has happened so far. I woke up, meditated, ate breakfast, drove to school, went to econ class, got lunch, went to the bank, sat in the student lounge, then went to art history.
    1:17 - I do a hand check and confirm I have 10 fingers. CC and NP.
    1:40 - I reread my earlier documentation of the day and make sure I still remember every activity. CC and NP.
    2:58 - I just arrived home. I do a seasonal weather check, CC and NP.
    3:45 - NP and CC
    4:20 - Seasonal weather check, NP and CC

    Though I stayed up until 10; I did not document anymore RCs because I got heavily invested in a programming project and didn't think to RC anymore. This is a situation that I would like to highlight. I can become very invested in things and lose track of time and reality. If I could stay alert during these times, I could probably increase my chances of becoming lucid. I'm pretty pleased with my coverage of the day otherwise, it might even be a bit overkill.

    And the final daily goal is to maintain a consistent bedtime. I'm aiming for between 10 and 11 pm, though I might decide to shift that a little earlier. Not really much else to explain there.

    Finally I record the dreams into the chart, quantifying them as a star ranking from 1-5, with 1 star being the 'worst' and 5 star being the 'best', on a sliding scale of dream recall, clarity and lucidity. I don't have a precise rubric as dreams are very hard to quantify and weird phenomenon always come up. (Say, a night with a lot of false awakenings.) Generally it works as follows.

    No stars=no recall.
    1 star=any amount of dream recall, even if it's just a fragment, up to a fair amount of of non-lucid dream recall.
    2 star=a lot of non-lucid dream recall; recalling multiple separate dreams, or recalling a very long/vivid non-lucid dream. Sometimes depending upon the circumstance, layer 0 and layer 1 lucidity works in here.
    3 star=generally a decent amount of semi lucid dream time, or a breif LD.
    4 star=a long stable lucid dream. Basically my goal is for most or every night to be a 4-star.
    5 star=god tier. Multiple lucid dreams in a night in a chain or a very long and vivid LD.

    DateMorning MeditationEvening MeditationRCsBedtimeStar Ranking

    So with that in mind, I plan to progress this technique. My first couple days will probably be documented publicly but after that I will probably switch over to doing this entirely in my private DJ as to not scum up the DJ section and for my own privacy.

    In the dream I am attending college. The building I am in feels vaguely like it belongs somewhere on my campus and the surrounding area has the same feel to it, but it really blurred the line between a completely original to dream campus. The building was ten stories tall and had many wings and corridors and contained both classrooms and student dorms.

    In the dream I had a gun with me, something that was forbidden by the rules of the campus and would be punishable by a long time in jail. The actual gun was like an uzi or small SMG and I remember at some point firing the bullets from it and noticing how small they were; they were like little pellets or pointed BBs. Yet the gun still had the capacity to kill people. The dream's plot revolved heavily around me trying to dispose of the gun.

    I at first figured I would dispose of the bullets. During a class, I snuck into a women's bathroom and emptied the bullets from the magazine down a toilet and flushed. My logic behind doing this was that the police might find the bullets in the plumbing but they would attempt to trace a female to possessing the gun and give me more time to get rid of it. I then crushed up the plastic magazine by stomping on it and threw the pieces into a ventilation grate.

    I then had to go to class. The class was at the center of the very strange and large building. There was a large circular tower that protruded from the side of the wall and castle like crenelations on top when viewed from the outside. I went to the class that was some kind of magical/alchemical class. I saw my friends S, A and C along with other dream characters outside trying to get my attention and waving at me. I waved back and they started throwing small rocks at the window as if they hadn't gotten my attention. They started to throw larger rocks and one of them cracked the window and got the attention of the whole class. I looked outside and saw some police escorting my friends away and thought that the police might think that we were troublemakers and might try and get a search warrant soon; so I should hurry up and dispose of the gun.

    After the class ended, it was dark outside. I stashed the gun in my pocket (yes, it fit). Near this weird alternate school was a river with a small island in the middle. This island had sand dunes on it that people would climb up and then ride down on these sled-like devices. I decided this was how I would get rid of that gun. I went to the shore of the river where there were guys in small rowboats that would row you across for a dollar. I got one of them to row me across and while he was, he remarked that it was getting dark and I probably shouldn't be heading out to the dunes so late in the day.

    I told him I had forgotten something earlier in the day and just needed to visit the sand dune island for a few minutes. Once on the opposite shore, I began frantically walking around the forested portion of the island looking for a good place to dispose of the gun. I ran into my father and he of course was really clingy and wanted to spend time with me, but I managed to convince him that I was jogging and that he couldn't keep up. So I jogged off and found myself at the top of the large sand dune where there was a small store and the sled things were kept. I got on one and started riding down, something that was frowned upon because it was unsafe and smart to have people nearby if you got hurt. I rode for a bit around the winding path in the sand until I found a place between two dunes that was out of sight of everybody.

    I knelt over and dug out a hole underneath some dune grass in the sand with my hands and put the gun in it; then carefully covered it up with sand, ensuring I put dry, coarse sand on top as to leave no evidence anyone had dug there, then carried on down my sand sled to the bottom of the route and deposited it at a small shed where a few others had been. It was now completely dark and I saw that the row boat guys had retired for the night and I was now trapped on the island. I think I wound up getting back onto the mainland by hopping across some overlarge lily pads and swinging on some low hanging willow branches, only managing to get wet up to my ankles.

    I retired to my dorm room that had a large furnace apparatus in it, and used the heat from it to dry my wet clothes. My roommate had questions as to what I had been up to but didn't get that suspicious. I plugged in my computer and started playing KSP and the dream started to fade out. I think it carried on for a bit, I recall glimpses and fragments of the dream carrying on into the days and weeks that followed this incident and how I continued to be paranoid that somebody would connect me to the gun and try to find me.


    The dream somehow gave way to one of me driving on the highway and continually missing exits that I was supposed to turn off at, finding myself on unfamiliar parts of the state. Typical dream contrivances such as having a dysfunctional phone gps with a fraction of a percent of battery and the dream periodically distorting so that I find myself in the back of the car with nobody driving up front played out.

    I remembered that my goal in the dream was to buy a birthday present for my new cousin. Apparently my aunt on my mom's side had given birth to a third boy after the two cousins I was familiar with, but he had aspberger's syndrome and she was ashamed so she kept him a secret from the rest of the family. But she eventually decided that wasn't right and she would introduce him to the rest of his family. This dream took place shortly after that and it was his (8th or 9th) birthday. I went into a random Toys R Us and bought a large blue Nerf gun and brought it over. This new cousin dream character was thrilled.

    We started having a nerf war. My cousin's house was revealed to have many levels of basement that had never been seen before that the war took place in; including an all white room in where there were sliding panels and doors everywhere. The room didn't have any function outside of being a place for the nerf gun war as far as I could tell.
    I attained a small amount of lucidity and became concerned that the dream could take a dark turn if the nerf gun I was using converted itself into the gun I had tried to hide from earlier.


    The dream somehow gave way to another dream that I was driving my parent's old minivan and doing flips and stunts around a stadium with monster trucks. I felt as though I were playing a video game and didn't care that I was badly damaging the car. The dream was very hazy and this probably would have been a rather exciting dream sequence had it been clearer.

    Backseat Driving

    by JadeGreen on 04-18-2017 at 01:17 PM
    Safe to say after my few days of (semi) lucid dreams and very intense meditations I was expecting to return to having more mundane dreams. I meditated this morning but the meditation was not focused on a particular subject and more just on quieting down my stressed out final exams week brain and getting a moment of peace before what I expect to be a very hectic day.

    One thing I want to focus on in in a future meditation is the nature of a fair few (though not all) of my dreams to be very random and absurd. (Though honestly instances of this seem to have been going down.) Though there was a time where I was having extremely random and trippy dream scenarios occur. To some extent, I understand that all dreams will to some degree be nonsensical but these took it to a whole new level. I have a RL friend who's not a lucid dreamer but keeps a dream journal and does meditation and I would always tell her about the most ridiculous dream in recent memory. (I think last time we talked I told her about being chased by the flying centipede poodle on a Jetski while trying to deliver tacos.); and she would always tell me it was an indication that I needed to meditate more often.

    Though I'm tempted to say that is the explanation right there. Not meditating makes dreams less focused and more nonsensical. I suppose if I enjoy the madness I can always 'bring on the weird' once I become fully lucid.

    Regardless last night's dream is pretty mundane, and a good sign that I should get back into keeping a private journal. (Would be nice cause I could meditate on private things and journal them too.)

    I was driving the old minivan my family had when I was little and I had gotten lost. I was trying to use the GPS on my phone but as dream technology would have you it was only telling me about turns I could make to get back onto my route after I passed the intersection, and as contrivance could have you I couldn't stop the car. I saw that the van was running out of gas and figured that if I just kept driving eventually it would run out of gas and I could pull over and get out of the car and call someone.

    At some point I activated the cruise control and fell asleep in the back. Miles later when I woke up and I was surprised to see that the van was still steadily driving down the road though I was now in a very unfamiliar location that I am certain is nowhere in my state. I thought I should stop the van but figured I would have to climb over to the front seat and press the brake and wasn't sure how I had been driving from the backseat.

    I was in a small town by the sea. A massive fjord with a small town of colorful stucco buildings and patches of farmland built around the rolling foothills of a mountain range. Somebody was driving the van now, but it wasn't one of my parents. They pulled into a small hotel that had some semblance to that beach resort from every dream ever, but not very much. There was a beach along this part of the bay and even some palm trees. I presumed i was headed east when I fell asleep in the back of the car so I had no idea how I had so quickly found myself in a tropical location.

    Regardless the people from the hotel showed me to a small cabin. I saw Manei but didn't pay attention to her and met this tall guy who looked evil and was a vampire but turned out to be really friendly. I lost the dream and woke up.
    non-lucid , side notes

    Meditating Agian + SLD.

    by JadeGreen on 04-17-2017 at 03:55 PM
    So today (last night more accurately.) I began actual formal meditations again. Seeing as in my dream journal I use an orange-blue scale with the color gradation in-between representing different phases between lucidity and non lucidity, it seems logical that meditation is more lucid than a lucid dream or any regular thoughts. Therefore I a considering that on any chance I include my meditated thoughts with my dream journals, something I may begin to do, along with the star rankings. I will probably not post a lot of meditations as I think those are personal. (The same reason I don't post all my dreams. ) But when I do, I will spoiler tag meditations since most people probably won't care to read them.

    Spoiler for Meditation 3:
    Well they say insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting that you will get a different result. Well I guess I'm insane then because I'm retrying meditation even though last time it resulted in me losing dream recall and dropping my lucidity rate rather than increasing it like I expected. But meditation helps me to get my thoughts in order and keeps me from feeling scatterbrained. So I'm getting back into it anyway, if not for the sake of lucid dreaming, then at the very least I can get my ducks in a row in waking life.

    It's final exams week and arguably an extremely bad time to try and kick of any sort of serious lucid dreaming routine even if I do keep the stress low by properly studying and the likes, so I shouldn't consider anything serious until after that is over. But at the very least I can begin dream journaling and building up my dream recall a little more. After all recalling nonlucid dreams is a lot better and if I do come up with a motivating idea or way that I might want to try and approach this, I wont have to worry about recall and can just hit the ground running.

    I've been thinking about what a chat user. (I believe it was MadMonkey) said to me, that all the really great lucid dreamers have two things in common; that they use (was it either DILD or ADA or something like that?) Maybe I can send him a PM... ; [Edit] That was Man of Shred and he said it in a comment and it was DILD [/edit] and they started young. I formally started lucid dreaming right around the time I turned 14. Not as young as some people, but at least I'm not trying to start NOW. Though it's fun to fantasize how things would have played out differently getting the presumably godlike head-start those of you who started when you were still in grade school have, I'll have to accept the fact that I can't really change that. But I suppose there's no real reason to attempt to unpack something one person said in chat so thoroughly, since I've gotten countless bits of advice on how to become a master LDer.

    One thing that crosses my mind is an idea that I often put forward is how everyone's mind functions differently and techniques that work well for one person may not necessarily work well for others. Hence why everyone does things a little differently and I often take techniques with a grain of salt. Whether that also means I'm closing out particularly effective techniques simply because I decide they won't work for me is difficult to say, as I've always tried to give suggestions a fair trial.


    There's something else on my mind. I've been considering how my dreams have changed lately, and I know I've talked about this before. Nonlucid dreams feel more lucid, like I'm always by default at layer 0. I've talked a lot about how a lot of really intense nonlucid dreams feel dulled out because I have a vauge awareness that what is happening is not really, but don't really break through and become lucid. In some sense I feel like after six years, even my scattered and non-unified efforts have had an effect on my dreams, shifting the entire spectrum of nonlucids a little bit lucid. Meanwhile, lucid dreams have become less clear and looking through my most recent few pages of DJ entries I can find quite a few places where the nonlucid lack of logic is infiltrating and intermingling with lucid logic, and a few places where I used the blue "Lucid color" where things should have actually been teal or green. It's almost as though nonlucid dreams are becoming more lucid and lucid dreams are becoming more nonlucid, and over the past few years the two have slowly become meshed together until now, like my past two entries, I'm semi lucid and constantly alternating my state between the two. This is what makes me feel like lucidity is a choice rather than a discovery. I sort of relate it to a space mission to colonize the moon. (In fact I relate lucid dreaming to space travel a lot.) The first time you do it, it's a big deal, and you're just happy to be there. But once you've been to the moon a couple times you want to start doing more with being there. You want to bring things with you, go to specific places and maybe establish your presence there. Getting to the moon is now no longer a question of "can I" but, how do we get the time, energy, and people to fly the rocket that we know works because we've done it two dozen times.

    Okay maybe not a great example; I feel like I'm digressing. But it was this logic, that I need to just 'power up' these semi-lucids and layer 0's is what led me to want to meditate. If I can be more focused and alert, I can break through and become fully lucid in these situations, hence why meditation is key. But maybe I need to do more mindfulness oriented meditation and less subject oriented ones for it to work. Though it's that same logic that failed last time despite me having so much confidence in the idea.

    Regardless, I have an insatiable itch to try my med and chart technique again even though it failed horribly last time. I'm keeping an open mind to possible changes I might make to my system, however.

    But waking life should be my focus until exams are over. Doesn't mean I can't focus on LD at all, just I shouldn't get obsessed with it.

    One other thing that I meditated on is Spellbee's comp going on. I used to be really adverse to lucid dreaming comps because I thought they were a sort of bastardization of lucid dreaming, turning a passive, relaxing and fun activity into a soulless game of efficiency of dream control feats and lucid chains. I always argued with myself that lucid dreaming should follow the philosophy of my Taekwondo studio, compete against yourself to be better than you were, and don't worry about others. But I suppose I can re-orient your way of thinking that to participating in a lucid dream comp and only focusing on how I improve relative to myself rather than making it into a big old dick measuring contest among my fellow lucid dreamers. I'm competing to see what I can accomplish, not how many people I can preform more dream control feats than. Though if that were the case then I could just score myself whenever I wanted and using my own system. (Given I have some qualms with the standard LD comp scoring system and it's heavy emphasis on dream control, offering only peanuts to NLDs and nothing for the waking work you do.) After all I still feel like I've accomplished something by doing meditation and RCs, even if no LD results from it, and I would like to feel like I've somehow 'won' just by doing all the work.

    Yet I still feel driven to set a goal for myself; to build myself up and participate in the next competition. (They happen every 3 months so the next one will be in August.) So in some regard I must enjoy the slingshot of motivation that I get from competing against others, even though I recognize it's a philosophy I disagree with. (I suppose it can't be that harmful given that comps don't happen all the time.) Though I've always felt comps were destructive to those who don't do well. Lucid dreaming relies a lot on your confidence level and if your confidence is flattened by seeing lucid dreamers that vastly outperform you (especially those who put in a lot less work.) Heck, when I did particpate in comps, I did pretty well, but in the intermediate league, there were always one or two dreamers light years ahead of the pack, and I still felt like I was a failure.

    Maybe comps are a bad idea because (as a kid this wasn't a problem for me.) But I've become the type of person who internally set the bar for myself very high. I don't have to be the best at something, but I have to be pretty damn good in order for me to be satisfied with myself. I'm sometimes tempted to say that every comp had something unfortunate that impacted my results. (In one comp, I fell ill the first week, in another, my dad had a kidney stone the day the comp started and we spent two nights in the hospital with him, and in yet another the day the comp began coincided with a family vacation that led to more disrupted sleep and little time for RCs.) And this is what tempts me to want to try just one more time.

    Also who's to say that by participating in dreamviews at all I'm not putting myself into that kind of environment. After all even if I'm not entered into a comp, I'm still exposed to other dreamer's stories of success and failure, and many of them are much more skilled than I, and I've managed to not let competitiveness decay my motives. (Or perhaps I have and I'm just not able to admit that to myself yet.)

    Though I want to try one more time, for the sake of having a goal set for myself. I want to participate in spell's summer comp (too late for the current one, and I don't feel like starting in the second week.) I want to get 'in shape' first, charge in and dominate the comp. That would be a good goal to set for myself. But I don't want to become the demoralizing villain that dominates the intermediate league. Perhaps a goal to set to motivate and center myself on lucid dreaming would be to participate in the summer comp, but build myself up to the point that I could be confident in my ability participate in the expert league. I wouldn't demoralize any less experienced intermediates and the simple confidence booster of being able to call myself an 'expert league participant' would be nice. I'm guessing I will not be at one lucid a night, after three months of work, but I will probably be doing pretty good, and this comp will be a nice stepping stone to my final goal, if all goes well. Of course the option to abort and reconsider is always on the table.

    I just need a direction to go.

    So let's start getting in shape; well after exams, of course.

    (I had more I wanted to say about what went through my head during this meditation, but my mom's cat is making dough on my sweater and typing has become awkward.)

    I dreamed semi lucidly that I was going for a jog. It was summertime and very warm and sunny outside and I was jogging through an area that I have never seen before IWL. There was an asphalt bike path that I followed through first a park area with a playground and a some slides. It then took me by a river with some large willow trees growing by the water and some tall pagoda-like houses across the way. The path made a left and went alongside a railroad track and an abandoned warehouse with piles of scrap metal and broken concrete in its front yard.

    I view myself in third person and notice that I am in my dream avatar body. This causes me to become more lucid. I begin flying on fire jets above the path and getting a view of the area. Nowhere nearby do I recognize any landmarks. I do see an elderly man driving a large red tractor/ATV type vehicle down the path a ways ahead of me. He attempts to go around a sharp turn too fast (maybe 40 miles per hour) and crashes into a metal telephone pole. The crash looks pretty bad and wreck rolls over the man into a ditch.

    At first I don't even want to look at the crash for fear of what I might see, but my continence/semi lucidity kicks in and with only vague and confused awareness that it is a dream character and that I don't really have a reason to go help. I consider calling 911 but then consider again how annoying and unreliable dream phones often are. So I turn around and land. The crash is every bit as grizzly as I expected and the elderly man's legs and lower body are completely gone and his guts are hanging out. But somehow he's still alive, and everything above his bellybutton is completely unharmed. He's in a lot of pain and screaming in pain but I can tell he's fading fast.

    I talked in my previous rant about how I haven't come up with any new dream control spells and have confirmed that all of my original ones work. I figure I can still use my three pillars of dream control and just plain English. My first priority is to put him out of his pain. I raise my hand to the man laying in the heap.


    The man stops screaming and is knocked out. I then point at him with two fingers, presumably to represent the arteries that carry blood away from the heart and the veins that carry the blood back.

    "Stop bleeding."

    All the blood disappears and stops coming out of him. I think some other bits of his lower body that were lying around disappeared too. I spread my hands apart wide and try to imagine completing his skeleton. I closed them in together.

    "Reconstruct Skeleton."

    There was a bed of gravel to my right, by the side of the trail. Hundreds of small white stones came alive from the gravel and rolled together forming the rest of his spine and the bones in his upper legs. I had to repeat the command and hand motion four or five times before his skeleton was actually complete. The dream began fading out here but I was so intensely focused on my dream control that I tried to ignore it and hurry up to finish before I ran out of time.

    I wondered how I would get flesh to cover the lower half of his skeleton once more and decided to pull and stretch the part of his body that was covered in flesh and imagine it growing to restore him fully. I began doing so psychically, manipulating his body to grow and stretch over the new bones. I lost the dream and woke up.

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    Teleportation, fire ants, Evil Jackathan

    by JadeGreen on 04-15-2017 at 04:53 PM
    Spoiler for another really long side notes:
    Motivation and Goal Setting

    Motivation was always a funny thing when it came to lucid dreaming. I always found it sort of strange that people complain about being unmotivated to lucid dream, but when I think about it, it sometimes starts to make sense. Lucid dreaming is at least in some ways like most skills in where you practice and improve over time.

    I’d be inclined to compare it to exercise and getting in shape, since it often seems to me like stretches of consistent practice produce the best results and stretches of inactivity result in you gradually slowing down. And like exercise people always want the results, the flat belly and toned arms, but nobody ever wants to do the work to get there. I’ve always made an effort to make the work of attaining lucidity fun but rarely had much success.

    I sometimes wonder if it’s even possible to be unmotivated for something that you to some degree want to do. Somebody who plans on going to the gym but decides not to is doing so through the economic principle opportunity cost, only we’re dealing in the person’s time, rather than their money. They want to go to the gym, but they want to do something else more. Work on lucid dreaming is much the same way. I want to go to bed at 10 and have a really long and satisfying lucid dream, but I also want to stay up until midnight and play video games. And given that even if I go to bed on time and say mantras while I’m falling asleep, I only have a partial chance of actually having a lucid dream as I’ve had many experiences in where I attempt to undertake something like this only to wake up at 7:00am without a shred of dream recall to show for it.

    So simple risk analysis takes over and I figure I have a 100% chance of making use of my free time and enjoying it by playing a game, or a 25% chance of enjoying it on the off chance I lucid dream. It’s pretty easy for the rug to be pulled out from underneath lucid dreamers in that regard, especially ones attempting regular nightly practice, and perhaps this is why so many people find themselves unmotivated. It’s not that they’re unmotivated to lucid dream, it’s that other things are more motivating. Though I would argue that reviewing one’s goals from time to time can be a very good way to keep focused on priorities.

    Now of course say one was locked in solitary confinement without any games, or really any distractions whatsoever, most anyone who was familiar with even just the basics of lucid dreaming would probably become pretty proficient pretty quick, given they had no alternative usage of their time other than to commit their energy to perfecting their lucid dreaming technique.

    Regardless, one of the things I wanted to do here was list all of the goals that I have set for myself since forever. Now this is not an exhaustive list, because some of the goals are very personal.

    So obviously the goal was nightly lucidity to start with. Now I actually made this goal only about a few weeks after I became invested in LD. One funny specific about the goal that I have adhered to is that it only needs to be one lucid dream per night. When I set this goal I was relatively unfamiliar with chained lucid dreaming and the idea that you could have multiple lucid dreams in one night, and when I did learn about it, I decided to refine the goal to say that lucid dreaming every night but only once per night was my goal; with more lucid dreams being considered just “frosting on the cake.”

    After that I would say my goals fairly cleanly subdivide into two categories; goals that would relate to self betterment and have a more serious tone, and things that I wanted to embark upon simply for the enjoyment of experiencing them within the dream world. Since the self-betterment goals will Segway nicely into my next topic, I will list my more superficial goals first.

    I mentioned this on chat with MadMonkey a few nights ago; but I’ve always imagined wanting to go to some kind of dream-rave or music concert. I’m not a very auditory person and visuals are often what drive my dreams forward, but I’ve heard some fairly interesting dream-music in the past and would like to study it via a musical concert.

    Upon hearing of the discovery of the trappist-1 system, I had the idea of flying to the system and checking out all seven of the planets for myself. I’ve flown at FTL speeds before in dreams, so this goal would be pretty easy to accomplish.

    Development of dream spells is another one. When I came up with the idea, I made a short list of spell words that I wanted to try and utilize in the dream. As of today, every spell I originally created. (Semper Stabelem, Tesseractus, Feminosa, Mascusona, Cohete Bombad, Cohete Pyrosa, Ageionirus, and Vestimente, with a few others that I made up on the fly) have all been tested and the three-pronged approach to dream control. This overlaps with some other dream control oriented goals such as learning the last two elements, Air and Earth.

    I once had a fantasy that upon learning some secret holy grail of lucid dreaming I would begin regularly doing the dreamviews Task of the Months. If I ever ran out of things to do I could start working backwards doing every single task of the month ever posted. Granted somebody who had attained nightly lucidity and was as lucid as I am envisioning could probably tank through the entirety of dreamviews TOTMs and TOTYs since 2004 comfortably in a year, given they completed each month’s worth of tasks in one night. TOTYs are generally multi parters. This would not be something that would be done all at once, obviously. Really I’ve always just kept such a ludicrous idea in consideration in the back of my head whenever I try and argue with myself that I would quickly become bored should I attain this level of lucidity.

    Progression of narrative. In having knowledge of my dreams, they follow a narrative through the main characters. It’s not a very original or cohesive narrative, but there is one there. One I might find satisfaction in progressing and improving upon with new dream characters and storylines. Writing down a cohesive version of this narrative is one of my goals for an upcoming rant of this nature.

    Shared dreaming. I always felt as though this concept could only be truly explored by somebody who had attained this level of nightly lucidity. I’m somewhat of a skeptic of shared dreaming but I remain open to the idea that it is a possibility. Regardless if I had limitless nightly lucidity at my disposal, I might find this an interesting subject matter to explore.

    Though honestly that’s about it for the list. In my years of intermittent lucidity, I have taken care of most of these more superficial, wish fufillment type goals hence why I have difficulty fully fleshing out the list.

    The second half of my goals are largely personal and I do not feel comfortable discussing them on this forum. Therefore these goals will be censored and kept to my private copy of this document, except for one, for the sake of example. This of course being my habit of finger biting. This is equal parts goal and hypothesis. I have had this habit since I was a toddler/baby and never really broken out of it, no matter what I tried. (I’ve even tried using that stuff that makes your fingernails taste bad, and still the habit persisted.) I envisioned that I could somehow dive into a dream and deprogram the habit subconsciously. How exactly this would manifest would vary. (I seem to recall one user suggesting that I manifest the habit as an opponent and defeat it in combat, given my propensity for dream combat.)

    Regardless these are the goals that I have had more difficulty reaching; mainly because they require more focus and a higher level of lucidity than I am currently attaining on a semi-regular basis.

    Semi Lucidity

    Something that I noticed that I believe I pointed out in my previous rant without going into too much detail about was my instances of semi lucidity and how dreams are continually blurring the line between lucid and non-lucid and somehow it seems that I am both lucid and non-lucid at the same time. Last night’s dream provides an excellent example of this. Notice how from moment to moment my actions can be attributed to lucidity, non-lucidity and evidence unclear, impractical thinking.

    I also cannot recall if I talked about feeling like I’m always subconciously lucid but not always choosing to act upon that knowledge and having the fortitude to bring that lucid into the forefront.

    *checks previous rant*

    Yeah, I did talk about this. In fact, I’m not really sure how to expand upon it.

    Anyways, more ranblings from the back of my brain.

    I am at my college campus crossed with a beach/coastal environment. Across the bay is the skyline of a large, modern city with glass skyscrapers. I am sitting at a cafe with Marcus. He explains to me that he is going to divide himself into two and put a portion of himself in a small robot orb that will follow me around. He explains how his purpose is to gather and analyze data and being able to have a portion of himself with me at all times will allow him to gather data, and in return the device can offer ways of assisting me. Of course I agree on the terms that I can disband the orb if I need privacy.

    I learn that the orb is something like the ghosts from destiny, at least in functionality. I think in dream, it even works similarly to where I hold out my hand and with some expectation can summon the device into existence and communicate with it. Supposedly its data gathering functionality is only active when I summon the device. The dream begins to change gears. My old astronomy professor wants me to meet him at the top of the science building on my college campus so that I can help him to catch a rare pokemon in Pokemon Go.

    I go to the top of the observatory. Upon getting to the top floor of the building I see a huge cavernous and messy room with many very flimsy wooden walkways suspended around the room, going up inside the empty telescope dome. Some are built up on rotting scaffoldings and others hang from rusty chains or old ropes from the ceiling. I begin making my way up until I eventually climb all the way up to another stable level where there is a large fountain being installed on the topmost level of the building. I manage to get up there and talk to the professor only for him to be let down by the fact that I have never played Pokemon Go. In my semi lucidity I said to him.

    "Kerbal space program, I like it better than constantly getting punched in the pokeballs."

    I have a false memory that upon completing one of the older gamebody pokemon games through cheating, I am taken to a secret area, a long canyon with pale white rocks strewn about and pink flowers everywhere. I have to face a number of difficult trainers that I have faced before in the game who have even stronger pokemon now, but with no healing items or breaks in-between. At the end I get to this computer terminal and get to enter my name on the leaderboards but choose not to do it because I got here through cheating.

    When I finish telling the story and visualizing it, my professor tells me that he will raise my grade from a C- to a B-. He then tells me that it will be dark soon and if I want to I can go up to the observatory with him and look at the planets. This entails climbing more rickety wooden walkways. We eventually get up in the observatory that looks the same as it does IWL. There are a number of tables with small telescopes and optical instruments arrayed on them. My high school crush is there wearing nothing but an unbuttoned shirt sticking one of the telescopes up her *ahem* and really enjoying it.

    I bring up the Marcus orb and ask it to analyze this entity and figure out how to remove it. He says that the threat level is very low but he knows her composition and can remove her if I can get her to come close. I signal for her to come to me and she walks over. I can see her acting like a sex zombie and I only need one look to tell she's going to start undressing me the moment she gets in reach. But a white painted plywood trapdoor opens underneath her and she falls into the room of wooden walkways and other junk below. When I look down there nobody is there, however.


    The dream cuts to a portion in where I am floating on the ocean near the campus on a floating log. I bring up the orb again and ask it:

    "How do I get to shore?"

    "Yoga is the heaviest element on the periodic table."

    "That's comprehensive."

    I then see that the orb has gotten wet and think that it might be malfunctioning. I eventually float up to a sandbar and decide I need to head back to the college campus. I decide to attempt the teleportation command.


    It works, I'm back on campus. But I want to get to another part of campus and there are fire ants crawling all over the sidewalk. I think to myself that I will want to wear shoes to get across this part of campus.

    "Take me to a place where I can find shoes! Tesseractus!" (Being awake and fully aware now I'm not at all certain why I didn't just teleport past the area with the fire ants.) Regardless I found myself on a beach on Manei's island and she was swimming in the ocean and had left her sandals on the beach. I'm sure she really appreciated me warping in, taking her shoes, and warping away. I got back to the same area but her shoes were sandals and they were too big. I was able to with a fair amount of focus, shrink them to fit me but I couldn't convert them to another type of shoes.

    I started running through the area with fire ants but they were crawling on me anyway. I got through the area to this cafe by the side of the ocean and started picking off the fire ants that were all over my legs and arms. I kept thinking I had gotten them all but would feel one more bite me somewhere, and each time I found one they were getting larger until I was finding ants the size of house mice climbing up my leg. Eventually I wound up jumping back into the ocean to get them off.


    I was back in the college astronomy/science building. I was walking with two friends who I have never known before. One was a very short girl with black hair and freckles and the other was a tall, skinny, almost bald boy. I saw the Jack/Jonathan fusion character walking upstairs but when he saw the three of us he ran at us and grabbed the tall friend and began smearing his face on the bricks in a very gruesome fashion.

    The black haired girl suggested we run and don't get involved but I said that was cowardly and we needed to get someone who would help. We ran outside and saw three people in blue military uniforms with guns and shouted help. They started coming in but when we got back in the tall friend was gone along with the blood on the wall and he was acting innocent. The military people left and the Jackathan character came after me.

    I became semi lucid once more and realized I had to fight. Jackathan throws a punch and I block but there is an absurd amount of power behind his strikes and even being increasingly lucid I'm not able to take him on directly. I attempt to teleport without the voice command and visualize myself sliding behind him. It works. I appear behind him and elbow him in the back. This seemed to actually do some damage. He turns around and with some effort I'm able to teleport above him and lock my legs around his neck and twist to break his neck. He falls over and I get up, though I sense the dream is ending. I look at the fallen character and see it slowly morphs into Jack and Jonathan inside of larger clothes. The two wake up and they are embarrassed that they are naked inside of one large outfit.

    I have to write my second long post on dream goals and motivation, so I might update this DJ with it or just have it come out with the next one.

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