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    Star Wars 2-Night Dream, Dream Character High School

    by JadeGreen on 08-15-2017 at 07:02 PM
    I am in my high school spanish classroom. The teacher is talking about a project that is due on monday, and says there is nothing planned for the next few minutes of class, meaning the students are free to do what they want. Some of the people in the class are dream characters or just imagined people and others are friends from WL. Students are talking about having a party over the weekend. I was considering going to the party for a bit just to hang out and then going home, and not staying for the whole thing.

    Jack (my DC) says something about bringing lots of food to the party. Somebody else responded by saying they had a "big bag". In the context of the dream this was a slang term that meant someone ate a lot. I think the term was derived from like a big grocery bag.


    I was on the swamp planet from star wars (checks wookiepedia) Dagobah. I am learning how to be a Jedi with the help of Luke Skywalker and Yoda. Yoda says something about how practicing not enough for something and overtraining yourself are both equally bad things to do, and that one must find balance somewhere in the middle. Luke skywalker tells me that while I do have potential in the force, I do not have very much, so I should take things very slowly to learn to be a Jedi.

    I end up constructing a lightsaber out of spare parts, though it has a small handle and short blue blade.


    The dream actually continued the next night (Last night) as I remembered previous events being relevant and still having the small blue lightsaber handy. I was the captain of a rebel ship. The admiral tells me the empire is coming and star destroyers appear and a space battle starts.

    The dream shows this unusual angle of the battle. I order the fighters launched from my ship and some of them chase each other down to the planets surface. I see the battle happening near the surface of the planet. There is a large highway with hovercars on it and alongside the highway there are these huge statues of mushrooms with faces on the stems the size of skyscrapers. A few are complete but most of them have scaffolding and internal framework as though they are being constructed.

    I then notice that our ship is now disabled while I was distracted watching the fight near the surface and we're pulled into the hangar of the star destroyer (just like in the opening of A New Hope). I leave the command room and head to the hatch where the stormtroopers come in, and when they blow down the door I start fighting them. I hold a gun in my right hand and the mini lightsaber in my left, using it to block shots while also shooting back.

    I notice how easy this is. I'm covering my squad and taking out the enemy without any real effort. I figure I must be using the force and not knowing it. I get excited and think to myself "maybe I can fight off all the stormtroopers and get control of the star destroyer, then use that to hyperdrive back to a safe place, and bring a large, powerful ship with me." That is of course, where I lost the dream and woke up.

    Psychopath Restaurant, Wheel Spaceship

    by JadeGreen on 08-09-2017 at 02:11 PM
    I was applying for a job at a restaurant and was coming in on my first day. My to-be boss was telling me about the job I would have to do. It had something to do with waiting tables but wasn't very hard he told me. I said something about not liking the fact that I had to drive so far to get to work. He then gave me a uniform and told me to go change in the closet.

    I went to go change in a utility closet and heard someone shouting on the other side of the wall. I moved a lose brick and saw my friends brother tied to a chair in a closed off room getting tortured and cut with knives by two people that looked exactly like the boss. They were cutting off pieces of his belly and his fingers and putting them into a bucket to later be put into the food served at the restaurant

    I saw the boss behind me with a syringe full of what I presumed to be a tranquilizer. I should have been really scared but I must have been semi lucid, to the point where I recognized that there was no real threat, but didn't recognize that I was dreaming. I ran under his legs and got out of the restaurant. I later heard from someone that the manager was interested in me because I was one of the only people who got away.


    The dream flashed back to when I was a kid who was (I think 11) and I had been to the same restaurant with my parents. I found a strange object in my food that was rubbery and looked like a chunk of human skin with some meat underneath it. I thought it was something weird and threw it away.


    The dream was extremely cinematic. Some kind of opera/choir woman was singing in the background and the dream scenes looked to be shot like movie frames. There were two little girls and a boy with long white hair who looked like a young version of dreamcafe's guide Dawn playing in a meadow surrounded by flowers and trees while a group of four of five older adults sat on a picnic blanket. The sun went dark as though it were being eclipsed and everyone stopped playing.

    It then showed a guy with a chin-strap beard and a lot of tattoos making out with a girl on the beach somewhere and the sun went dark from their point of view. The sun was still in the sky but was just a small point of light, like a bright star and the rest was surrounded by something. My vision moved up and I saw the alien spacecraft and the singing lady got louder. It looked like a huge wheel with a hole in the middle. The entire spacecraft was made up of thin black supports that sometimes were connected and other times floated independently of the main structure. From far away the supports looked homogenous and straight, but close examination showed they were made of gnarled and twisted roots that looked like blood vessels.

    A black goo blob materialized in the center of the spaceship. It took on a blocky humanoid form then returned to being a goo blob, then went back and became a human skeleton. It then became a number of organs and muscles which fitted themselves to the skeleton. I think it had two brains though, one in the head and a smaller one where the heart should have been. Skin appeared over it and the whole thing turned from black into a normal human being. I became that person and the dream ended.

    Harry Potter at the Battle of Hoth

    by JadeGreen on 08-04-2017 at 02:15 PM
    I actually had a double lucid the other day, but saved it for my private DJ because the dreams dealt with things I thought were best kept private.

    I am watching a 9th Harry potter movie. The movie shows his 8th year at Hogwarts, presumably a remedial year since (minor spoilers) he isn't at Hogwarts for the entirety of his seventh year. Herominie gets kidnapped by peter pettigrew and is being held at wandpoint at the top of the Ravenclaw tower. He is threatening to use the killing curse on her and Harry and Ron are running up spiral stairs to get there and save her. Harry says he could try to apparate and does.

    The movie changes to what looks like the battle of Hoth. There are some minor differences; the rebel base is at the end of a long ice canyon and seems much more well fortified. The rebel troops are lining up in trenches and getting the turrets ready and the AT-AT walkers are approaching in the distance.

    Harry apparates in then changes into a huge white wolf with blue eyes. He tries to change back but cannot figure out how and starts having a panic attack. The rebel troops think he's a threat and start shooting at him but their shots don't seem to be doing much damage. While the rebels are busy trying to kill harry as the wolf, they forget about fighting the walkers and the AT-ATs destroy their shield generator.

    The dream 'zooms back' and I am watching TV in the living room. My mom comes in and complains that this movie is bad and changes the channel to a rodeo. On the channel there is a woman with no top on and a huge red foam cowboy hat. She has an unrealistically thin stomach and wide hips doing some kind of sexualized dance while talking about rodeo statistics.

    "Huh I guess they're allowing boobs on TV now." I said to myself. Manei and S appear and they want to play monopoly. They get out the board game and start setting up all these pieces. I don't know what game we wound up playing but it was not monopoly. We played with a miniature figurine of a pikmin and tried to get to the top of this metal slide and if you got a bad roll with your dice you would slide back down and have to start over.


    I was buying lunch for a few of my friends. I couldn't decide wether to pay with cash or with my debit card.

    Halo Reach 2, Exploding eggs.

    by JadeGreen on 07-30-2017 at 05:04 PM
    I am a spartan (Like from Halo). I am in this war screen where I can select a mission and I select one at random; not being given any actual information about what the mission entails. When I arrive at the mission I am in an abandoned city and it is snowing. Small children start coming out of the derelict buildings. Some have small guns, others have sharp objects. One kid has a baseball bat with nails in it. I take him to be the leader. They start attacking me and draining my shield; but I decide that I'm not killing children so I run into a corner and throw a grenade at the ground to kill myself.

    The grenade explodes but doesn't kill me. I go flying comically high and land in a forested park just a few blocks from where I was. I see some kind of fight between two battle mechs and escape in a banshee.

    I get assigned to another mission. This time, I must go with Noble team from Halo Reach. Though this time I don't think all the characters are there. The mission starts with Emile sitting on the toilet and I walked in on him by accident. When I did he said "Do you mind, I'm attempting to deliver an explosive payload?"

    Kat, Carter and Jun then said we had to get going. We walked through a soccer field then some forests, then stole a small motorboat and crossed a large lake. We then got onto a military transport and started driving towards our destination. I remember getting annoyed and yelling to the rest of the team and saying that I was going to give the game a bad review for not having any real action sequences in it.


    My mom wanted to give me a half birthday present. One of her friends was here and had a video recorder. She showed me medium-sized pyramid of presents in the driveway sitting on a blanket on a card table. I opened one of the presents and it was a carton of 36 strange looking oblong eggs. They then began shaking and bouncing everywhere and one of them flew in my face and exploded into yellow-green goo that smelled really bad.

    My mom wouldn't explain it and was just laughing while her friend looked at the recording.

    Crappy Dreams (Literaly)

    by JadeGreen on 07-27-2017 at 03:00 AM
    I've been diligently DJing in private the past few days, but apparently after my last short lucid, my subcon has taken a particular interest in "number 2's" and the past few nights have been full of bizzare and gross dreams about poo and toilets.

    I have no idea what actually caused this.