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    Regular Dream Characters

    Dream Characters

    -Manei: My dream guide. Apparently her full name is Maneimonei Qui Tarr, but I did the kindness and made that short and sweet. You're going to be hearing about this character a lot. I don't know why, I have an overly active DG. Like majorly over active. Search 'Manei' in DJ entries and you will see practically all of my lucid dreams, and even some nonlucid ones.
    Manei is an odd dream guide to say the least. I always think about how I expected dream guides to be like teachers, but she's more of the goofy and playful type.

    This picture has grown on me. It's not perfect but I still like it.

    Spoiler for Manei:

    -Marcus. A dream character that I befriended and became a recurring dream character. He seems to be an inventor/scientist/enterprenuer who creates sci-fi technologies within my dreams. He used to appear in my dreams very often. I don't see him as much any more, but he still comes around from time to time.

    I really like this picture. My roommate says he looks like Walter White from Breaking Bad. I think he looks more like Steve Jobs+The guy from Vsauce.
    Spoiler for Marcus:

    -Jack. This was Manei's boyfriend for awhile, but I think they broke up or something. He seemed like the Jock/Ladies man type guy. I never really knew much about him.

    -Jonathan/Sai. This was my dream nemesis/evil dream guide for some time. I mention him in some of my oldest DJ entries but I managed to remove him recently through autosuggestion.

    Get the full story about my dream characters, signs, powers and goals here. http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/jade...mblings-53455/

    RL Dream characters

    -My Mother-She works as a graphic designer
    -My Father-He works as a computer programmer
    -My Grandmother (Mother's Side)-Recently passed away, appears in dreams often.
    -My Grandparents (Father's Side)-appear in dreams often
    -A-A good (and slightly psychotic friend of mine) who occasionally induces nightmares to lucid dream.
    -H-He likes music and the game Borderlands.
    -K-My longest-lasting friendship of mine that I rarely see.
    -S-A friend of mine who heavily enjoys creating online cartoons. I think S is a lucid dreamer who uses a very odd method to induce dreams based off of his hands.
    -R-A childhood friend of mine who moved long ago.
    -J-Another friend of mine who moved long ago, R's brother.
    -C-A friend of mine who is sort of spiritual. She don't do much lucid dreaming, but she knows alot about spiritual things like chackras and what not.
    -D-My freshman college roommate.

    To Do:

    -Ask Manei why she appears more often than a regular dream guide.

    -Ask Manei if I can have a new, non derogatory dream name.

    -Give Manei the hair clip from the first lucid dream.

    -Ask Marcus if he has a 'Dream Name'.

    -Bend all four elements in the same dream.

    -Finish destroying the lucid barrier if I find that necessary.

    -TOTM: Face my biggest fear.

    1. Spaceship Crash-Somewhat Lousy Recall

      by , 10-28-2014 at 12:11 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something shocked me into remembering many a more details about this dream.

      Something to do with some comedy movie that was mocking character tropes and cliches.

      I was exploring the outer reaches of A solar system with a large, highly advanced spacecraft.
      If I can remember correctly it was a single star system and a subsystem of binary gas planets, a green one and a milky white one. The green one was much smaller. Each one had an inner system of moons in its own gravity and there was an outer system of moons orbiting the common center of mass that both gas planets created.
      Eventually I found a moon with earth like conditions in a tight orbit around the green planet.
      I entered the atmosphere and intended to land near the ocean at the north pole, but as we were coming in near the shore, there was some kind of malfunction and we were coming in way too fast. I think the ship had wings but they were malfunctioning and not generating any lift. Landing there was going to be impossible, there were all these black rock towers amid the sandy beach area. My only choice was to turn the ship completely around and use the main engines to push us the other way. Two of them struck a rock tower as we came in and the ship 'landed' on its rear end with two less engines than it started with.
      Me and the others got out and saw how bad the damage was. Pretty bad. Two of the engines were completely gone, and the ship was pretty banged up from the impact. The hull entire hull had bent about 10 degrees, so we basically had no hope of every flying again.
      We figured it was good that everyone had survived and that at least we were on a planet with earth like conditions. We made contact with 'base' and asked about rescue.
      I began looking around at the different plant life on the planet. There were these fern-like plants with green and pruple pineapple like fruits on them. I asked one of the scientists if it was possible that we could use those as food; I didn't know if they were poisonous or not.
      I recall this scene were everyone got out of the spacecraft. It was very strange because there were only like twelve of us and the spacecraft was huge.
      The atmosphere became foggy and grey.
      I should really draw the ship we were on. It looked really cool...

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    2. LD #101, The moon gets destroyed. More Planets

      by , 07-31-2014 at 12:18 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I am in my school's courtyard, but it feels different, like everything is facing the wrong way. S and A are there, along with a huge crowd of students. I think that my grandparents were there as well.
      I've gotten sick of dreaming up these scenes and not becoming lucid, so I began preparing specifically for them. And this time I actually wound up
      S, A and I are waiting for someone else. (C?) Upon becoming lucid I forget the plot of the dream and decide to manifest my dream guide. I think I saw her somewhere in the crowd for like a second. I decide to try and text her for some reason. I take out my phone and open up my contacts. Sure enough she is in there.
      I look in our text messages, and most of them are messages that she has sent to me. Some of them are written in an illegible language. She messages me something.
      I don't know why but I want to reply 'lol' to it. Now comes the hard part. Text messaging in a lucid dream.
      So sure enough I try several times to write a message, but it always changes. Eventually I just commit. I just look at the keyboard, type 'lol' and hit send before the words can change. Woot! Text messaged in a dream!
      I wake up moments after sending the text.

      Me and some friends are traveling on an escape pod from a much larger vessel in space. We had gone far out below the plane of the galaxy. Apparently we had been in cryo-sleep for hundreds of years, that being the reason for our desolate location.
      Upon awakening I took to the controls and tried to correct our course to return us to the galaxy. Took some doing given the fact that I couldn't tell what direction our ship was facing and only had some sort of galactic compass to help me.
      We went back into cryo for another few hundred years and when we came out we found we had returned to the galaxy. We began flying past a solar system and the dream changed. The plot about the escape pod was lost. I was taken out and the presence appeared.

      The presence showed the orbital arcs of the planets in a solar system. There were dozens of planets in this system, far more than our own solar system. Most of them were orbiting in the same line as the galaxy, but maybe five or six were orbiting 'vertically', going up over the poles of the star.
      The presence began explaining that this solar system (It was called the Var system) was the result of two solar systems colliding. We fly in close to the star and see that this in fact a triple star system. There is a large blue star, a medium sized yellow star, also orbiting vertically and a small red star farther out.
      The presence explains to me that this was the result of two solar systems colliding with one another. Their centers of gravity merged. It also explains that it is very dangerous because the planets in polar orbits could collide with the planets in regular orbits.

      And then, I'm back at my house. I look outside, and rising in the east is the moon, but it looks different... Holy @#$%...
      Something like that only the moon looks as though it's actively being destroyed. The entire moon is 'smoking' and explosions are erupting out of the surface. It was by far some of the most vivid imagery I have ever seen in a dream. About half the moon was gone when I saw it.
      Everybody is outside, watching in awe at the destruction. Then, what was left of it exploded in a massive blast, as if the death star had just done a test run there.
      I waited 10...15...20...25...seconds. After about a minute a wall of high-speed meteors slammed into the earth's atmosphere. Debris of all sizes impacted. One was even close enough to cause a sonic boom and take out the windows in everyone's houses.
      I run inside. My parents say to get my things, we are evacuating. I run upstairs and get my computer. I think to check the news and see why the moon exploded. No, no time. I get my computer, a '25' dollar bill and my crystal that I use for meditation. For some reason it looks like I wrote all over it with a black magic marker.

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    3. Flying though space

      by , 03-29-2012 at 02:22 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I actually had this dream a few days ago and forgot to write about it until now. Writing about my dreams seems to impact my dream recall, so it's important that I write about dreams that I've had every chance that I get.

      I was watching a spaceship fly though a galaxy. I can remember the ship looking a little bit like a sports car with rocket boosters on the back of it. The ship was made out of cheap-looking metal plates and had a bluish glass over the cockpit.
      The spaceship finally arrived at what seemed to be it's destination. A yellowish-white star with several planets around it. I can remember being able to see all of the planets in one view.
      There was a rocky planet, probably about the size of earth very close to the star. But it was red like mars. Then there was a planet a little further out that looked like the moon.
      The spaceship arrived at two gas giants. One of them was green and had two rings around it sort of forming an X. The other was purple and had a large moon that I think was covered in ice. This seemed to be the planet that the spaceship was headed to but the dream ended at this point.

      I've had dreams like this before. I'm not sure what they mean.

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