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    The Quest for Nightly Lucidity

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    Regular Dream Characters

    Dream Characters

    -Manei: My dream guide. Apparently her full name is Maneimonei Qui Tarr, but I did the kindness and made that short and sweet. You're going to be hearing about this character a lot. I don't know why, I have an overly active DG. Like majorly over active. Search 'Manei' in DJ entries and you will see practically all of my lucid dreams, and even some nonlucid ones.

    -Marcus. A dream character that I befriended and became a recurring dream character. He seems to be an inventor who creates sci-fi technologies within my dreams. He seems to have left, but he's referenced a lot in my earlier DJ entries.

    Get the full story about my dream characters, signs, powers and goals here. http://www.dreamviews.com/blogs/jade...mblings-53455/

    People from WL

    -My Mother-She works as a graphic designer
    -My Father-He works as a computer programmer
    -My Grandmother (Mother's Side)-Recently passed away, appears in dreams often.
    -My Grandparents (Father's Side)-appear in dreams often
    -A-A good (and slightly psychotic friend of mine) who occasionally induces nightmares to lucid dream.
    -H-He likes music and the game Borderlands.
    -K-My longest-lasting friendship of mine that I rarely see.
    -S-A friend of mine who heavily enjoys creating online cartoons. I think S is a lucid dreamer who uses a very odd method to induce dreams based off of his hands.
    -R-A childhood friend of mine who moved long ago.
    -J-Another friend of mine who moved long ago, R's brother.
    -C-A friend of mine who is sort of spiritual. She don't do much lucid dreaming, but she knows alot about spiritual things like chackras and what not.
    -D-My freshman college roommate.

    1. Flying though space

      by , 03-29-2012 at 02:22 AM (The Quest for Nightly Lucidity)
      I actually had this dream a few days ago and forgot to write about it until now. Writing about my dreams seems to impact my dream recall, so it's important that I write about dreams that I've had every chance that I get.

      I was watching a spaceship fly though a galaxy. I can remember the ship looking a little bit like a sports car with rocket boosters on the back of it. The ship was made out of cheap-looking metal plates and had a bluish glass over the cockpit.
      The spaceship finally arrived at what seemed to be it's destination. A yellowish-white star with several planets around it. I can remember being able to see all of the planets in one view.
      There was a rocky planet, probably about the size of earth very close to the star. But it was red like mars. Then there was a planet a little further out that looked like the moon.
      The spaceship arrived at two gas giants. One of them was green and had two rings around it sort of forming an X. The other was purple and had a large moon that I think was covered in ice. This seemed to be the planet that the spaceship was headed to but the dream ended at this point.

      I've had dreams like this before. I'm not sure what they mean.

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