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      Thanks! I have a feeling I already did!
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      Haha thank you It's been a long time goal for me to reach a jungle in a lucid dream.
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      Hi there !
      Definitely yes !
      Right in these days I am taking some rest after SpellBee challenge which has proved kinda exhausting
      But most likely I will would be posting in your topic there in the coming days
      Also, right now I am playing Mass Effect 2 which makes for a perfect inducer for this kind of LDs

      Happy lucids !
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      Thanks! : D
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      It was!���� hope to talk to you again^^
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      : )
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    Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic.
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    Lunatic Asylum

    by naturespirit on 06-16-2017 at 10:21 PM
    A massive building is burning burning...
    A woman with dark hair and pale skin is watching the scene while screaming over telephone. The building is a lunatic asylum... The recipient of the screaming is a young female receptionist. She explains to the angry woman that people must evacuate and inevitably change beds.
    Mary gives up and walks with me to a red brick building with a cylinder and cone connected. I follow her in the building, curious. She is introduced to a plump woman who talks to her in a foreign language. I ask timidly, "Why is the positioning of people in the asylum important?"
    She sighs, you see, information can be stored in binary. In this case it was vacant or occupied. Information can be stored via this, and therefore save computer space and it can be used as a backup. My life's work has been perfecting this system, storing info by colour of beds, difficulty of patient, gender... All gone."

    My Shocking Out Of Body Experience

    by naturespirit on 06-16-2017 at 09:09 AM
    I know I have been off DV and I really have missed everyone. Please forgive me.

    I wake up at 3 AM as part of my subconscious WBTB.
    I am certainly awake at this point as I move some objects on my desk for verification in the morning along with a standard RC. I soon settle down back to bed. My green phosphates make psychedelic patterns as I consider a WILD. Dreamlike imagery of a valley with huge waterfalls flashes by... Suddenly, I am lifted and thrown to the side of my bed! I look at my bed in shock AND I AM LYING DOWN ON MY BED! I don't see a cord, and I guess this was the resolution of a ridiculous argument about it's existence to another person. I look out the window at the serene night. I wander my eyes across the suburban scene until suddenly, a planet sized dodecahedron soap (you know like all reflecting rainbow stuff) arches across from the east. I decide to take action so I fly through the window effortlessly. I love this move and I do it in almost every dream possible! Now it is daytime with a little suggestion, and I find a fictional bridge across water.

    I swim fluidly (a rarity in WL) and fly up to the side of the bridge. I notice small holes in the bridge and more soap bubbles bubble out...

    I now fly with a companion to a rundown building. I phase through the door feeling a surge of the blue affect me. I find myself in a hall filled with people. I sense a sense of shock as they are still, silent and staring. There are three doors and a staircase. I choose the stair case and I sight a passage to my left. I float down it and locate a room to my right. The door is open and an elderly woman is wearing a mauve dress. I talk to her and she alerts me that the people downstairs are my ancestors...

    I have taken to a more detailed dream account as I realise that small details slip the mind in the long term and including them provides a better read. I wonder what my really long dreams shall take up!
    lucid , memorable

    Lucid from across the Days

    by naturespirit on 04-25-2017 at 06:31 AM
    LD 1
    I float around observing a strange scene. There is a river, with a man floating in a coffin with his arms crossed over his chest.

    LD 2
    I become lucid in a car. I fly through the car door and fly around observing the beautiful scenery. I eventually float down to forest. An attractive person is hanging around so I check them out...

    LD 3
    I become lucid again. I am in a computer lab, being lectured about Science Talent Search. It is too dull for words, so I become invisible and escape. I remember some friends I miss, so I write on a summoned piece of paper a note. I leave it in a noticeable place.

    LD 4
    I become lucid. I am in green open fields. 5 girls are chained to a pole. I ask them about their predicament. The eldest who appeared about 13 years old responded
    "It was an accident REALLY! I have a sister called Nellie, OK? She was first shaped like a beanstalk. But one day she discovered cheesecake. She was fascinated! Soon she was shaped like a huge orange. She had to roll around the city, but she still NEEDED cheesecake.
    One day, I and my friend opened the door heading off to the sweet shop. But we live on a steep hill. And Nellie was at the top. She rolled down and down. We in panic offered to take her to the lolly shop, but it was too late. Mother stormed in...

    LD 5 I am driving down a road that doesn't exist! I become lucid, but I continue along the road out of curiosity. I end up at a surreal shopping mall. I float around looking at bizarre contraptions.

    Lucid Healing! It works!

    by naturespirit on 04-22-2017 at 02:09 AM
    I become lucid as someone else's workshop looks exactly like my bedroom. Some text is a bit shifty (a 14 changes to 15). I open a window, fasten it, and fly out. I at first fall, but I swing back up just in time. I float over a road. I feel lonely, so I summon Don(my Dream Guide). He trails along. Eventually, I reach a rural area. We reach a T intersection, and he asks me to turn left. I remember this place... I see a windmill, and then... The sea! It was unbelievably beautiful. I stood there watching the sun set slowly. At this point I hold some water in my hand and heal my body. Serenity. Calm.

    I realise that these sort of dreams don't collect many points, but they much more meaningful!

    Cello Colour

    by naturespirit on 04-19-2017 at 09:16 PM
    I become lucid through WILD. The world is empty. I play my cello, and globules of colour come from the f holes. Suddenly, I am woken up by my alarm clock.

    Nonlucid frag about running from some trucks.