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      My Compositions! Mostly strings and stuff. Let me now what you think of them.

      So, I haven't been doing many covers lately, and only have one on my channel right now. However, I've still been experimenting with different music. I really left my comfort zone and tried out a few different ideas. These are the first multi-instrument songs I've composed, and it's very fun and rewarding. I usually just play guitar, and so my songs basically consist of vocals and a single guitar... so being able to experience all the dynamics and interactions between several instruments is new and exciting to me!

      Let me now how you like them and which is your favorite!

      (This is my least favorite) I've Misplaced Chaos - Bass/Funk/Rhythm/Rock
      YouTube - I've Misplaced Chaos - An original Composition by Mindwandering Guitar

      Despair - Trippy/Synth/Ambience
      YouTube - Despair - An original Composition by Mindwandering Guitar

      Mixed Feelings - Cello/Classical-ish
      YouTube - Mixed Feelings - Short Composition for Cello and Strings by MG

      All Quiet - Strings/Synth/Dark
      YouTube - All Quiet - An original Composition by Mindwandering Guitar
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      I enjoyed Mixed Feelings and All Quiet very much, but that may be because of my cello and string background. anyways good job.
      The Key is to combine your waking rational abilities with the infinite possibilities of your dreams, because if you can do that, you can do anything.

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      Thanks! I definitely have tons of fun experimenting with the cello, violin, and various synths. Before these songs I was all about acoustic guitar and vocals... but I think this expanded my horizons a bit. For my next song I might do something like electronic or something. Once I get a grip on multi-instrument compositions I can start trying to toss in some vocals and stuff.
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      That reminds me, I should post some of the music I wrote...
      Have a Good One!

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      I figured that instead of starting a new thread I'd post my new videos in this thread even though they don't necessarily relate to the title of this thread... since they're not all my compositions... some are covers.

      I've been working a bit on my vocals since I never have really sung a lot... I have improved a bit, but I've got a long way to go yet. Any constructive crit is appreciated as it'll help me progress.

      p.s. I posted two versions of the same song... so if you could take the time to let me know which you like better, and why! If not, no big deal.

      You Don't Care - Original
      YouTube - You don't care - Original Song
      And there is no time
      to consider the consequences of fights
      and there is no one
      who can take the time to care...
      for us... and our friends
      to mend them would be just absurd.

      You take all the people that hurt
      and tell them to keep it in
      but you, know better
      than that
      than that

      But you
      don't care
      at all

      And thats
      why I
      will go
      from you
      A Corner - Cover (John Frusciante)
      YouTube - A Corner (Frusciante) - Cover

      We Don't Try - Cover (Chris Garneau) [Two versions!!]
      I'll probably re-do these ones 'cause I know I can do better... so I'll probably post a new one in a while.
      v.1.0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5inMzBjNtSU
      v.2.0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoUIQIu9dCw
      You say you wanna die
      'cause the things don't work out right,
      But you don't even try,
      though neither do i

      And neither do my friends,
      though some of them pretend,
      and it's easy if you cry,
      cos you feel bad for yourself.

      I think about my friend who died,
      And how her kids didn't get to say goodbye,
      though neither did i,
      no neither did i.

      And neither did my friends,
      though some of them pretend,
      and its easy if you cry,
      cos you feel bad for yourself.

      If you pretend everythings fine,
      i won't hurt myself or lie,
      to you or mom or dad,
      just pretend that i'm not sad.

      And we'll work everthing out,
      even all the stuff we don't talk about,
      it would be easier if we cried,
      we'd feel bad for ourself's.

      It's supposed to snow tonight,
      I hope the forecast is right,
      cos in the morning i sleep in till i like,
      and if it snowed outiside it would feel so nice in here
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