Hi Guys!

I haven't written in a long time so I know this isn't exactly spectacular but I thought it could be nice to get a bit of feedback from an outside perspective.

This poem is essentially about surrounding yourself with self destructive people and then realising that in doing that it is actually you who is self destructive. In my case, this pertains to addiction.

Let me know what you think, there are a few lines that really obviously need changing so I'll probably post an update when I change them.

Stepping back into the past like nothing ever came before.
Swallowed by nostalgia.
Regret cuts like a knife.
You hoard this house like you hoard your dreams.
Prescription pills of all colours.
Poison swimming through your veins.
I miss you, but you aren't really there.
They never really are.
Altered minds, altered states.
So scared to be alive.
What do you see when the mirrors stare?
You think you're happy, helpless child.
Happiness comes cheap in a bottle.
Self destructive, waiting to implode.
Sucking smoke to make it quicker.
Sick self satisfaction, I help the weak.
Which of us is really waiting?
Nothing is simply self destructive.
You escape with poison, I escape with you.