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      A short scary story

      Hello !
      This is my first story that I wrote in english. I hope it doesn't have any gramatical errors, but I asked a couple of my friends to proofread it and it seems to be okay.
      I decided to share it with DV community to see if it the story is any good, and hopefully receive some honest tips to improve my writing.

      Spoiler for The Searcher:

      I was inspired by this video in case you're wondering:
      Spoiler for Inspiration:
      How do you know that this is not a dream ?

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      Thatīs a nice story you have written, very interesting atmosphere.

      At first I thought this would be more like a fragment than a complete story but then I read the final paragraph which closed the cycle. An abrupt but very fitting ending. I like how it leaves room for interpretation.

      Itīs kind of unfortunate that I donīt know what else I could say about it though.

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