A Story By DreamCafe11

Part 1 "The Meeting"

Red, Yellow, and orange. These were the colors of the leaves that painted the whole forest from below, to the top. I stood near a maple tree spinning gleefully, admiring the beauty of it as i clutched my fluffy jacket and rubbed my hand covered mittens to keep warm.Suddenly a tall man wearing brown covered boots, a black trench coat and a dark brown top hat that stood out, walked into my view. He was holding a book in his hand but what caught my attention the most was his eyes. They were orange at first, than changed to yellow than to green. "Excuse me little girl. But have you seen the garden snake that walks through these grounds?" He asked with a puzzled face. I look at his shoes than at his face again unsure if i should respond."Sorry." I say than run as fast as i can from the stranger that approached me. "

After running for a bit I stopped near the forest pond looking back to see if the man followed but there was no one. Relieved i pulled my braided pigtails to the front and was about to fix the woven hat my mother made me. But it was gone."Oh, no. Not my hat!Mother will be cross with me!I must go back and get it!" Just when I was about to go back, the man suddenly leaps out from behind a tree with his arms wide open holding my hat. "Surprise! "He says smiling triumphantly." Give me back my hat." I say with a stern voice, moving back slowly. However, the man just laughs and starts running toward me. I run as fast as i can around the pond screaming for help as he chased me. "Was this really happening? Was I really being chased by some crazed maniac?" I thought.

I begin to grow tired running around so i stop, letting the man take hold of me. "Have you seen the garden snake that walks through these grounds?" He says exhausted.I push him back. " No! I haven't seen any snake! Now will you just leave me alone!?" I shout flailing my arms around annoyed. He tilts his head confused, puts his hands on his waist, than takes off his hat showing his long blond and braided hair. "No, but you did." He says sure of himself. I cross my arms together than look straight into his eyes and say"Are you mad? One can not speak with a snake."He smiles than starts whistling a tune as he turns around and walks in a different direction. "Good. He's leaving." I think to myself as i drop both my hands to my side. To my surprise though the man runs towards me ecstatically and picks me up.

"Let go of me!Let go! Let me go!" I shout trying to break free from his strong grip.The man than proceeds to spin me around laughing gleefully."You do not remember the garden snake, but the garden snake remembers you!" He shouts out loud and proud. Upset by this whole conundrum I spit in his eyes leading him to drop me on the ground. He than lets out a cry and stumbles into the pond.I begin to feel sorry for him but am surprised to see his eyes changing colors again. From pink to purple to white to green. "Sorry, But i think there is something wrong with your eyes.why are they changing colors?" I ask. He wipes his face with water from the pond than gets up looking pleased that i noticed and says "Perhaps it is because this is all a dream."

I look at my hands and see that he is right. For there are only three fingers on my right hand and two on my left hand are missing."I should have known..."I say relieved. He gets up, soaked from the bottom to his waist and than takes out a book that was hiding under his coat."So...Have you seen the garden snake that walks through these grounds?"I look around the ground and see a small green snake crawling and fiddling around with an orange leaf "I see it.Happy now?" I say than look back to where the man stood. But he was not there."Hes gone..." But just as soon as i was about to leave he responds to me from behind my ear, whispering " That was not the snake. Do you see the garden snake now?". I look around hoping this will be the last time he asks but there is no snake. I look at his face again and say "The snake is not here."

He puts his hands on my shoulders and lets out a sigh. "That is because I'am the garden snake that walks through these grounds." I laugh than take his arms off me. "And? Is that all you wanted to show me dream man? Just what do you represent?" He pets my head gently than brings his face closer to mine. "You must listen carefully or you will not know what you are seeing."He than walks off and fades into the air as if the wind was calling.