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    Thread: A new book about consciousness and what dreams can be.

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      A new book about consciousness and what dreams can be.

      Good morning all,

      I've recently released a book called Worlds - The Consciousness Code.

      When I was 16 (19 years ago- Whoa!) I was told about astral projection from a friend. After only a few attempts, I was successful and "left my body". I recall standing up in my room, my body was on my bed and walking outside. I jumped up and landed on my roof. From there, I flew up in this kind of massive arching back flip. As I soared, I watched the sky turned a million incredible colors and then I woke up - back in bed.

      I had never flown in a dream before this, and this experience would forever change my perspective on the world and existence. It would ultimately leave this seed of a question eating at me - was this real? Or, can we leave our body?

      Over the last two years, I've spent my nights and weekends writing a story that I believe offers a glimpse of what could happen if this question was researched in a scientific way. The story is probably best considered a technothriller, and is not a how-to guide or anything like that. My goal was simply to get some of these ideas into a world that almost anyone might appreciate. This was/is my goal because I believe so many are missing what could be possible. We all get so worked up about topics that might not really even matter in the scheme of things...

      Anyway, if anyone was looking for a story to read - perhaps you might enjoy it. I've found that reviews are extremely stressful though and people either seem to really enjoy it or get very upset with me for not following some presumed "normal" way of writing. Either way, if you have thoughts (positive or negative), please feel free to send me a message. I love discussing this stuff. I also received some push back about a post I made a while back. I was since encouraged to post again, and truly hope this post doesn't cause frustrations. If so, just let me know and I can take it down, or mods - feel free to delete it if I've broken any rules. I don't want to be rule breaker, but then again - our world is so restrictive to seeing things in new ways...

      Here is quick blurb about the book.


      We've all been lied to, it's as simple as that.

      The greatest feat they've ever achieved, was making people believe that dreams are meaningless.



      I hope everyone has a great weekend. There should be more people like the people here. We all need to wonder about the things worth wondering about.

      Thank you,

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      I would definitely check it out! I'm looking forward to share some astral projection experiences when I get there!

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