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    1. Tonight I will become lucid! I will see my hands and realize that I'm dreaming...Is this a dream? Am I dreaming?
      May I awaken within this dream and grasp the fact that I'm dreaming, so that all dreamlike beings may likewise awaken
      from the nightmare of illusory suffering and confusion.
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    TOMTM- Basic l I - speaking a foreing language to a DC. succeeded!

    by monsa199a on 07-12-2020 at 03:09 AM
    I'm on a street as usual I don't know where I am. There's tour guide?! who tells me to go and see these two other guys in order to travel in town. So I go to find them aroun the corner. There I am, again looking at a street sign. The letters are white, on a blue background. the letters are starting switching then I try to read the sign but it's almost impossible but then I see a name, it says "Biergärten Örinhnen"..I Think I'm in Germany! I'm in a dream!, I Look up and sure enogh, the architecture looks exactly as it should. Then to make sure I look again to the sign and all I see is: "yäöööä!", I get the giggles and keep on going and rubbing my hands a bit to stabilize lucidity.
    There I see a vehicle, but is more like the cargo of a truck, without a cabin, maybe wheels, and is half way opened. There are two German dudes, standing to the left side of the cargo, resting the arms on some metal hangers. I think to myself, this is my chance to speak a foreign language.! "Hallo mein Namen ist Dorian". One of the men: oh!, isn't your namen Jordian?
    (I think to myself again, the tour guide must have given a different name) nein, (no),I'm Dorian! They laugh and go on with their own talk..
    My perception shifts to the left, and I can see there are a few maps on a screen, and the locations where we would be traveling..Aparently in a very short of time, since the vehicle has a special technology. I look down and there's the cabin, below the ground. Now I'm sitting there, and a lady is next to me, in front of me there are 3 boys; she's tapping on top of their heads with her left leg, she's wearing sandals..
    I notice I'm getting caught in the drama and as I try to rub my hands again the dream vanishes..

    Man I really wanted to try one beer...

    Updated 07-12-2020 at 03:28 AM by monsa199a

    lucid , non-lucid , memorable , task of the month

    I watch an actor falling from a bed.

    by monsa199a on 07-10-2020 at 04:10 AM
    I'm inside of a building, in Jersey City, NJ. I'm on the top floor. Two man pass by and grab red condoms, one each, from a basket near the exit door. They exit the room, and I'm watching from behind. I aproach the door and across the stair I see a man sleeping in a hospital bed. My vision zooms in, and I could see clearly is John Travolta. He is sleeping deeply after a long travel; I notice he is too close to an edge of the small room, sure enough he rolls over the bed rails and falls to a deeper ground level. I see how he rolls in his blanket, like a burrito, until I loose sight of him. I levitate down towards him and try to focus my view, since is darker in this area. I see him getting out of a small door, he seems confused, and I help him getting back to bed, then I exit the room.
    non-lucid , memorable

    Couple of dream fragments- REM Dreamer

    by monsa199a on 07-05-2020 at 11:17 PM
    Im in some hallway and people start grabbing red chairs, they are passing at a fast pace by my side. I tried to grab one but I think one of my exgirlfriends has it already, and she walks away.

    On this seen my exgirlfriend appears again, we're on a balcony and as I'm looking down, I tell her: "look at the white statues linning up, those are the children of the Virgen Of Fatima"(she was very devoted to saints of the Catholic church, probl. until now). Then the scene changes and I'm really close to her, then I'm on top of her, we're laying down in some stairway. Then she tell me: "now you have to marry me". (I feel really puzzeld since we're already married w/ children).

    Now I'm in some kind of artshow or gallery, there's a big crowd of people, and someone is walking by me. When I enter a room there's a young female artist, doing really simple custom drawings for sale. I see her drawing with colorpencils, some kind of blue unicorn, with it's eyes closed. the costumer says something like: "look, for lucid dreaming" .(since I'm an artist, instead of feeling some envy, I say: "I hope she continues to be very successful in her works".

    Note: More clues from the REM mask highlated on red.
    On first fragment I see how the red chairs disguises as the led lights blinking on the mask.
    Also the white statues linning up disguises as the afterflash and series of clues, of the mask.
    Again there's the importance of doing a RC during the day when bright colors appear, linning up items and so on...Being aware of any surroundings and elements in walking life. Then becoming aware and gain lucidity in the dream.

    Updated 07-05-2020 at 11:19 PM by monsa199a


    At the theatre- (excercising w/ REM-Dreamer mask)

    by monsa199a on 07-01-2020 at 03:20 PM
    I'm in a theater, there's a man DC sitting to my right. I see a lot of empty seats and I'm hearing some chattering behind, in one corner of the room. (I seemed to be distracted and don't remember seing anything on the screen, or if there was any screen at all. I need to be more aware of my surroundings!).
    Then the chatering gets louder and louder, I started thinking was a group of people that I know.
    My view changes to the entrance of the room, there's a robust lady, light skin and with some make up on..( I could see in the dark?! ). The laddy is waiting for a signal to turn the lights on. I look in the corner again and see a dad watching his kid jumping and making noises, seems to be autistic. I switch back to the lady and lights go on, not quite bright enough to brighten the whole room. Now I see the DC, next to me, wearigh a bright white shirt, stands up and looks at me, I say: have a good one..He turns around and walks towards the exit.
    Now I see a kid carring, or better hugging a cardboard box that's almost braking apart, he's strugling to carry it, as he gets closer and closer I see some leafy, colorful begetables. I want to help him but he doesent let go much. I'm barely holding it in one corner..I think: "probably he need some excersise carring stuff. We exit the room together, and now we're in a big bright hallway. As we put the box down I see he has lost a big amount of weight!, hes abdome is looking a lot slimer. (He looks like one of my special ed. students) I look at the box again, now opened, I see some carrots, a cabage, and other leafy greens.

    I have decided to wear the REM- dreamer again, every other day. I was able to wear the a REM mask almost all night!, usually I would take it off while sleeping; of course as I analize and highlited on red, anything could be a real disguise. From vegetables to the make up on a person.
    Blinking signals of the mask could also disguise as the kid jumping up and down; (not so much the noise since the sound mode was off)... And so on, it's a great tool but still requieres lots of practice and not recomended for people with seisures!

    Updated 07-01-2020 at 04:21 PM by monsa199a

    non-lucid , memorable , side notes

    Lots of shootings

    by monsa199a on 07-01-2020 at 02:28 AM
    I'm outside in some unknown street, afternoon time and there seems to be a stadium behind me. Then out of the sudden I hear gun shots, and people started running. I dock a little and I'm a bit concerned because I don't see where the shooting is coming from. Then I see a car coming, my perception zooms and goes inside of it, there are about 5 coworkers from the school I use to work in. JO, a teacher is on the wheel, she steps on the gas as she comes near a curbside, near the side walk Im standing by. Apparently a gang, commanded by some french girls are shooting guns all over...
    I manage to go away from the shooting and now I'm calmer, I'm sitting on a bench, trying to read an e-sign with red leters moving from right to left. Then a DC, male, appears on my right and shoots me on the torso. I fell in slow motion while feeling a strong jolt from the shot impact, that transitions to WL. Then I wake up.
    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable