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      Artists' Corner Posting Guidelines

      Posting Guidelines

      The Artists’ Corner here at Dream Views is a place for our members to display a wide variety of their artistic impressions using any medium. While we ask for the artists themselves to use discretion, it is equally important for the members feedback to be in a constructive manner. Members – please be tactful in your critique of our artists. Refrain from cynicism and mocking satire. Use constructive criticism and offer reasons to why you feel a work does or does not work. Feedback is very helpful and constructive to an artist. Negative feedback can be equally destructive and harmful to ones creativity.

      • Critiques of submitted works should be kept in a positive and constructive manner.
      • If you're going to say something negative about someone's work, you should also try to provide why you think it's negative and in what ways it can be improved.
      • Blatant rudeness and unnecessarily harsh responses will not be tolerated, nor will assaults on someone's skill. Comments such as these will be deleted if a moderator or administrator deems it necessary.


      Instead of writing:

      Quote Originally Posted by Bad Example
      This is just awful and needs so much work. Your proportions are all wrong, and the shading is shit. Where the hell is your light source coming from? Did you even think about that?
      You can write:

      Quote Originally Posted by Good Example
      Well, I think that maybe you can change the positioning of the arms here. The proportions are off, if you have an arm moving toward the viewer it should be getting larger, not smaller like that. Just keep working on general proportions and anatomy, so next time it's clearer what the arm is doing in space. Also, the shading should probably be changed a bit. Where is your light source coming from? If it's from the right side of the person, then all the shadows should be on the left.
      This is for the benefit of all posting in this forum. Budding artists need all the encouragement they can get. Be nice to them, and spread DV Peace! :peace:

      Thank you very much for your cooperation.
      ~The DV Staff

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      Adding this from another thread:

      Quote Originally Posted by Amethyst Star View Post

      General Guidelines for Posting:

      Please do not submit any overly graphic or explicit work. We are not aiming to censor anyone or to stifle creativity, but content here must be kept around a PG-13 sort of rating, just like any other post on the forum. This goes for any art work: stories, poems, drawings, movies, etc. If there is a discrepancy over where a submission will be posted, it will be discussed among the staff and decided upon.


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