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      Tell me about your workout routine.

      Gotta drop dem pounds, yo.

      So I'm curious, what are your routines and schedules like? While I'm not looking to beef up (not considerably, at least), you can certainly post even if that's what your workouts revolve around. I'm just looking for some general ideas from anyone in order to tweak/improve my own semi-non-existent routine.

      Information about your eating habits would be appreciated too~

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      I do sit-ups, push-ups, and lift weights before I ride my bike around the lake(about 9-10 miles) and I do this about every other day. Since you dont want to increase muscle mass just ride your bike around, it works out alot of muscles and is fun too!
      Also yoga is very fun and relaxing. You can do some yoga classes on youtube or at your local college or Buddhist temple.

      Just eat healthy, get your protein(meat,beans,nuts,tofu,etc) and carbs(rice, bread,etc) and of course lots of veggies and fruits. Try being a vegetarian once a week if you are trying to "drop dem pounds".
      Anyway good luck, have fun.

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      During the workweek, I do 40 min on a lifestyler, magnetic bike. I have to wait till boy gets out of school before I can pick him up. I work till 2:30, he gets out of school at 3:50 and the workplace has a workout center.
      When I get home on work days, I do another 20 min on a stationary bike, then I do free weights for about another 25 or so min.

      I have a powerrack by body solid, a seated calf machine, a preacher curl bench, cable crossover by body solid, a free bench, 2 stationary bikes, a treadmill, a marcy home gym, a wate man bench press, a slant board, and a roman chair, dumbell rack 3 lb and 5 - 50 lb. Pro handles for constructed weights, one pair made up of 2 @ 95 lb for dumbell calf raises, several made up bars. oh, and a cable lat machine, and a Tbar row machine. Damn, and the squat sled by body solid. Again, and a bench that I added cable stack to for leg extension and leg curl, so it uses both plate and stack. The section of the basement all of this is in is quite crowded, but cumfy. And a stereo system with speakers on facing walls.

      I do the split system. Weider, 4 day rotation. I take the weekends off. Work a major and minor group each session.

      One should be able to download the Weider system on torrent download. I actually converted my copy on tape to avi.

      The leg extension and curl bench is the one piece of equipment I have modified some. made the top knee support movable so I could change position on it which is different from curling to extending. I extended the curl end out so that the foam catches me at the ankle and is not riding on the calf. also added the weight stack to make weight changes faster. I just keep a 50 lb plate on the front, so when I curl I can lock in 50 more pounds on the stack, but when I do extensions, I can lock in 130 more pounds.

      My weight tree, which holds freeweights is completly home made--from the pipes of those circular things they hang cloths on at the store. It holds a lot of weight.

      I keep the bars and all made up so I don't have to waste time during the workout switching wights, this works for everything but the power rack, which must be changed to accord with the session.
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