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    Thread: Tell me about motivation

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      Tell me about motivation

      Not dream motivation, but daily motivation.

      I'm a senior high school student, almost 16 and in the last three years that I need to complete to a standard for university entrance. I have ability in computing, mathematics, physics, and drama. Just a couple of days ago the school sent my parents a letter saying how I am on track to receive an Endorsement (might not mean much to students in a foreign curriculum but it basically means I'm achieving at the highest level possible) My parents know I can do well, and want me to do well. The same goes for my teachers. However, I simply lack motivation.

      Between 11-15 I was lazy, overweight and a general procrastinator. All the way up until then in school it was pretty similar, every parent-teacher interview I was told that I had ability, I just had to work at it. Over the past year it seems I've turned over a new leaf, my dad keeps pointing out my maturity (usually pointed out when my younger brothers aren't being very mature) so hopefully that's all behind me.

      I have two goals, career related. They're not so much goals, as options. I have the ability to either become a programmer, or a teacher of physics and maths at secondary school. Both high paying jobs (which in my country is a great thing) that I'd have to (and could) go to university for. I understand what I need to do, I could do either one. I just don't have the motivation.

      So, if you've made it this far, here's the short story. I'm doing well, have plenty of opportunity to get far in life, but I don't feel motivated. If anyone could shed light, that'd be great. Also, as depressing as this story sounds, I don't think depression is a problem. I have friends, family that love me and I live in an upper middle class lifestyle. So don't think this is all a sad story, I just need some help with motivation
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      write out a list of goals. and hang it up where you can see it every day. putting your goals on paper helps keep you on track of what you are working towards..

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      The best motivation comes from within.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Phion View Post
      The best motivation comes from within.
      I wish I could feel that to be true :/

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      Motivation is a bitch.

      for me it is anyways. I get super motivated while I'm already occupied with something, then once I'm done with that the motivation goes away.

      Now I just don't do anything, that way I don't have to worry about losing motivation.

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