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      Open relationships?

      This is random but lately I have been hearing a lot about open marriages. Theoretically I don't see anything wrong with it but I can see how it could be potentially destructive in reality. My husband and I have discussed it vaguely but are skeptical if it would work for us (we have a great relationship and I've never been with anyone else). It's just something I'd like to learn more about and keep my mind open to because I don't necessarily agree with the philosophy of monogamy nor do I want my decisions to be built on fear. So my question is, has anyone here ever had a serious relationship that was open or know of someone that has? How did it work out? What's your opinion on open relationships?

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      Every individual couple is different so it can't be said whether it's a good idea or not; all you can really do is discuss it a lot and make sure everyone is comfortable and make sure you maintain healthy communication; it's still a risk IMO because it's definitely caused problems in past relationships in my experience.
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