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    1. Sudden Performance

      by , 04-25-2017 at 06:29 PM
      Itís the day of our show and we donít know any of the dances or choreography weíre doing. We try to quickly come up with things and remember them during the short rehearsal. Iím not feeling confident enough to do my solo because I havenít been practicing enough. I wish I would have practiced more. I consider doing my dance without the sword. Weíre told that the solo winner will perform in NY. My instructor is really worried that our dances will be too similar, she really doesnít want them to similar. She tastes each of our cakes like the Great British Baking Show and seems to like mine a little better, although neither are perfect. I wonder why Cleo decided to use savory focaccia to make her cake? I try to find space to practice and use the windows outside, then I see a large mirror. But the mirror is magnified and the sword Iím using is the wrong type and will not balance. D tries to give me advice. I look for Cleo and see her in the distance sitting on the face of a random but attractive, tan guy. I continue to go on a walk. She approaches me eventually when Iím in some type of curved outdoor corrido. I tell her Iíve been looking for her. I donít remember what she says. Later I tell D about what I saw and that the guy didnít look like her boyfriend. D then does it to me.

      I remember something about being at my house and the neighbors are walking outside. They say hi to me. They seem to be preparing for a camping or fishing trip with friends who brought large coolers. Theyíre walking around right outside our windows. I feel as though Iím naked or exposed somehow. I feel like D and I had sex at some point. I also see their kitten and hold it.

      MONDAY 2/4
      +The next time write anything down - Success at first, forgot in the later part of the day
      The next time feel pain - Not technically a success, but I did get a few times
      The next time I hear someone say my name
      +The next time I drink something - Success for the first part of the day
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    2. Godzilla

      by , 04-24-2017 at 09:11 PM
      Itís 10:00 am and I am just writing my dreams from last night. Letís see how much I can remember.

      The most vivid memory is that of godzilla. He is grotesque and large. I can hardly believe a creature like that exists in our world. He is in a swampy area and steps on an alligator or crocodile which crushes instantly like it was some vulnerable, weak little animal. Heís kinda like something from a scary movie and oddly humanoid with shark like teeth full of blood and filth. He growls as he forages the swamp, causing destruction. He seems a little dumb and unnecessarily violent.

      I remember A.W.D.R saying something and I responded to her, then she told me that she wasnít talking to me. I said something like ďAlrighty then, excuuse me.Ē I wasnít offended and actually thought it was a little funny. But still, what a bitch.

      I am on a different island looking down at an outdoor stadium that has bleachers coordinated in rows of pastels. Pink, purple, and yellow. The bleachers are kind of flat so the stadium looks more like some kind of concrete valley. It's located right next to a strip mall. I notice Ke.H. there bragging about her ancestry with her cousins. She went to Maui last time, I wonder when sheíll come to my town. I hope she doesnít want to stay with me. I can offer to show her around but I donít really want to. Iím sure sheíll find family there, too. I am staring at her and overhear her saying ďDo you want to know what makes my car so Hawaiian?Ē I laugh to myself thinking that if she asked me that I would say, ďNo. I really donít.Ē but then I start to wonder if I would have the courage to say that to her face. I might just say ďsureĒ to humor her and give a little smile at whatever she said next. Although Iíd really want to say the former. Iím driving away at this point down a slow going highway lined with trees.

      **In other news, I am going to try a 30 day DJ challenge. I have been slacking on my journaling and have been feeling too lazy to do it upon awakening, even though I really want to do it deep down. So my plan is to post them on here to give me some form of accountability and extra structure. I'll also be posting my results for Stephen Laberge's prospective memory challenge.
    3. Competition Dream Theme and Labor

      by , 04-17-2017 at 05:46 PM
      I watched a girl ride a very fast and large rollercoaster. Sometimes I was her. A lot of people were watching. The ride went forwards and backwards but she wasn't scared. Alicia texted me pictures of belly dance costumes that she was thinking about getting. I was annoyed.

      I am pregnant and going into labor. I am at a hospital and they start preparing me. They do a small procedure and give me a little wand thing. If I need to call for the nurse Iím supposed to put that on my privates and press a button. I try and it shocks me so I scream. Iím still slightly sedated. A dream friend takes me to the hospital on a small watercraft. Itís night time but I see a whale jump in the distance. I tell her and she says ďIsnít this such a cool place?Ē We get to the shore where T.A. and some of his friends lead the way to the hospital. One friend is racist and keeps trying to instigate fights. He asks me if I ever dislike or make fun of his people just because. I tell him no. T.A. tells him to stop. We arrive at the west side hospital where a lot of people are there to meet me. I see Beyonce and she does not look perfect like the media presents her, she looks very disappointing with a belly, uneven complexion, and hooked nose. Thereís a little girl eating ice cream. Her pupils are dilated and she looks dazed. I tell her that if she eats too much ice cream she has to go home because labor hurts really bad and I canít have her around me if she has a sugar high. Lani NS and Kristy S. are there. The hospital looks different than I remember. I check in at the nurses station. It's one of the L&D nurses from D's work who remembers me. From the lobby I hear that racist guy getting into a fight with Lani who wrote a book that he found offensive. Iím not sure where my room is because my name is on the board for all floors. I check each floor just in case. I end up wandering into the waiting room and asking if the hospital has been renovated because it looks different than I remember. They say it has. Iím relieved, I like it better this way. I squeeze past some nurses giving report and end up getting lost near a file room and engine room. People with badges help me out. There are so many men in the hallway. Iím not in any pain right now. The clock says 6. I know that my labor is going to be one of the very long ones; perhaps 12, 24, or even 48 hours. It makes me nervous. I get back to my room and start panicking. How did this happen? How is this real life? This wasnít planned. Why did I ever think this was a good idea to go through with? I have a vague memory of telling my husband that I felt like I needed to keep the baby and he told me that I was responsible for it completely. Itís too late to do anything about it now. Iím so scared of motherhood and of the pain of labor. Iím not allowed to have an epidural. I donít know if Iíll be able to do it. I have a dream within a dream of myself walking into my hospital room and seeing me there laying with my new baby and another woman on a large bed straight ahead. It felt ominous and dark. The dream ended and I called my husband. I could hear him approaching the room so I hung up. He was irritated that I tried to call him, heís clearly nervous as well. His eyebrows looks different, smaller, shaped, and lighter. He brings me a coin bra that I admire. I ask if itís for me, he says yes, and I light up. Kristy comes in and they start talking in another language that they learned in the military. Kirsty has improved her skills at it. It goes on for a long time and they are acting quite flirty with each other.

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    4. Competition Lucid and TOTM

      by , 01-23-2017 at 06:52 PM
      I was talking to A.W on the phone after a very bizarre sleepover. I was outside with a bunch of people on a balcony overlooking a lake at sunset. I was telling her about dream signs and she said, ďSo all youíre really looking for is Josh, right?Ē and I said, ďNot necessarily.Ē I named off a couple of dream signs like seeing blackness when a dream ends. Then I saw a black truck drive by on top of the water and added, ďÖor a truck driving on the water..Ē Then I started to question if I was actually dreaming. It was hard for me to believe and the dream didnít feel very stable but somehow I concluded that I was dreaming. I jumped around and celebrated for a moment then I turned to the girl behind me and said ďPlease go get my dream guide. Weíre supposed to meet here.Ē She left and while she was gone I did the stabilization trick of getting on all fours. I could feel the heaviness of of my body on my hands and knees and I could see the grains of wood with some detail, but what really stood out to me was my hands. They were small and the fingers were different sizes. Like deformed, mutated baby hands. Itís the first time the hand RC worked for me. By now, it was dark outside. The girl came back with something long wrapped in her dress. Wtf? I unraveled it and she scolded me for being rough so I apologized. It was a just a long frayed electrical wire with a handle. I was like, ďOh well, I might as well try to change this and use it to summon my dream guide.Ē I focused my attention on it and suddenly the wire mended itself, grew really long, twisted around, whipped around, and pulsed with electricity. I pointed it at the sky and willed a button to emerge on the handle. I clicked the button and made a gun shooting noise with my mouth and imagined fireworks. Instantly the device made a loud gun sound and moments later a dull firework went off. That was my signal to my dream guide, who I never did find. I was trying to think of what to do next and I remember the TOTM was to get a massage. As I was walking around, the dream ebbed and flowed between vividness and vagueness. I kept looking at my hands to confirm that I was dreaming. Mostly my hands looked mutated, sometimes they looked normal except my fingers would get stuck in weird positions. I told myself, ďI really am grateful for real life. Lucid dreams can be weird.Ē I was generally unhappy with my environment, it was dark. I was in an empty parking lot for a moment and then at a hospital. I asked one of the male receptionists for a quick massage and he looked at me like I was crazy. I went around the right corner and found a small office with two local men and said, ďExcuse me, physical therapy. I have a knot in my right shoulder, could you please rub it for me? I donít want a back adjustment or anything.Ē They told me I didnít have anything wrong. They explained why it was obvious and started talking about a medical book. I was like, ďYeah, okay, but I really am sore right here so if you could just massage it for a minute that would be great.Ē One reluctantly agreed and gave me the crappiest massage ever. Massages in real life are way better. I could hardly feel it. Not to mention, it was awkward because of my DCís apprehension. Afterwards, I went outside thinking of what to do next. I remembered one of my goals is lucid sex. But this dream felt a little dark and itís not the place I wanted to have sex, nor could I find anybody worth having sex with, and clearly my summoning was not successful. I decided this dream had been long enough and I better write it down before I forget it even happened. I started walking inside and the dream began fading into an NLD. The dream was going to turn scary as I walked down a hallway but I tried to stop it and it turned more into a movie with Dax Shepherdís wife running an election. Someone brought out newborn wild cats like a tiger and jaguar. I pet them happily and said ďToo bad I didnít put this on my competition goals list, I could have gotten points!Ē (Itís true that petting a tiger is on my personal LD bucket list).

      MILD seems to be my most reliable method at this point (but Iím still hoping I can get DEILD to work for me at some point). I didnít even think my intentions were very strong tonight because I didnít seriously start thinking about LDís until right before falling asleep. I said my mantra, ďTonight Iím lucid dreamingĒ over and over until I fell asleep. As I was starting to fall asleep I would notice myself in subtle dreamscapes, mostly of being at a royal masquerade ball. During this I practiced remembering to be lucid. I did have mugwort tea about a half hour before bed, but I have taken that once or twice before with no success. I had a few vivid dreams (2 NLD) and did a brief wbtb. I set my intention to remember to lucid dream, but again I feel that it wasnít particularly strong. I donít even remember falling back asleep. Then all of a sudden I had a DILD because I was talking about lucid dreaming in my dream!

      This makes for 3 LDís in one month, not bad!
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    5. Mini Inception Lucid

      by , 01-20-2017 at 06:38 PM
      I was having inception style dreams within dreams. In my dream I was laying in bed, the room felt a little bit like a mixture between our current house and our last house. I was setting my intention to lucid dream. D came in and started talking to me. I told him that he's waking me up and that I'm falling asleep and trying to focus. He had a lover with him and she was scoffing at me. I was trying to enter a dream where I was a dolphin flying through the air. I was even waving my hands back and forth as I was trying to focus on it. Then I enter a dream and am in a room talking to a man. I realize I've entered a lucid dream. I say my mantra aloud: Tonight I'm lucid dreaming! Then I repeat it with more power and authority. The dream ends.
    6. Shameful Walmart and Personal Resistance (Lucid)

      by , 12-25-2016 at 06:58 PM
      ...We go to a spot in the airport overlooking a ballroom and I see myself on stage (there's 2 of me - me on a balcony watching me on stage). I am very curvy and I am surprised how beautiful I look. My dress looks nice even though itís inside out. It's a peachy orange color, long, with a satin texture. My hair has been curled and is thick, smooth, and shiny. Iím trying to dance but my face keeps cringing. Why? Thereís not much of an audience. As I look out on the ballroom I realize Iím dreaming, for no specific reason. Itís just a tiny thought that crept on me that I could have ignored, but it grew bigger and bigger until I remembered my intention to lucid dream. I suddenly have a microphone and make an announcement. ďExcuse me everyone, Iíd like to announce that I am dreaming!Ē Everyone clapped. I remembered to stablize so I spin, it does feel like Iím spinning but I donít like that it requires me to close my eyes and see blackness. I get concerned the dream will end, but it doesnít. Then I got the idea to announce, ďIíd like to take this opportunity to ask my subconscious if there are any issues it would like to bring up or address.Ē But I couldnít finish and get all the words out, partly because the microphone kept switching backwards in my hand, cutting off my announcement. Also because a large white and black house cat tried to attack me. I attempted to make the announcement multiple times but the same things kept happenening. Finally I give up. Now I'm in the audience and more people are flooding in and dancing. I decide to get on stage and dance. I try to jump up using lucid super skills and barely make it, but I still have to crawl a bit. However, I get distracted because to my left is the inside of a walmart. A woman is pulling her children out of a sale bin. They ate chocolate and pooped in there. Iím disgusted. Another woman is telling on her, sheís like the secret walmart police society. I decide that after I dance Iím going to burn walmart down as the December TOTM, I donít like walmart. Then it ends.

      My goal for 2017 is to have 12 lucid dreams (at least once per month). I'm counting this as #1 because I made my resolutions on winter solstice, which I also celebrate as a symbolic new year. I have no idea why I became lucid, but Merry Christmas to me!
      In the future, I will try other grounding and stabilizing techniques because I didn't love the spinning. I will also be sure to have more clear goals before I go to sleep.
    7. Villains Everywhere (NSFW)

      by , 08-01-2016 at 06:09 PM
      Almost the whole dream is NSFW so I'm not putting it in spoilers. I don't know why I met someone from Craigslist, I've never done that in real life so don't judge me.

      Trying to escape or conquer a villain. Weíre walking along a crosswalk. I see people from SDS having a picnic outside. One girl at a picnic table brings out some cobbler dishes and nobody is eating them. Around some bushes, Nancy likes to be massaged on the wires beneath a ziplock tupperware rim. She said A.W. is really good at it. On the other side of the street is a bar or something. Inside Iím not sure if Iím me or the guy Iím with, but he/I say that heís/Iím materialistic and need to hang out with the muscular guys. On the second or third story we find a group of men sitting and watching porn. Now Iím me. We join and he orders me sit next to him in front of the window (something to do with luring the villain or an escape plan). He starts getting turned on and canít sit still or quiet. He actually ejaculates inside his jeans after only a few minutes. I wonder if heís gay. I invite some guy over from Craigslist. He thinks Iím a man and is planning on having gay sex with me. I donít remember what my intention is. Heís rubbing on me and is getting turned on. He looks rather large. He is kneeling over me and I can see it in his jeans, then he lays next to me and takes it out. Weíre in my current bedroom. I get up to find a condom and see that there are villainous people outside looking in at him through the window and laughing. I worry that theyíre going to find me so I crawl beneath the window. I search for condoms but all I see are medium sizes and unlabeled ones. Iím worried theyíre all too old. I go back out and he starts feeling underneath my panties. Iím certain heíll lose interest soon. He tells me I have a nice penis and I tell him, ďWhat an odd thing to say.Ē. He starts rubbing me and I'm quite wet. He seems even more turned on now, to my surprise. His sexuality and motive confuses me. Suddenly I feel dirty and uncomfortable and Iím worried about the bad guys so I tell him I have to leave. My family is packing up to move away from the danger and are upset that we decided to recently paint a room and wasted valuable escape time on it. The rest of the house is momís. On some of the light wood in the living room there were pen writings of all our names, like a teen girl would do. I search for a rag to help A.C. clean it up so we don't leave any trace of us behind. The guy starts following me around and I tell him he needs to leave. He says that if I don't have sex with him he will complain to Craigslist and Iíll have to pay him for false advertising. Iím in the laundry room and I remind him that the ad and the rendevouz were advertised as free, itís not like he was paying me so I don't owe him any compensation. If anything, he should be paying me. I get an old surgical rag and go back upstairs. Heís starting to get violent and scary. I tell him ďYou need to get out right now or Iím calling the police.Ē He doesnít immediately start leaving so I pick up the phone on the wall and call 911. I tell the lady on the other end that thereís a man in my house who is being sexually violent and he wonít leave. I circle around the wall island to get away from him. She said it appears he already cut the contact from my other phones so I couldnít call for help. I am shocked and repeat what she says for everyone to hear. Then he pulls the phone jack from the wall piece and I lose connection. He gets scared and leaves. I call 911 back but accidentally push an extra 1, it rings a few times then connects me to a business. I hang up and dial 911 again, immediately the same lady answers. I tell her itís me again and she recognizes my voice. I tell her that he left but Iím scared and feel unsafe and donít know what to do next. ďHe knows where I live now and I can totally imagine him breaking through the windows to rape and punish me.Ē
      At one point during all of this I was out in the desert with D, I was feeling anxious and something was impending. I trusted my intuition.

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    8. Basic TOTM

      by , 05-25-2016 at 06:14 PM
      I made lunch for D and I. Meat, guacamole, sour cream, and strawberries. We packed it up and left. D filled up my car with gas and he was unhappy with the price. I went into the store and someone thought it was weird there was numbing gel in the infant section and I explained itís probably for teething. They didnít believe me and I told them that babies can teethe around year and I know because I went to school and learned that. Then I saw a bunch of celebrities hanging out in the store and the next thing I know Iím lucid. I see Donald Trump and want to talk to him for some reason but everyone thinks itís a bad idea. I get his attention and heís trying to get away from me and slip into another room. I donít know what to say to him. I ask him what he thinks about Hilary dropping out of the final debate with Sanders. I tell him not to give me side-stepping political answers. He basically says that one of them offended his sisters. I go outside and wonder what I should do next. I have a small group of dream characters encouraging me and reminding me of goals. I remember the totm and try to stretch my arms out but it doesnít work. I start walking up a hill and think of the taste thatís in my mouth. It tastes like a familiar herb. Itís the taste of the flower that Iím looking at on the ground and I know Iíve eaten it in fancy restaurants, but I canít quite name it. I see my mom and sister which confirms further that this is a dream. I kinda feel bad for not saying anything to them, though. I think of what to do next and exit the dream. I donít DEILD because I think Iím awake and begin a dream where I write down the LD and am really angry because itís the end of May and once again, I finished the totm when itís basically too late.
    9. Running from Trump

      by , 05-21-2016 at 06:22 PM
      Me and someone else sneak out of a bad situation through the woods. We lie about where we were going and we zig-zag through the forest. There is a thin layer of old snow on the ground and everyone is barefoot. I wonder if it is cold but figure the sun is shining warm enough. We went through someoneís yard that was full of cacti and flowers. We ended up squatting in Donald Trumpís house. Me and my girlfriend lived there a few days. Then I started getting increasingly uneasy. We could hear Trumpís voice from a few floors down and I kept urging my friend to keep quiet, which upset her. She thought I was denying her friendship, I just wanted both of us to stay alive. That night she was telling me her life story and I was falling asleep when someone came and checked on the room. We hid between the bed and the wall. As I lay there I started falling asleep uncontrollably. After they left we heard housekeepers vacuuming and I knew it was only a matter of time before we got caught. I was terrified of getting caught. I understood in a way that this is a dream and if we get caught it will become a nightmare. What if I never wake up from it? I make the decision that we have to leave. I grabbed my stuff (some clothes, my phone, and laptop) and propelled out the window and down the building. The housekeeper yelled something sarcastic out at us as we left like ďgoodbye visitorsĒ. We went to a little shack building right next door. I had to go back to the room for something and when I came back down an elk met me and spoke with me telepathically. He was basically like Oberon. We washed his slobber off of our hands in the snow then He guided me to cave where there were a couple more animals I could talk to and some kind of magic man. He kept changing to look like Jon Snow and he was scaring my friend. In the night I fled and was followed by two men who obviously knew how to fight. One of them was B. I went under a building and we were basically sparring on monkey bars. I told B, "Iím sorry but Iím going to have to kill you to protect myself." He laughed and then turned on the lights to show me that it was a training session and they had built this jungle gym in my favor. Eventually I drove back to see my friend. I asked A.W if she knew where the shack was moved to and she said it was the street after hers. I went and there were lots of similar looking shacks but the one I was looking for was first in line. Itís address had the number 30 or 03 in it. I went in and my friend was living with a man and working for Trump. I was disappointed.
    10. Emotional Death and Revolution

      by , 05-09-2016 at 08:11 PM
      +I find out I died when I was an infant and came back to life a few hours later. I told my sister and asked my mom about it. D and I were skiing and snowboarding on very icy snow. I couldnít wait to be done because it wasnít good conditions. Erica met me at the bottom. She accidentally dropped and broke a wooden box of mine. I didnít care, one less thing to have to pack back home. She ended up dying and I was upset. I kept trying to sneak into some compound and so was another girl. There are nerds keeping lookout and they spot me so I lock myself in the bathroom. There are towel rods along the walls and a window at the very top of the room so I climb up. I bide my time up there because there are housekeepers outside of the window. I wait for them to leave but the towel rod Iím holding myself up on is starting to come out of the wall. Eventually I just jump through the window and they spot me. I find out Brooks is dying and I sob about it and hug her. Iím told I have ovarian or uterine cancer and that also makes me emotional. So much death.

      +D is in the military and Iím with him. Weíre in a tank and I try to convince to break the rules with me and do something fun. He refuses. His comrade is staring at me and eavesdropping. I pretend not to notice. Thereís a little girl I really like and we give her fireworks, which she loves. She also has a parade of large cats. Iím watching a video about a woman having to wait in line to vote and she starts belly dancing to the rhythm of the politicianís lies. She's very good. The politicians try to convince us they donít make that much money. I riot breaks out against Hilary Clinton becoming president. Itís really large. But the police come in and break it up, driving through with giant tanks that are so tall I canít see past the wheels. Everybody is really upset. Iím in my gmaís living room trying to tell my family about it. I get really emotional and canít open my eyes because Iím crying. I tell everyone who will listen that we are not a free country at all. Weíre being controlled and sedated through the mass media and militant power of the state. It really upsets me because Iím able to see clearly in my mind how our country could be better: a place where everyone is working together on the same level. How can we say that we live in a free country if we canít even stand in the street to advocate for change that the collective society desires? Someone posts how angry they are about it on Facebook. Trish gives me a sequined purse pinata. It has essential oils and itís made to be hit to let out anger. In the middle of the night I escape under a bridge to do gardening. All the soil in my succulent pot disappeared and the leaves on my peace lily are very brown. Iím confused because they werenít this way yesterday. D catches me having snuck out and tells me to be careful outside at night. I go to get food and have to walk behind this big guy who is attracted to me. He lets me go ahead of him and gives me a shirt to change into, which I do. I order tacos and they ask if I want cayenne pepper on it. I say yes and he recommends a certain kind of sauce, so I tell them to do half sauce and half cayenne. The worker takes a bite of the saucy taco and loves it.
    11. Traumatic Hiking Trip

      by , 05-06-2016 at 06:04 PM
      Went hiking with D and a few other people. Itís a hike I recognized, wooden trail spiraling up to a platform. The wood is new. There are black labs who are scared to walk on the planks. Work keeps calling D, telling him thereís an emergency he needs to deal with but thereís nothing he can do since he's so far away. We head back down and the guy weíre with says we have to rope swing across the lake. He says itís crucial we donít touch the water more than necessary because Ďwe would not believe what was growing in thereí. I was completely confused, I donít remember having to do this on the way up. Plus, Iím not wet and I would be if we had done this. I also am carrying a pillow thatís completely dry. I ask someone, ďWhat did I do with this pillow last time to keep it dry?Ē They told me to fold it up and put it in my shirt, so I did. The guy went first and didnít make it far before he went head first into the water. We scoffed, ďso much for not touching the water.Ē D went second and swung out to hip height and waded to the other side. I decided to angle my swing to the left toward the land, so I got minimally wet. When I got to the other side, everyone started getting concerned because the first guy had not come up yet. D was annoyed that he was going to have to dive in and search for him, but then the other lady managed to pull him out. I was in a room and couldnít see what was happening but D started gagging, telling me that the guy was covered in unsightly mud and disgusting debris. He was unconscious so D delegated to me to get the first aid kit. There wasnít much in there besides IV equipment so I grabbed what I could. D wanted a 1Ē IV tape but I explained to him that the only reason I was able to take the 1/2Ē tape from the hospital is because nobody likes to use it, so thatís all we had. People start performing CPR and I leave the room to help. Itís a very disturbing sight, indeed. He looks deformed. Heís blue, has a swollen and bulging neck, and they had to cut off his fingers and toes - leaving strings of rotting flesh in place of his fingers. Someone holds him while people perform CPR. I take my turn at compressions and then he starts talking. D explains to him that he probably broke his neck. I asses his body and itís full of gnarly wounds. They had all been exposed to bacteria. D is now at risk for catching the life threatening bacteria since he handled this guyís blood. Heís irritated about it. I go home and have to retell the story to Mike and sob while I do. Mom says she thinks itís her karma from frequently passing out in front of people. The girl we were with, Sarah, posts about it on DV and I comment about how painful and traumatizing it is to read and remember.
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    12. Apocalypse Drill

      by , 05-05-2016 at 05:32 PM
      Driving down a winding road in a truck with some packages. Coming at me is a very large, brown, prehistoric looking spider. Itís in an 8 shape and the legs are on the front and back of its body, not the sides. It freaks me out so I swat at it but it wonít die. I learn that itís called the Amazon spider (as in amazon.com) and hangs out in their warehouse. I get home (more like my momís house) and thereís a party. Donald Trump is there. I put on my shoes because Iím bored and decide to go outside to take a selfie with a giant crashed government airplane before they move it. Donald Trump bends down and starts tying my shoes for me. ďOh thank you. Could I get a picture with you?Ē He agrees and then hesitates. ďWhy do you want a picture with me? Youíre only here to make fun of me.Ē ďThatís not true! I live here. My room is right there!Ē I point. Really, I just wanted to share with friends and family that Donald Trump tied my shoes, because nobody would believe me otherwise. D comes just as things start falling apart. We hear that there is any army invading the other part of town and civilization starts to collapse. D has things to take care of in the house and someone asks me if I could help find certain seeds and I agree. I go to the other side of town and basically just follow this scientist around, holding items that they need to salvage before all hell breaks loose. We go into the back room of some industrial building and grab a bottle of rubbing alcohol and a toothbrush. I have to connect something to the tip of the toothbrush but I canít because Iím shaking so bad. The political situation is worsening very quickly and I start becoming extremely upset that D and I separated. If he died while Iím gone I will never forgive myself. I would rather die with him than live without him. When we leave the room we find the building is on lockdown. All the offices are empty with the lights turned off but we hear men shouting orders in the other rooms. We quietly move through one room and hide behind a desk, looking through the glass of the door. I didnít feel safe there and wished we were a few desks or even another room back, but we needed to see what was happening. One of the girls in the room ahead of us dropped a blue pencil and I knew that meant it was the daughter of my scientist friend. She was upset and went to save her daughter. By doing that, we learned that the invading army was a benevolent force and all of our families were safe. I was so relieved to see my husbandís face (but it wasnít really his face). Everybody started cleaning up after all the chaos but D and I went to the gym and went swimming. I was practicing my dive, which required me to fatigue my deltoids by hanging on to the pool ladder before diving. I dove in, hit the bottom, and sprung back up in only a matter of seconds. A man said, ďThat was a great dive, sweetie!Ē D and I left to look for food. We wanted Mexican food but the best place in town was closed, so we looked around. We went to a hotel and someone we knew handed us some of our items (like area rugs) from the ďdrillĒ earlier but we just left them there.
      Tags: fear, spider
      non-lucid , memorable
    13. In love with the fishmonger

      by , 04-25-2016 at 05:48 PM
      +In a large house for part of what feels like a movie trailer. A girl says, ďIf I didnít know any better, I would think this was a dream!Ē So I did the nose pinch RC and I could breathe 3 times. I was surprised because I really thought I was awake, but I realized I must be dreaming. I set out to find some people to play spin the bottle with for the TOTM. Somehow I ended up in a small storage closet area with my husband and some random guy. I invited them to play the spin the bottle and we just magically had a bottle. There wasnít enough room for us to place the bottle so it was on an uneven surface and hitting our feet. I spun it but my husbandís phone rang, which he answered, and the other guy lost interest. I tried! I should have stabilized better.
      +I got a job in a fish market/butcher/factory place. I end up falling in love with the man training me. Sometimes he looks like Ragnar Lothbrok and sometimes he looks and acts like my husband, very affectionate and loving. Supposedly I look like his ex-wife, Siggy. At different points I do his laundry, climb trees, text, and search the first aid room for alcohol to clean up the fish smell. One day I go into the room where heís sorting fish and try to help him. He doesnít want help. Heís depressed because he really wants to be a chef. He wants to show people his broth soup. I tell him I love soup and he should bring some for me to try. It makes him happy. In a meeting thereís a proud coworker who likes to be the best at everything and likes to do it all himself. I volunteer for all the odd jobs during the meeting to peeve him and my lover and I get a good laugh out of it. Thereís lots of controversy surrounding our relationship, which is becoming more and more apparent to everyone. Iím the only woman working in that place and everyone, including my beau, are concerned it will just turn into a fling and I will be hurt in the end. I think about getting a different job since this job is far from where I live (they recently moved the factory to Kilauea). But the only other option is selling blow-up mattresses. I used divination to examine it closer and the results were: Screw, nail, nail (x3). Somehow it means that it would be wise to be in a place away from children and that in the end Iíve found my match and it will help me develop the personality traits I need to be successful in this life. In the back of my mind I was worried that meant my husband and I had to divorce, that we werenít meant to be. My older sister was jealous.
      +My mom was hanging out with Sadie, who was larger and had a huge bump on her head. My mom showed me this chocolate fountain thing she made. At one point she said, ďdonít even think about it.Ē and I said, ďIíll think about whatever I want.Ē
      Tags: love
      non-lucid , lucid
    14. Frustrating Dreams (Last of Spring Competition)

      by , 04-24-2016 at 05:39 PM
      +Disturbing dream about a woman in Trishís house killing men and stealing their money. I donít feel like itís worth going into detail. It was like watching a show. I had commentary like, ďShe should be wearing glovesĒ or ďthe audio/subtitles are too early and repeat themselves.Ē

      *I was out in public with some lady and we took an escalator. It was really fast and there were metal bars and obstacles in the middle of the escalator that you had to avoid as you moved up. I ended up stumbling into people and felt embarrassed. There was immediately another escalator so I decided to take the stairs instead. There were steps initially but then it just became a gradual slope. I went to the bathroom and two little girls had somehow gotten into my pants and ruined my underwear? I was really upset about it and scolded them and then felt bad about it. I left and went back to Beckyís house in the country. On my way I was shirtless and getting checked out by men. I saw that one of the kids had gotten food all over my computer. I got some wipes to clean it up and was on the verge of screaming and tears. The wipes were too wet. I realized I was dreaming then but my level of awareness was really low. I decided to start the dream over and improve it with lucidity so I laid down and tried to turn back time by imagining I was the hour hand on a clock, spinning in a counter-clockwise direction. When I got up I was just dizzy and confused.

      +With D trying to go to sleep but heís causing problems somehow. I decide I canít sleep because I need to orgasm so I touch myself and climax almost immediately but stop because D wants to join. Then he keeps putting it off and doing other things and I get really frustrated. At some point Iím walking down a public aisle in our bedroom and itís full of cats. One black cats looks like it wants attention so I move in to head butt it and it latches on to my armpit and wonít get off. D holds onto it and doesnít know what to do so I end up prying it free. It left a hickey. Eventually we end up in Mexico. B is running a small business and A is reading a childhood letter she wrote to her dad and she's crying about it. Brett rudely interrupts about printer paper. A is talking about belly dancing and puts me on a three way call with a professional but the reception isnít clear. Turns out itís just B. But we go to the professionalís house and she has a list on her kitchen door of men who are adulterers. While weíre talking thereís a drunk, annoying black haired man hanging around and he takes down the paper. I put it back up and when he notices he asks if he can take it down. I exclaim, ďNo! You absolutely cannot! This isnít your house, you have no right. Get out!Ē He obeys. D and I are hanging out in a field during a festival. The waves in the distance are really crazy. There are old buses on the water and on land everywhere transporting people to and from Mexico. D is frustrated because he wants to have sex with other women while in Mexico. I tell him the only way to do that is to have a temporary open relationship, meaning I get the same privileges. As I say that I start grinding on someone. I thought it was a girl but I look back and itís a very happy man, so I stop. I lay on the grass and notice that gradually everyone around me is in a giant orgy. I donít want to get involved because I donít want STDís and I donít see anyone attractive. So D and I leave and set bombs in peopleís drug fields (very nicely manicured ones). Then Iím in shack on the ocean that doubles as a bar. Iím trying to figure out how to get around. I donít know what kind of dangerous, diseased animals live around here so Iím scared to get in the water. I end up falling in and having to try to hold onto a rope while pushing off of something to get myself over to a wooden buoy.
    15. Incest, Illness, and Travel (Competition Night 2)

      by , 04-12-2016 at 06:29 PM
      +I remembered a lot of details when I woke up, but it feels impossible to write out at 3 am. So here's what's left: I was watching Long Lost Family and there's a story about a man who was looking for his twin sister and turns out, he's been married to her! It shows a photo and I realize I have that photo hanging up in my office. I realize that it's my paternal grandmother's brother. Even after they found out, they didn't separate and they continued to have kids. They were madly in love. I wondered if it had anything to do with the concept of genetic sexual attraction I've heard about in adoption cases.

      +I'm sick and I'm stuck inside a basement room. I'm staying with P.P. but she up and leaves abruptly. I ask what she wants me to do with all her stuff and she doesn't seem to care, but we agree to meet up again and take care of it. I get a message on t.v. that L.S. is thinking of moving back to Florida. She sends videos of herself hiking on the mountainous freeway in Washington in the snow. I see a semi truck coming at her and think, "That's just like my dream last night!". I hope she hasn't left yet so we can get together first. I call someone and complain to them I'm sick, my roommate left, and another one of my friends is thinking of moving away. They pick me up and I insist that mangos will make me feel better. An ice cream shop guy gives me a scoop of green ice cream that is very bland and clearly not mango. He makes me eat it from my hand. There were a lot of guards by the door on our way out. They drop me off at a grocery store and a man in a truck cat calls me so I ignore him. As I shop I notice him following me. I try to evade him. A man asks for advice on milk and is very grateful for what I have to say. After he leaves I find him again to make sure he intended to buy chocolate milk and not regular. He did. Somehow I get back to my real bedroom and my hands are asleep. I start crying and my husband tells me he's not going to try and have sex with me because I can tell I've been through a lot.

      +Traveling with DB. We go to a snowy mountain where A and I snowboard without a snowboard, just our feet. I clipped her heel and we both fell. The snow was really strange, like artificial with the consistency of dried shaving cream. I asked about it but nobody could explain it. We got on a plane and flew over California. You could see from the plane that California extended out over the water beyond the rest of the western states. The plane detoured and took us to a hotel we all had to stay the night at. I was extremely upset. I just wanted to go home. I didn't want to stay at this weird hotel with all these people. A immediately called dibs on room 333 and that just upset me even more. She knows that's the room I want. I settle for 345 because it's on the top floor and an end, so it'll be quiet. It's a bright yellow hotel.
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