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      Lucidity [and lucidity induction] questions

      I haven't been able to lucid dream for real yet, though several times I feel like I know that I'm dreaming. But there's a chance that's just when I wake up. Can't really tell.
      Anyway how real does a lucid dream feel? Is it more or less like reality? My regular dreams sort of feel real, but never realistic. I mean I never know I'm dreaming and when I wake up it feels like I'm looking through the wrong end of a telescope, but it definitely doesn't feel very real. If I successfully have a lucid dream someday, will it feel more or less like reality?

      Also, can anyone vouch for the effectiveness of the technique on this forum entitled "Want to start having lucid dreams now? I can help" - which is the DIELD method. Multiple awakenings sounds scary, but I don't think I'd care, provided this method works. The guide isn't that clear though.

      I'm really eager to have a lucid dream and want to try that method out. What results will it give me? Will it work? Will it feel real? Will I have dream control?

      Also, if I know I'm having a lucid dream, yet can't seem to exercise control over the scene, can I try to do that while in the actual dream? Just think hard about controlling it and do it? Or is it apparent from the start whether or not dream control is there?

      Oh and can you stop time in a dream so that it feels longer? [How long does an average lucid dream stay considering this doesn't happen?] And does lucid dreaming drown you of any mental/physical stamina in real life?

      And just one more thing - binaural beats - can anyone provide a link to a good one that induces lucid dream practically all the time? [Do binaural beats even work that well?]

      I'd really appreciate answers to these questions [especially the one about the post with the method] as I'm really curious. Thanks.

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      I'm no pro and have only had one small, short LD a long time ago, but until someone better comes along I can throw in my two cents for you.

      The realness of the dream will depend on you. It's all in your head after all. You can gain full control of all aspects of the dream but that takes practice, for obtaining vividness most people will do things like spin around or rub their hands, I think it helps your mind concentrate more on the dream, making it more vivid. I've had dream in third person, dreams that were all blurry as hell, dreams that had some weird perspective (like your telescope thing), etc, but I've also had dreams that were 100% vivid and lifelike, so like I said, it's all in your head and you can control it once you get the hang of it.

      DEILD is very cool, I've almost done one myself. It does take a lot of practice but it seems easier than WILD, which is harder than both DEILD and DILD. Basically for DEILD you'll have to get good at realizing you're dreaming, then you just wake yourself up but don't move, let yourself drift immediately back to sleep (which will be your natural reaction if you haven't moved or woken your mind up fully) while remaining aware, and you'll enter a dream, like it will literally feel like your eyes are opening into your dream, you'll be lucid immediately. It does take time like anything else though.

      Really the best way to sum everything up is technically anything is possible, but it all takes varying amounts of practice. At first your LDs will probably only last a few seconds because of the excitement level, but the more you have and the longer you practice, eventually you should be able to make them feel like a real long time. Remember, you're trying to do something that most minds would never do naturally. Usually you just dream and if you remember you remember, if not you don't. It will take a long time to get the hang of, but just realize, a dream is all in your head, why shouldn't you be able to control it just like you control your imagination.

      Oh and binaural beats are more or less a placebo. If you truly believe it will work then it probably will, because a lot of this LD stuff comes just from accepting and believing it will happen, but if you're not susceptible to that kind of thing and actually expect a measurable, scientific result, it probably won't do anything for you. Let's just say there's plenty of Lucid Dreamers who don't listen to them.

      Hope that was some help.

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      As far as dreams seeming real, it's all about how good your dream recall is. Secondly, you have to remember to stabalize things. Spinning might wake you up the first few times, and rubbing your hands work like a freakin charm. I had this one lucid where I was standing in my moms room, and I cleared everything up by grabbing the table. I was AMAZED at how real everything was, and felt. So yes, dreams can feel exactly like real life. As for everything else, that comes with practice. Everyone is different, so just because someone is able to answer your questions, that doesn't mean that that's what you're going to experience.
      Lucid dreams, gotta love em.

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      I've had many lucids in my life. I'd have to say about a fourth of them seem realistic. Some feel like regular dreams, and kinda spacy, but dreams can be as real as anything else. Sometimes i just look around and look at my arms and say wow, i can barely believe this is a dream. Just amazing how you can create something so cool with your mind.
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