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      False awakening + RC = failed RC --> No lucidity

      Sine I started getting involved in LD (months ago), I have had some experiences with a common basic pattern:

      - False awakening + RC = failed RC --> No lucidity

      That is, when I dream that I wake up from a dream and I do a RC, the RC always fail (in my case, my hands look pretty normal).

      Ok, my questions:

      - Does anybody observe this pattern in his/her false awakenings too? (in theory, the "wake up + RC" thing is a common practice that supposedly works, so, the major part of answers to that question should be NO).

      - Is there any explanation, or do you have any ideas about why this happens? Maybe it's as simple as that in deeper "dream layers" the "fight for control" between consciousness and unconsciousness is easily won by the latter (as if in this kind of dreams you are in a deeper sleep?)

      Thank you very much for your replies!

      Could it be that

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      My advice would be to do another RC, try breathing through your nose indeed, I believe its much more reliable. I can't say that I've had that happen before but I've never exactly RC'd to become lucid in a dream, it's always been just becoming awarness of something being off or becoming lucid as a result of fear As to why it happens, well, different RCs work for different people. Some people find that they have normal hands and they can turn on lights in their dreams, others find they have 7 fingers and lights wouldn't go on, different experiences
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