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    Thread: WBTB techniques

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      WBTB techniques

      Last night I had 3 goes at a WBTB with no success.
      Woke up its seems after nearly each of my 90mins rem cycles and recorded 6 dreams but the morning but none lucidity

      Bed at 11pm waking at 12.45, 3.30, 5.30 and finally 9am. 5-6 drams recalled for the evening.

      Have been at this for under 2 weeks so all is certainly not lost.

      Keen to understand how others go about WBTBs

      Mine consisted, looking at this forum for 20-30mins. Hitting the hay. Visualising last dream seeing myself realise I am dreaming using a mantra along lines of "next time I am dreaming I will become lucid"

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      Usually best success with WBTB comes when you stay up for a relatively long time. Stephen Laberge observed that people had the highest likelihood of lucid dreams if they stayed up for 90 minutes. I've never been able to stay up that long and go back to sleep so WBTB has never been the best for me. Maybe try staying up for a period of time more like that.

      I love your profile picture by the way. "Life is a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves."
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